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What's the deal with Processed Foods & Nutrition:?


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What's the deal with Processed Foods & Nutrition:?

  1. 1. what are packaged foods? Packaged foods, also referred to as processed foods, are those which were at one time raw, but then were refined in a processing facility to enhance nutrients and freshness, to improve safety and taste, or to help consumers save time during preparation. Examples include frozen fruits and vegetables, yogurt, canned beans, granola bars, cereal, and frozen meals. What do consumers think about packaged foods? of Americans agree that some packaged foods can provide affordable, nutritious options. of Americans agree that packaged foods can contain nutrients needed for good health. How do processed foods contribute to the nutrition of the american diet? "Processed foods are nutritionally important to American diets. Diets are more likely to meet food guidance recommendations if nutrient-dense foods, either processed, or not, are selected." -- American Society for Nutrition, scientific statement, "Processed foods: contribution to nutrition." 2014 IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey Data from NHANES 2003 - 2008. CHEESE lasagna CHEESE FORTIFIED CEREALS FRUITS BEANS 65% 64% FOLATE IRON 55% FIBER 48% CALCIUM 46% Vitamin b12 43% Potassium 34% vitamin D