Ot pt apps 2012 updated


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Ot pt apps 2012 updated

  1. 1. LaGrange Area Department of Special Education OT & PT APPS October 19, 2012 Presented by: Sandy Chiampas Ellen Deutsch Kim Hagar Michelle Mannix Richard
  2. 2. Purpose •To learn about the latest educational appsProtocols:•Be fully present•Take care of each other•Take it personally•Think outside the box•Embrace your inner geek
  3. 3. ladseitech.pbworks.comCheck here for an updatedlist of OT/PT apps, Including ones not demonstrated in this presentation. •LADSE’S App List •Cheat Sheets •Videos of Apps •App Comparisons
  4. 4. Do Apps Help with FineMotor? as a • http://otswithapps.com/2012/05/03/do-app
  5. 5. Special Features: Guided Access(ios 6 only) Speak Text Turn off Auto Correction Screen Shots Turning off Multitasking
  6. 6. Guided Access(Disabling the home buttton) 8) Type PASSCODE1) Update your software to ios6 9) Close out of SETTINGS2) Touch SETTINGS 10) Open the app you want to use3) Touch GENERAL 11) Triple click the HOME4) Touch ACCESSIBILITY BUTTON5) Touch GUIDED ACCESS 12) Touch START at upper right6) Turn ON Guided Access 13) To exit the app triple click7) Touch SET PASSCODE the home button and type passcode 14) Touch END Demo: http://otswithapps.com/2012/09/24/speak-
  7. 7. Speak Text• Built in Text to Speech ability in ios 5 • Turn on Speak Selection under General and Accessibility • Hold down finger on text • Drag blue dot to select text • Touch Speak
  8. 8. Turning off AutoCorrection & SpellCheck 1.Go to SETTINGS 2.Go to GENERAL 3.Go to KEYBOARD 4.Uncheck AUTO CORRECTION 5.Uncheck CHECK SPELLING
  9. 9. Taking a Screen Shot •Hold down the On/Off button and theMain button at the same time •Picture goes into your Photo Library
  10. 10. • “HAPPY has the word APP in it!” -Will age 8
  11. 11. App Demo
  12. 12. App Demo
  13. 13. App Demo
  14. 14. App Demo
  15. 15. App Demo
  16. 16. App Demo
  17. 17. App Demo
  18. 18. Basics•Resetting Device • Hold down the reset and main button on the same time•If the app doesn’t fill the screen • Touch 2x to make app fill the screen• To connect connect to wifi • Touch SETTINGS • Touch GENERAL • Touch NETWORK • Touch WIFI • Touch your wifi • Type your password
  19. 19. Getting a Google Picture (must have wifi)•Touch SAFARI•In GOOGLE BOX type name of picture•Touch SEARCH•Touch IMAGES•Touch and hold desired picture until SAVE IMAGE appears•Touch SAVE IMAGE•Picture is in your PHOTO LIBRARY
  20. 20. E-MAIL/SAVING A PICTURE email delete reply new Touch to download attachment Then touch SAVE IMAGE
  21. 21. ORGANIZING PHOTOS•Open Photo Library• Touch upper right square with arrow•Select desired photos•Touch ADD TO•Touch ADD TO NEW ALBUM•Type NAME of new album•Type SAVE
  22. 22. Editing Photos•Touch Photo Library•Touch Picture you want to Edit•Touch EDIT•Touch desired action on bottom of screen •rotate •enhance •red eye •crop
  23. 23. SYNCHING PICTURES TO THE CLOUD•Touch SETTINGS•Touch iCloud•Touch PHOTO STREAM then touch ON•Then on your device under PHOTOS you will see PHOTO STREAM as an option for where your pictures are stored
  24. 24. • Touch EDIT Reminders• Touch CREATE NEW LIST• Type name of NEW LIST• Touch DONE• Touch NAME OF NEW LIST• Touch + (upper right)• Type NAME OF NEW TASK• Touch RETURN to add more tasks or KEYBOARD BUTTON if done• Touch a TASK• Touch REMIND ME to add time• Touch OFF next to ON A DAY• Touch DATE to change time/date and DONE
  25. 25. Restrictions•Touch SETTINGS•Touch RESTRICTIONS•Type a PASSCODE•Touch OFF to turn OFF options•Touch words under Allow Changes or Allowed Content to add restrictions
  26. 26. Accessibility• Touch SETTINGS then GENERAL• Touch ACCESSIBILITY• Touch to change the following: • Voice over • Zoom • Large Text • White on Black • Speak Selection • Speak Auto-Text • Mono Audio • AssistiveTouch • Triple-click Home
  27. 27. MORE APP INFO....
  28. 28. Switch Adapted Apps Helpkidzlearn apps (all IPAD): switch accessible activitiesFive Sharkshttp://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/five-sharks-swimming/ id490124748?mt=8&ls=1Peeping Musicianshttp://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/peeping-musicians/id490120210?mt=8Smarty Pantshttp://itunes.apple.com/gb/apps/inclusive-smarty-pants/id4901267715?mt=8Hidden Gridshttp://itunes.apple.com/gb/apps/hidden-grid/id490089517?mt=8Aunty Maggies Recipeshttp://helpkidzlearn.com/apps/app/aunty_maggy.html
  29. 29. Dragon on the iPad & Computer• Dragon App Dragon Software (Mac/ PC)• No training required •Requires voice training• No commands to memorize •Will learn voice and vocabulary patterns• Does require wireless access •Use commands to perform tasks and make corrections• Limited to dictation of text within the app •No wireless required• 1 minute maximum •Can use to dictate text in multiple applications AND operate/maneuver around• Can copy/email to other apps the computer• Requires direct select access to •Better accuracy and recognition capabilities work/navigate the app •No direct select requiredhttp://otswithapps.com/2012/03/07/dragon-dictate-vs-dragon-naturallyspeaking-whats-the-differen
  30. 30. Keyboarding Practice on Your iPad or Android – Apps and Other Equipment • http://otswithapps.com/2012/07/07/keyboarding-pra
  31. 31. 6 Best Word Processor Apps for iPad•http://otswithapps.com/2012/09/17/6-best-word- processor-apps-for-ipad-techshout/
  32. 32. Best Reading Apps to Support Students•http://otswithapps.com/2012/07/14/reading-apps- support-for-students-with-ld-5/
  33. 33. Halloween Appshttp://otswithapps.com/2012/10/07/digital-halloween-fun/
  34. 34. Apps For Data•Observe•SuperDuper Data Tracker•ABC Data•Percentally•Counter Lite
  35. 35. Stylus Resourceshttp://ifaraday.com/http://beststylus.com/
  36. 36. iPad MountsHand-e-holderhttp://www.handeholder.com/Loc-Line Mountinghttp://www.modularhose.com/applications/mh-at-kits/90670
  37. 37. Sturdy iPad 3 Caseshttp://otswithapps.com/2012/07/02/sturdy-ipad-3-cases- whats-new/
  38. 38. iPod Touch Apps Help Workers with Autism News Article http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bo ostershots/la-heb-ipod-touch-autism- 20120904,0,5176334.story
  39. 39. The Apple iPod Touch as a vocational support aid for adults with autism: Three case studies Tony Gentrya,∗, Stephanie Laub, Alissa Molinellib, Amy Fallenc And Richard Krinerd Adepartment Of Occupational Therapy, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA Rehabilitation Research And Training Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA Ccareer Support Services, Richmond, VA, USA Dvirginia Department For Aging And Rehabilitative Services, Richmond, VA, USA http://iospress.metapress.com/content/h g67623860j41421/fulltext.pdf • or http://iospress.metapress.com/content/h g67623860j41421/