Handhelds in the classroom


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INTC 3610
Fall 2012

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Handhelds in the classroom

  1. 1. INTC 3610 Fall 2012 Ipod Touch
  2. 2.  What does it do? Doesit have any educational value? Will it help students learn?
  3. 3. Thousands of Apps.Endless Potential.
  4. 4. Built in APPS
  5. 5.  140,000 APPS for the iPAD – October 2011 275,000 APPS for the iPad – October 2012 350,000 Apps for iPOD and iPhone which are compatible with the iPAD.
  6. 6.  Chicago Public Schools Long Island Schools
  7. 7.  San Diego Public schools purchased 25,000 iPad2 in 2012 McAllen School district, Texas also purchased 25,000 iPads for 3.5 million financed by Apple September 2012-Burlington HS in Burlington, MA. Every student (1,000) were issued an iPad. Lexington, South Carolina -16,000 ipads at a cost of $379 each with a total of $6.25 millions
  8. 8.  Technical ◦ Minimal time wasted booting up ◦ Fast access to apps & the Internet Mobile ◦ Learning anywhere, anytime Learners ◦ Appeals to a variety of learning styles Audience ◦ Work can be easily shared to global audience ◦ Incentive to produce higher quality work
  9. 9.  For Visual Thinking For Information Gathering Creativity Guided Practice Content Repository Productivity Combinations
  10. 10.  Textbooks ebooks Accessing media content via You Tube and Vimeo Creating multimedia content Publishing Media to the cloud Hands on and tactile Small form factor Intuitive
  11. 11. Apps that provide visual information in the form of videos, pictures and/or diagrams Comic Life Show Me Popplet
  12. 12. Apps that support finding, organizing, and sharing information. Wikihood Tour Wrist Discover Qwiki
  13. 13. Apps that allow you to learn about an art form, hone artistic skills or even make works of art. Storyrobe or Story Kit Puppet Pals Virtuoso Trackpad Magic
  14. 14.  Apps that provide skills practice and learner self-pacing. ABC Tracer Super 7 MathBoard
  15. 15. Apps that provide content – specific knowledge with easy access. NASA Our Choice World Atlas by National Geographic Leafsnap Science 360
  16. 16. Apps for taking notes, creating bibliographies, or for audio recording of thoughts or what is said in class Notes Plus QuickVoice / Audio Note Evernote EasyBib
  17. 17. Apps that provide powerful combinations of affordances, as well as take advantage of the iPad’s native features. Elements eClicker Star Walk
  18. 18.  Incredible amount of podcasts and applications. Many are FREE A variety of content for ALL levels Check it out
  19. 19.  A computer An Organizer An Educational Tool A Communication Tool For Edutainment
  20. 20.  Contentsame, size smaller$249
  21. 21.  Tony Vincent – Problem based learning with handhelds.
  22. 22.  7.0 / 8 gb / Wifi / $199 16 GB $349 Powered by Android market – Over 100,000 available. 10.01 Galaxy note from $349-$549 Apps available in Google Play Focus gaming, entertainment, web browsing
  23. 23.  Google Nexus 10– can use most apps from Google play $399 16 gb WiFi Books, Movies, Magazines, Internet Focus gaming, entertainment, web browsing
  24. 24. You will be working in groups to produce a GOOGLE PRESENTATION on the iPad in the Classroom.1. Research your APP.2. Give a brief description.3. Visuals are helpful. Find a short video on how it works. Tip**Use key words: the name of the app and iPad.4. Find a example of how it is being used in the classroom. Teachers are posting lots of usage in their blogs. Dig deep to find examples. Give grade level and content area.5. Present to the class