The new i pad 3 for education


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New iPad for Education

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The new i pad 3 for education

  1. 1. The iPad andSpecial Education A whole new world
  2. 2. A new world of knowledge
  3. 3. Why we love it• Touch window - instant access• Multi-purpose tool - it can do anything!• Students motivated to use it• Familiar technology• Its cool!
  4. 4. New things we need• How do I save or store information? toiPad for• How do I use the learn group teaching?• What is the best way to bring information into the iPad?• What apps really are useful for students with special needs?• How do I manage a school owned device, but I want to pu t my own apps on it?
  5. 5. Questions...•New technology brings new questions to our jobs •Post-It exercise
  6. 6. Schedule for Today• Settings info you should know• App Management• Saving information• Getting and using photos• Presentation apps• Writing through the continuum• All the ways to read
  7. 7. The basics• iPad will "hibernate" and keep a charge for up to 11 hours - you dont need to always turn it of f• Volume buttons on side or in "hidden screen" - know your mute!• "Home" (or quit) button on the bottom - double click for hidden screen and to quickly switch b etween apps• scroll to the left on the hidden screen for volume, brightness and music• iPad will automatically rotate to position - double click to lock in place - you can change this in Settings
  8. 8. Know your settings• Many controls can be modified in this panel• Individual apps have their own settings - also in this control panel• substantially upgraded in OS-5• become familiar with the features here that you need so that you can quickly mo ve in and out
  9. 9. OS 5 features you should know• Speak Selection• Large Text• Bluetooth• ICloud• Zoom• Shortcuts• Split keyboards
  10. 10. Find my iPad• Free feature - you can find your iPad from any other com puter or OS device•• After you set up a free iCloud account, you then make sure your location services are on
  11. 11. App Management• Double click on "home" to open up bottom - recently used apps• Force quit apps that are frozen or get stuck• Put most-used apps down below in docking station• Put "teacher" apps on another screen• Turn off deleting apps or purchasing of apps in restrictions• Lose an app? No worries - quickly reload it
  12. 12. Know your App Store• Manage your apps on your iPad• You can have multiple iTunes accounts on a single iPad (teacher, personal, student)• Each iPad can only be synced with one computer• Dont worry - you wont "lose" any apps
  13. 13. App Management• Computer search or directly in iPad• Know some good teacher blogs or websites to follow• Gift cards versus apple volume pricing• Think a plan through before starting to purchase• Whoever purchases the app - OWNS the app•
  14. 14. Email• Select the account type for your email service• Multiple accounts can be accessed• Email is one way to deliver information from your computer to your iPad• set up a free email account for your classroom to use to share files/pictures• Turn email off and on in settings to protect privacy
  15. 15. How to save information• Different than computers - OS devices are not meant to store lots of information• The plus - you dont "lose" anything• Cloud-based filing - new mentality• Know multiple ways - not every app is consistent with every method• Some apps have their own backup system with passwords
  16. 16. Dropbox• Free download at• 2GB of free space - fee if over• On your computer, you will see a dropbox folder - save work into this folder• It will appear in your iPad under the dropbox application• You can share folders with others• You can access online
  17. 17. GoDocs• Works with Google account and Google docs• You can download and open in another app• You can save it back in Google docs or as a PDF or text document
  18. 18. iWork• Document storage through your iTunes account (iCloud)• Only works with Pages, Numbers, Keynote• Limited storage, then payment• iCloud customers are provided with 5 GB of free cloud storage. Purchased mu sic, TV shows, apps, and books, as well as photos in your Photo Stream dont co unt against your 5GB of free storage.• you can use any commonly used Microsoft tools to open
  19. 19. Passwords, Passwords!• Remember them! Each storage app usually requires a password• Develop a consistent system to save them• Keeper - free app to store all passwords securely
  20. 20. Photos• Sync with computer for large files• Email to yourself for individual• You can email up to 5 photos at a time from your iPad• Google search - easiest way if you dont have a camera (iPad1) Hold down your finger on picture - select "save image" Image will be stored in photos• Organize photos into albums for easy retrieval• Screen shots!• Convert to PDF or use program that allows you to write on it directly - photo to PDF - Doodle buddy - PDF Expert
  21. 21. Presentation apps• the new SmartBoards? Just as mobile technology is taking over our lives, it is ta king over teachers lives as well - mobile in the classroom• apps that vary the appearance• use mobile tools: remote app, bluetooth keyboard• Utility apps: Doceri, Splashtop, Remote• Ways to display iPad image: Reflection, AirServer, Apple TV, adapter• Enables teachers to "teach" and then allow students to study later
  22. 22. A review of good ones• Keynote• Idea Boards• Whiteboard Pro• ShowMe Interactive• iMovie• Sticky Notes - abc Notes
  23. 23. Why write with an iPad?• a light portable solution• all-in-one keyboard cases• the ability to use fluidity with writing: handwriting features, audio recordings, voice dictation• onscreen writing support• take a student through the writing continuum from beginning to full pr oductivity• Quickly write on worksheets using photos and PDF
  24. 24. • Beginning exploring : Sky Writing, Sand Garden, Doodle Buddy, Pocket Pond• Letter tracing: iWriteWords, LetterTrace, Learn to Write, Dexteria• Handwriting: Write Now, Write Mail, iFinger Mail, HW Mail• Word Processing: Pages, Documents To Go• Voice Feedback/Word prediction - correction : Speak It!, Speak Pad, AbiliPad, Type-O• Picture/PDF writing: PDF Expert, Doodle Buddy• Using images: Comics Creator, Comic Life
  25. 25. Taking Notes/Studying• iPad provides choices to notetaking: audio, handwriting/drawing, text input: No tability, AudioNote, Audio Memos, Pa perport Notes• quickly and easily creating study programs flashcards: Talking Flashcards, Flashcards Deluxe, Cram, ShowMe I nteractive
  26. 26. Reading Choices• iPad offers portability• ability to handle volumes of text - easy access• Easy modification of text (size, spacing) and definitions• Text to Speech options• Create your own books
  27. 27. iBooks• You can download free samples of books onto your bookshelf• You can also save PDF files or ePub books• "Store" and search for books• Select "get sample" or free• Adjust text• Dictionary definitions/highlighting• Create your own: Book Creator, PDF
  28. 28. Other creative options• Reader feature in Safari - visual modifies text• Speaking Text - reads highlighted text• Interactive Books - books with auditory feedback - text is on the screen, highlighting as it is read• Pictello, Book Creator - stories with visual, auditory• Read2Go - free book resource for any student with a print disability through
  29. 29. Final thoughts...• designate a budget for a trial of apps• coordinate funding and training of apps and how they are going to be implemented• organize an "app committee" with individuals from each discipline to get varied perspective s• remember, we are just at the start of mobile technology - it will only grow from here
  30. 30. Who We Are•Technology Resource Center of Marin•Established in 2001•Serving 19 school districts - over 4,000 special needs students•over $100,000 in technology grants each year to teachers•ongoing and growing support of technology solutions•
  31. 31. Thank you! Dan Phillips, MS CCC-SLPTechnology Resource Center of Marin