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Leadership conference ipad reference

  1. 1. Exploring iPad & iOS DevicesFor Math, Science & General Instruction2012 Math & Science Leadership ConferencePresented by Desireé Caskey
  2. 2. Want these notes? Find more resources for the iPad - http://emergingt.blogspot.com The list of ipad resources is in my MultiURL – http://www.multiurl.com/l/aJPTeach with Your iPad Wiki gives lots of ideas - ! http://teachwithyouripad.wikispaces.com/
  3. 3. Topics to cover• Getting to know the iPad• Apps for Teaching• Apps for Math• Apps for Science• Share Session
  4. 4. Read this chapter to learn about iPad features, how to use the controls, and more.Getting to Know your iPad Overview Accessories
  5. 5. Getting to Know the iPad Folders Apps Swipe Apps pages Dots are pages Spotlight Dock
  6. 6. Getting to Know the Interface• Tapping - A light touch to the screen used to open Apps or select options• Pressing - holding your finger on an object for a few seconds...used to put Apps into edit mode or select hidden keys on your keyboard.• Scrolling - slowly swiping your finger across the screen...used to turn pages or scroll through screens/pages• Flicking - A light and quick swipe of your finger on the screen...used to scroll quickly through a long list or page.• Status…To the Top• Pinching - touching the screen and spreading your index finger and thumb...used to zoom in or out.• Rotating - pressing your index finger and thumb and twisting...used to turn objects.
  7. 7. Getting to Know the Interface• Open Apps Stay Open ! Double-Tap Home to see what Apps are running ! Close running Apps by pressing on an app to edit, then click -• Hidden Control Panel ! Double-Tap Home & Swipe Left ! Lock or Mute option ! Brightness ! Player Controls ! Volume ! Open Music App
  8. 8. Getting to Know the Interface• Selecting Text on the Screen ! Tap to Insert - places the insertion point where you tap ! Press - brings up an option menu for the text ! Double-Tap - selects the word you tapped in and brings up options ! Tap & Drag - on the handles that appear to select more than a word
  9. 9. Tips & Tricks…• Using the Keyboard ! Tap vs Double-Tap ! Slide ! Hold ! Word Processing (accents) ! Web Browsing (.com, .org)• Changing Keyboard Settings ! Settings > General > Keyboard
  10. 10. Tips & Tricks…• Using your Web Browsers ! Bookmarking - Turn ON Bookmarks Bar ! Adding to your Home Screen as an App• Screen Shots• Change Your Wallpaper ! From Settings ! From Photos• Other Settings ! Apps Settings ! Notifications ! Notes Fonts ! Pass Code
  11. 11. Tips & Tricks…Troubleshooting• Quit an App…Did you quit it?• Force Quit an App ! Software ! Hardware – Don’t shut down• Shut Down & Restart• Force ReBoot• Restore from a Backup – Yep, Backup• RESET – THIS ONE COMES WITH A WARNING
  12. 12. Accessories I Love…• Bluetooth keyboards ! Zagg ! Apple• Screen Cover (protection & Smart)• Stands & Docks• Digital Camera Connection• Video Adapter(s) ! VGA ! HDMI• Stylus• Carry Case(s)• Speakers
  13. 13. AppsSomething for everyone
  14. 14. 14Using Podcasts & iTunes U• Search for episodes using iTunes App ! Save to Music or videos App
  15. 15. From itunes - Science Math• Podcasts - in Music App ! MathTrain (video) - Math problems solved by students ! Video Math Tutor (video) ! The Math Dude (video) ! The Math Factor (audio) puzzles and riddles ! Mr A’s Geometry Podcast (video) ! AH Geometry Podcasts (video)• iTunes U – ! Khan Academy - Different subscriptions for each area ! Solving Systems of Linear Equations - Combines video and text ! Arizona State (Science Studio – Life Sciences) ! Khan Academy (Physics) ! Go Figure - Ohio State Geometry (A Twist on teaching)
  16. 16. From itunes - Science Math• Podcasts - in Music App ! Discovery Networks ! PBS ! NASA ! Scientific American ! NOVA Science ! How on Earth• iTunes U – to Videos – iBooks – in Videos App ! MIT (Principles of Chemical Science) ! UCTV (Science on Saturdays) ! Arizona State (Science Studio – Life Sciences) ! Khan Academy (Physics) ! Earth & Life
  17. 17. Math Apps• MathBot - Equation Editor• Quick Graph• PopMath Lite (Addition only) - Game• FreddyFraction - Fun game comparing decimals to fractions• Fraction Factory - Game to help estimate fractions• On the Spot - MS & HS Math concepts explained in videos (some free)• Algebra - Leveled problems to quiz you on your algebra skills• FreeGraCalc - Graphing Calculator
  18. 18. 18Math Apps on my iPad
  19. 19. Science Apps• Science360• Google Earth• 3D CellStain• PeriodicTable• ChemLife• Molecules• LabTimer• ExoPlanet (daily updated database of all discovered extrasolar planets)
  20. 20. 20Science Apps on My iPad
  21. 21. Teaching Tools• Timer +• Prezi Viewer (For Prezi users)• ScreenChomp, ShowMe, Educreations• Edmodo• Rowmote - $4.99• TeamViewer• Evernote• Dropbox
  22. 22. Browser Apps• Safari - Comes pre-installed• Diigo Browser• Side by Side ! Compare two websites• iSwifter - $4.99 ! Accessing Interactive Websites
  23. 23. News & Magazines• Flipboard• Zite• SkyGrid• Discovery• PBS
  24. 24. Reference Apps• Howcast• Maps• The Weather Channel• WordWeb• iThesaurus• Calculator• Smithsonian Apps
  25. 25. Video Apps• YouTube• SnagFilms• TED
  26. 26. Apps for Creating Projects• SonicPicsLite• Comic Touch• CartoonStdio• StoryKit• VidEditorFree• PuppetPals HD• Videolicious• Splice• Blurb Mobile