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iPads in the Common Core Classroom


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iPads in the Common Core Classroom

  2. 2. J U N E 2 0 1 3B E N T O N V I L L E P U B L I C S C H O O L SIPADS A TO Z
  3. 3. COURSE DESCRIPTIONBring your fully charged iPad and explore avariety of apps that support Common CoreState Standards. iPads inspire creativity andhands-on learning with features not found onany other educational tool. This session willfocus on apps that provide opportunities foreducators to develop Common Core skills withstudents.
  4. 4. • Scavenger Hunt (Default Apps)• Care/Accessories• Quick Tour/Navigations• Apps for CCSS• Explore &
  5. 5. THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT!200,000+ APPS JUST FOR IPADMedical App- Epocrates•#1 Mobile Drug Reference App among US PhysiciansUniversity Dorms- Laundry Room AppsLeaf Snap- Snap a photo of leaf to identify (free)StarWalk- ($4.99) Winner of Apple Design Award 2010- Identifiesconstellations, stars, and satellites in real time!MealSnap- Counts calories from a picture of your foodThe Amazing and Wonderful World of Ants- $1.99
  6. 6. SCAVENGER HUNTFIND A FRIENDiPad default apps• Video• Intro includes-• Favorite book• Favorite educational website• Favorite app• Wishful vacation destination
  7. 7. PHOTO BOOTHPhotosYou:• X-Ray• Thermal CameraObject:• Light Tunnel• KaleidoscopeFriend: Your choice
  8. 8. SETTINGS & SAFARI• Are you on the district WiFi?• Tap on your Safari icon• Go to Google and search for Bentonville Public Schools• If you are not on the WiFi- Tap on the Settings icon• Tap WiFi and choose Marconi• Enter your district authentication credentials and VERIFYCreate a Web Clip (a.k.a. -Shortcut)• Tap the Share icon on the toolbar• Tap Add to Home Screen• Label your new icon and tap “ADD”
  9. 9. SEARCH & MAPS• Swipe to the farthest left screen• Type the name of an app- Maps• Type your home address in the blank field• Tap the dog-eared bottom corner and changesetting to Hybrid and Show Traffic• Pinch Zoom in and out to show I540• Type in donuts to find the nearest donut retailer
  10. 10. SCREEN SHOTS• Hold Sleep/Wake button and tap Home Button• Great way to document a game score or aneducational app that does not track studentprogress!
  11. 11. NOTES• Create a new note by typing the name of thissession- iPads A-Z• One the second line- type a complete sentenceabout one thing you have learned about your iPadthat you did not know.• Tap and hold on one of the words in your sentence.Tap define for the definition of that word.• Go to Settings>General>SpeakSelection>ON>Highlight Words ON• Go back to your sentence. Select the sentenceand tap SPEAK.
  12. 12. KEYBOARD TRICKS•Split Keyboard•Hidden Keys („)•Hide Keyboard•Shift Lock (Double tap)•Double Tap space bar for periodand space at end of sentences.
  13. 13. OleophobicGlassCleanwithmicrofibercloth onlyProtectivecovers-crackedscreensKeepsecure atall times
  14. 14. 10 hoursof batterylife-2 hours tofullycharge10 WpoweradapterUSBchargesonly inSleepModeRunbatteryfull cycleMONTHLYAvoidheat/coldtemp.
  15. 15. MULTITASKING STATUS BAR Double click the Home button or four finger swipe up Switch between apps quickly View and launch recently used apps Close misbehaving apps Swipe left to right to lock screen orientation, adjustbrightness, play media, adjust media volume
  16. 16. MANAGING APPS Touch and hold icons until they wiggle (non-default apps will havex and can be deleted by tapping the x) Drag icons to Menu Bar, new pages, or folders Create a new folder by dragging an app on top of another app Press the Home button to save Dock up to 6 Apps across Taskbar
  17. 17. “SPOTLIGHT”From your Home page, swipe to the leftSearch entire iPad contents (Mail, Music, Apps,Calendar)Do a rapid web search
  18. 18. QUICK MUTEUp increases volume, down decreases volumeSide switch mutes notifications and soundeffectsHold down on volume down to do a quick mute
  19. 19. LOCK ROTATIONSettings > General, check Lock RotationUse Side Switch to lock screen rotationportrait or landscape
  20. 20. A Few iPad Tips Handout- Page
  21. 21. Custom Guides
  23. 23. Top 10 Tricks1. Screenshot - Press Home and the Sleep/Wakebutton simultaneously. The screenshot willautomatically appear among your photos.2. Split keyboard for thumb typing- Drag keyboardapart from center with thumbs3. Create Website icons on Home Screen- Add toHome Screen4. Pinch Zoom -Two fingers to pinch them apart tozoom in and together to zoom out5. Caps lock- Double tap the Shift Key6. Magic Apostrophe- Tap and hold the ! Key7. 6 Apps in Bottom Tray8. Cut, Copy, Paste- Tap a word, move bluehandles, tap and hold to paste9. Multitasking- Quickly access apps or close apps10. Tap Status Bar at top of webpage to return to top forspeedy webpage scrolling
  24. 24. Let’s Talk About-Bentonville Public Schools1.BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)2.“My Files”3.Safari Montage (Media Server)4.Follett Shelf5.District Common Core Technology Tools6.Change District Password for Summer
  26. 26. Must have apps forEducators!DropBox Zite PuffinCommonCoreiBooksDoodleBuddyEducreationsWeatherChannelGoogle
  27. 27. Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’iPad
  29. 29. Video Project Ideas- News Broadcasts, PublicService Announcements, Advertisements, SceneReenactments, Documentaries, Book TrailersDigital Storytelling Ideas- CreatingMultidimensional ExperiencesWhy iPad? Integrated camera and easy to use apps
  30. 30. SOCK PUPPETS
  31. 31. Sock Puppets (free)Directions:•Using Sock Puppets app:Plan, design, animate & narrate an original sock puppet show.Use the puppets as news anchors who discuss a current event in yourworld.Retell a story you already know using the puppets as characters ornarrators.Use the sock puppets to tell about new skills or facts you have learned inany subject.Make a sock puppet Book Review show, discussing a chapter or bookyou just read.
  32. 32.
  33. 33. QR Codes
  34. 34. How do I make a QR code? Kaywa QR Code MakerCode Readers- I-nigma or Red LaserWays to use QR Codes with students?• Bibliography of student work- Create a page on your wiki or blog, or craft an emailor a handout to give to parents that includes links to student work. Along with thelinks, put a QR code for each of the virtual projects. This way, viewers have theoption to view immediately via their smartphone, and if they are viewing a printversion, they dont have to enter the URL into a computer.• Inspirational quote up in your classroom? Include a code that brings up aphotograph of the author.• Have a classical poem up instead of a quote? Use a code that takes you to apodcast of the poem.• Music teachers can create codes that link to podcasts of classical music. Whenyoure playing a particular piece in class, attach the related code on the musicitself, so students can listen to the recording at home.• Reports & Projects- With any assigned book or reading, include QR codes linkingto book reviews. Include codes to the online versions of your assignments, yourclassrooms calendar of events with upcoming due dates, or related videos,articles, etc.
  36. 36. RED LASER
  37. 37. Haiku DeckVideo
  38. 38. SOCRATIVESocrative
  39. 39. TELLAGAMI
  40. 40. Why iPad? Portable, integrated microphone, easy to use apps, simple toshareAudio Project Ideas- Podcasts, Talk Shows,Soundtracks, Reading Fluency Assessment,Pronunciation, Reader’s TheatreDownload SoundCloud (free) and beginrecording in the cloud!
  41. 41. • K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite is a free down loadableapplication that allows readers in grades K-4 practice fluency byreading short, timed stories.• Improving fluency allows readers to read smoothly and quickly sothey can focus on comprehension rather than on decoding words.• The application features more than 250 short, engaging stories foryoung readers, a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories• K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite permits teacher’s to rack onereader, multiple readers, or even a whole class as they read. Itallows teacher’s to track stories read, words per minute, percentabove or below average reading rates, and to view the upcomingstories on the reading list.
  42. 42. INTERACTIVE BOOK Strange and Wonderful World of Ants ($1.99) Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy ($2.99) Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore ($4.99) MeeGenius – Over 300 kids books library (free) How My Dog Saved Earth (free) A Story Before Bed (free) Three Little Pigs: The Wolf’s Story (K-3) (free) Toucan Toucan’t (free) The Wolf and the Seven Lambs (3D Popup) ($3.99) IF Poems ($4.99) Read Me Stories (free)
  43. 43. APPS FOR CREATING BOOKSBook Creator $4.99EASY to create booksPlace stories in iBooks and supports DropBoxDemiBooks Composer (free)Creative Books Builder ($3.99)eBook Creator ($3.99)eBook Magic ($3.99)
  44. 44. MORE STORYBOARDING APPSPictello- ($14.99) 5 star reviewsCreate talking story booksShare stories onlineToontastic ($1.99)Create customized comic booksAdd audio, music, graphics, etc.StoryKit (FREE)Create online books
  45. 45.
  46. 46. EXPLORE & SHARE