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Practical assessment autumn 1a

Practical Task 1 - Advert

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Practical assessment autumn 1a

  1. 1. Practical Assessment AUTUMN TERM 1A
  2. 2. This half term, you will be assessed in three areas: 1. Your written assessment (early next week) – details coming soon! 2. Your effort in lessons, and on your blog 3. A practical production, which shows your planning skills and your understanding of the key concepts you’ve studied so far.
  3. 3. The Practical Task  In groups, you need to invent a product and create a 30 second TV advert to market it to a specific audience.  You will be given the product and the audience, and will be put into groups.  Your work needs to be uploaded onto YouTube and on your blogs by next Friday (half term!)
  4. 4. You will pull your product out of a hat…  A sports drink for men aged over 60/women over 60  After shave for pre teen boys  perfume for preteen girls  A new brand of sweets for middle-aged, city-working men/ middle-aged, city- working women  A charity/awareness campaign about a teen issue  A charity/awareness campaign about a disability issue  A charity/awareness campaign about a sexuality issue
  5. 5. Research and Planning – what do we expect? RESEARCH  What is an advert?  look at THREE SIMILAR EXAMPLES and analyse:  Audience (who is the audience – how can you tell?)  Language - semiotics, persuasive language, denotation, connotation, editing, mise en scene, camera, sound  Representation – who is being represented and how? PLANNING  Invent your product – give it a brand name, USP, slogan and font  Assign specific roles - production assistant (shooting schedule, props, locations), actors, editor, camera, blogger  Storyboard  Shooting Schedule  Plan: props, costume, cast, script, music