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A presentation by Gita Mathias, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

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iPads accessibility_vision

  1. 1. Accessibility & Apps for Students with VisionImpairments including Blindness
  2. 2. Accessibility &REMEMBER: the iPad Apps for Students with Vision is COOL… but it‘s Impairments NOT the only tool in the ‗learning toolbox‘ for the student!
  3. 3. How many Apps?• As of the Apple announcement of the iPad 3 on March 7 (2012)… • over 585,000 apps! • over 25 billion downloads!
  4. 4. Accessibility &• Hard to be an ―expert‖ on Apps for Students apps… with Vision• At times, too many to choose Impairments from• New ones always added• Existing ones updated / improved• Non-popular ones removed The Evolving• Easier to be an ―expert‖ on World of Apps the built-in features for the iPad• Better yet, share ―expertise‖ in a community of learners and iPhone
  5. 5. •Low vision features built into the iPad: Accessibility & Apps for Students with Low Vision • ―Zoom‖ • ―VoiceOver‖ • ―Large Text‖ • ―White on Black‖ • ―Speak Selection‖ • Reader in Safari • Support for Braille displays
  6. 6. Accessibility & Apps for Students with Low Vision Tip #1: apply a matte screen protector
  7. 7. Zoom• activate in “Settings – General – Accessibility” or set as default “Triple-click Home”• activate with a 3-finger double tap then release on the screen• adjust zoom level with a 3-finger double tap and hold on the screen, followed by sliding 3-fingers up or down (to enlarge or reduce respectively)• navigate with a 3-finger single tap and hold, then move around the screen• this feature works well in the Home Screen as the fonts there cannot be enlarged otherwise
  8. 8. VoiceOver built-in TTS feature on the iPad: Accessibility &• Turn on and set up in Settings• Flick or slide moves from one item to Apps for Students another who• Double tap opens or activates links are Blind• 2 finger flick up reads from top of page• 2 finger flick down reads from current position• 2 finger tap pauses reading• 2 finger tap restarts the reading• VoiceOver on iPad also gives you information about your device — including battery level, network signal level, and time of day. It even lets you know when the display changes to landscape or portrait orientation and when the screen is locked or unlocked.• PLUS MANY MORE… SEE iPad MANUAL
  9. 9. “Large Text”• maximum size is 56 point• only works on some built-in apps (such as Notes, Calendar, etc.) ―White on Black‖• not actually black and white contract, but rather a reversal of all colours
  10. 10. “Speak Selection”• Text highlighted in most apps can be read aloud (e.g. Safari) “Safari Reader”• When you navigate to an article, "Reader” appears in the address bar. Tap it, and an e- reader-style interface will appear, giving a simplified version of the text with no ads and no distracting links and the option to adjust the font size.ALL THE BUILT-IN ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES CAN BE ACTIVATED IN“SETTINGS – GENERAL – ACCESSIBILITY
  11. 11. Accessibility &Rotors & Keyboarding Apps for Students• Typing with VoiceOver enabled and who the on-screen keyboard, the default is are Blind a double-tap on each letter• Using the ‗Rotor‘ feature of VoiceOver, ―touch‖ typing can be enabled (let go of the desired letter)• 2 fingers in a rotating motion (e.g. one‘s thumb and forefinger opening a bottle top)• Each rotor setting can be toggled with a flick up or down
  12. 12. •External keyboards: Accessibility & Apps for Students with Vision•―Apple Keyboard Dock‖ – Impairments limited to portrait orientation•BlueTooth keyboards:•USB keyboards? • via "Apple Camera Connection Kit"
  13. 13. Accessibility &Apps for Students with Low Vision•External keyboards:•USB keyboards! • E.g. Crayola (at right) • via "Apple Camera Connection Kit"
  14. 14. BRAILLE DISPLAYS• iOS 5.1 (released March 7, 2012) is supposed to work with all current braille displays via Bluetooth • Brailliant (by Humanware) • Focus 40 Blue (by Freedom Scientific) • etc.• Settings… General… • Accessibility… VoiceOver… Braille… (requires Bluetooth on)
  15. 15. Accessibility & Appsfor Students who are Vision Impaired • Third-party iTunes APPS
  16. 16. GAMES using VoiceOver• Papa Sangre… Text Twirl!... Bop It!™ for iPad… Zany Touch… Arcade Hoops Basketball… Stem Stumper…Additional ones from AppleVis website:• Blindshoot http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blindshoot/id498792267?m t=8• Moxie, and Moxie 2 (word games) http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/moxie-free- edition/id309662269?mt=8• King of Dragon Pass http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/king- of-dragon-pass/id335545504?mt=8
  17. 17. iPads & Interactive Whiteboards/ Data Projectors But which app does this best? And what else is needed?
  18. 18. •How to share the teacher‘s Accessibility & electronic presentation on the Apps for Students iPad for the student with low vision… with Low Vision One of many solutions: • iPads & Interactive Join Me (free) Whiteboards AirDisplay ($ cost $)
  19. 19. iPads & Interactive Whiteboards/ Data ProjectorsJoin Me
  20. 20. RECORDING & AUDIO• Voice Memos (built-in… iPhone only)• List Recorder• Dragon Dictation (free) • Note: new to iPad3 is the Dictation feature built into the onscreen keyboard – useful in almost every app!• VLingo (iPhone app)• AudioNote Lite (free)• Hound (free) & others similar to it
  21. 21. WORD PROCESSING• Notes (built in)• PlainText (free)• Pages ($9.99)• Quickoffice® Pro HD ($14.99)• EverNote (free)
  22. 22. BOOK APPS• Print book readers:• iBooks• available as a free download• download, organize, and read ebooks.• fully compatible with VoiceOver.• books read aloud in any of 33 languages.• iBooks can be tailored to suit the way you read.• portrait or landscape orientation.• larger font sizes or different fonts.• It also works with the white-on-black text setting• Use VO to browse iBookstore • Kindle: VO friendly
  23. 23. PDF APPS Zoom 2-finger pinch Speak Selection• iBooks• kobo• GoodReader for iPad• pdf-notes for iPad• Adobe Reader• Perfect Reader built-in speech
  24. 24. PDF APPS cont‘d• VoiceOver friendly: • iBooks (free)• NOT VoiceOver friendly: • Kobo • GoodReader for iPad • pdf-notes for iPad • Adobe Reader • Perfect Reader
  25. 25. DAISY APPS• VOD Lite ―voice of DAISY‖ (free; full version is $25.99)• DaisyWorm (99¢)• inDAISY ($19.99) • Possibly the very 1st DAISY app…• Read2Go ($19.99) – for BookShare books
  26. 26. UTILITIES• Calculators (iPhone‘s built-in is VoiceOver ‗friendly‘)• BrailleTouch texting (iPhone)• TypeInBraille• Periodic Table of the Elements (by Kevin Neelands) is VoiceOver friendly!• Qwiki encyclopedia• Dictionary.com HD
  27. 27. UTILITIES cont‘d• iPad calculators: many options for low vision! • E.g ―Jumbo Calculator‖• Large Dice• Dice aloud• Educreation
  28. 28. UTILITIES cont‘d• Dropbox! Benefits: • One user account… • Load onto the iPhone and/or iPad • Also installs on PC or Mac computers • Files transferred easily between the above • Files and folders can be shared between multiple users* • There‘s even a public access folder for anyone to access a file* * iCloud can‘t do these!
  29. 29. WEB RESOURCESFeeling disconnected? • iPad & iPhone user guides: http://manuals.info.apple.com • Accessibility: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ip ad/vision.html • Accessible apps, guides & discussion for blind and vision- impaired users: www.applevis.com • Accessible fun apps: http://appadvice.com/applists/show/fun -apps-for-blind-and-visually-impaired Acknowledgement: This Presentation has been put together from several sources including- http://www.vision.alberta.ca/