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iPad 1 Workshop


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Slides for the iPad 1 workshop from the NH Adult Education Technology Day 2013

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iPad 1 Workshop

  1. 1. iPad ITiffany Brand Technology Instructor, Dover Adult Learning Center
  2. 2. IPAD I Part 1: Getting to Know the iPad Hardware
  3. 3. iPad Hardware
  4. 4. iPad Hardware
  5. 5. Home Button • Always brings you back to the home/apps screen • Gets you out of any app!
  6. 6. Sleep/Wake Button • Press once to wake up a sleeping iPad • Press once to put an iPad to sleep • Press and hold to turn iPad on/off
  7. 7. Orientation • Turning the iPad automatically changes the orientation Portrait Landscape
  8. 8. Accessories • iPad Smart Cover • iPad Case • Transparent screen protector • Stylus • Bluetooth keyboard
  9. 9. Settings • Tap Wi-Fi – Join wifi networks.
  10. 10. IPAD I Part 2: Gestures
  11. 11. Gesture Types • Tap • Drag • Flick/Swipe • Tap and Hold • Pinch
  12. 12. Tap • Touch something on the iPad screen quickly • Uses: • Open an app • Activate a link (on a web site) • Move the insertion point to type in a particular location
  13. 13. Drag • Touch your finger to the screen and drag it across the screen. • Uses: • Scroll up and down • Select text
  14. 14. Try it – Tap and Drag • Tap on Maps • Tap on the “Current Location” icon • Drag up, down, right, and left to scroll the map around slowly • Press the Home button to go back to the home screen
  15. 15. Flick/Swipe • Drag your finger across the screen and lift it up quickly. Uses: • Scroll quickly through a long page - Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the scrolling (Think of it as a spinning wheel) • Swipe on a list item to Delete it (email)
  16. 16. Try it – Flick/Swipe • Tap on Maps • Tap on the “Current Location” icon • Flick up, down, right, and left to scroll the map around quickly • Press the Home button to go back to the home screen
  17. 17. Pinch • Using two fingers, drag them in or out on the screen. • Uses: • Zoom in and out on an area of the screen.
  18. 18. Try it – Pinch • Tap on Maps • Tap on the “Current Location” icon • Pinch two fingers together to zoom in on an area of the map • Pinch two fingers out to zoom out • Press the Home button to go back to the home screen
  19. 19. Tap and Hold • Press a finger on the keyboard and hold it there for a second. • Uses: • Selecting text • Bringing up more options for an area on an app • Rearranging app icons on the Home screens
  20. 20. Typing • On-screen keyboard will appear whenever you tap into an area that you can type text • Notes app, email, text entry fields on web pages, etc.
  21. 21. Typing • Entering text – tap on a key on the on-screen keyboard. Tap Shift for capital letters. Double-tap for caps lock. Tap to see numbers & symbols. Backspace to delete Hide the keyboard Tap and hold a character to see accents Tap the symbol key to see more symbols.
  22. 22. Typing • Tap on the screen to place the insertion point • Tap, hold & drag to move the insertion point to a particular place in the text. • Tap and hold on a word to select it. Drag the selection dots to increase/decrease your selection. • Selected words can be copied (and then pasted elsewhere) and you can access a dictionary to define them.
  23. 23. Try It - Typing • Tap the Notes app • Tap the + to begin a new note • Type something into the note. Tap and Drag to move the insertion point around to edit your text.
  24. 24. Printing • iPads can Print to AirPrint-compatible printers on the same wifi network • If you have an old printer that is not AirPrint compatible • Fingerprint by Collobos Software – runs on a computer connected to my printer and allows iOS devices to print to it.
  25. 25. IPAD I Part 3: Web browsing with Safari
  26. 26. Web Browsing in Safari • Safari is the web browser that comes with the iPad • Tap on the Safari icon to launch it
  27. 27. Safari • Tap here and type to enter a web address. • Then tap Go. • Drag in the main area to scroll. • Double tap to quickly zoom in and out • Or Pinch to zoom
  28. 28. Safari • Tap on a link to follow it. • Tap the Back arrow to go back through pages you have visited • Tap and hold on a link to open it in a new tab, copy it, or add it to your reading list.
  29. 29. Safari • Tabs allow you to browse more than one web page at a time • Tap the + to open a new tab. • Tap the tabs to switch between them • Tap the X on a tab to close it
  30. 30. Safari • Type something in the search field to search the web. • Google is the default search engine – this can be changed in the settings
  31. 31. Safari • On web pages with articles, the Reader button appears in the address bar. • Tap “Reader” to see the article blown up full screen for easy reading • Tap “Reader” again to go back to the web page.
  32. 32. Bookmarking in Safari • Tap the Share button to • Add a page to your Bookmarks • Add a button to the page on your Home screen • Save the page to your Reading List to read offline • Share the page through email, iMessage, or social media • Print the page to an AirPrint compatible printer.
  33. 33. Bookmarking in Safari • Tap the Bookmarks button to • See your list of Bookmarks • See your browsing history • See your Reading List
  34. 34. Bookmarking in Safari • Tap the Edit button to • Organize your bookmarks into folders • Rearrange your bookmarks • Delete bookmarks
  35. 35. Try It - Safari • Navigate to a web page with an address • Search for a topic on the web • Open multiple web pages in tabs and switch between them • Bookmark a page • Create a folder for some bookmarks • Pin a page to your Home Screen
  36. 36. iPad User Guide • Tap Safari • Tap Bookmark button • Tap iPad User Guide • If your bookmark is not there, go to: or
  37. 37. iPad Websites • iPad Basics Tutorial: • Lots of iPad information and Tutorials: • iPad news - • iPads 4 Schools -