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Traing The Trainers How Are We Doing


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Traing The Trainers How Are We Doing

  1. 1. Training the Trainer Do we really need all those PowerPoints and Visual Aides?Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  2. 2. Where are we going Wrong? • When I started training some 30 years ago the computer was a simple system that needed to be programmed for everything we did. • Instead of having things like PPTs, we had Lotus and Lotus 123. – Everything we wanted to do with these programmes needed to be entered and programed before it would appear on the screen. So we didn’t use them for everything, mostly for graphs and diagrams.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  3. 3. •The bottom line was that we had to be Teachers, Trainers, and Mentors. •We had to be effective!Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  4. 4. Training Needs AnalysesSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  5. 5. Why do we need training – “If it works don’t fix it.” “If it doesn’t work, then fix it.”Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  6. 6. 1. Performance problems. 2. Soft skills THERE ARE TWO AREAS IN WHICH WE TRAIN FOR.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  7. 7. Here’s the Trap Most Trainers have never been taught to be a Trainer…so they rely on someone else’s material so they don’t look bad…they use too many Visual Aides.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  8. 8. Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  9. 9. The main purpose of an assessment or analysis is to perform a systematic exploration of the way things are and the way they should be. The differences are called The Performance Gaps. The problem.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  10. 10. When deciding which tasks to train, two guiding factors must be used – effective and efficient.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  11. 11. A Short Rant • Recently I was asked to help develop a Training programme. – No problem except there were two people with two ideas on what should be done. • They wanted everything spelt out for their students, yet there was no allowances for Tactile knowledge that the students already possess.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  12. 12. Training Programmes are developed with Students in-mind Students bring to the table many learning and teaching opportunities, use them. 12Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  13. 13. When we over-power them with too much, are we Helping? •NO • Training is to empower the students to expand on their already developed(ing) skill sets and to challenge them to think outside the box. • Don’t enable them to be ineffective, challenge them to initiate innovative approaches to the tasks they are doing.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam