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Making Sense of Sugars: What's an Added Sugar

The Nutrition Facts Panel will soon include added sugar. So what's an added sugar, and how can you identify it on the ingredient list?

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Making Sense of Sugars: What's an Added Sugar

  1. 1. Making Sense of Sugars What's an Added Sugar? @FACTSFollowers 32% believe that all sugars are carbohydrates 12% believe that all carbohydrates are sugars Four fun facts While all sugars (e.g., honey) are carbohydrates, not all carbohydrates (e.g., fiber) are sugars. IFIC Foundation Nutrition Facts Panel Sugars Labeling Consumer Research Sugars are found naturally in some foods and beverages or added as ingredients in others. Whether natural or added, all sugars are broken down by the body in the same way. Dietary Guidelines recommend < 10% of your total daily calories come from added sugars. 1 2 3 4 Added sugars information will appear on revised Nutrition Facts labels on or before July 26, 2018. Right now, you can use current labels to identify sources of added sugars in the Ingredients List. coming soon RevisedNutritionFactslabel Agave Syrup Brown Sugar Corn Syrup Dextrose Fructose* Glucose* High-Fructose Corn Syrup Honey Invert Sugar Lactose* Maltose* Malt Sugar Maple Syrup Molasses Nectars Raw Sugar Sucrose* Sugar White Granulated Sugar Acesulfame Potassium Advantame Aspartame Monk Fruit Extract Neotame Saccharin Stevia Leaf Extract Sucralose *Naturally-occurring sugar also found in whole foods Added Sugars Not Added Sugars LOW-CALORIE SWEETENERS SUGAR ALCOHOLS Erythritol Isomalt Maltitol Mannitol Sorbitol Xylitol Here are some common sources of added sugars, as well as ingredients that are not considered added sugars What is, what isn't did you know? The order of the Ingredients List matters. The ingredient contributing most to the product weight is listed first. The ingredient contributing the least weight is listed last. You can usually locate the Ingredients List near the name of the food’s manufacturer and often below the Nutrition Facts label. What's in a name? The Dietary Guidelines glossary lists added sugars as "syrups and other caloric sweeteners used as a sweetener in other food products." Added SugarsThe FDA has established the official technical definition for the term "added sugars" that will guide Nutrition Facts labeling. @FACTSFollowers Subtitle: Doubleclick to editSubtitle: Doubleclick to editSubtitle: Doubleclick to editSubtitle: Doubleclick to edit