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Adobe Photoshop: Menu Bar


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ICT Notes

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Adobe Photoshop: Menu Bar

  2. 2. THE MENU BAR
  3. 3. FILE MENU
  4. 4. FILE (ALT +F)  It is used to create new document, open files, browse documents or folders, saved projects, set up page, print and exit the program.
  5. 5. EDIT MENU
  6. 6. EDIT (ALT+E)  It allows you to make specific editing to the image you have opened in the program . It includes copy, cut , undo, step forward, step backward, free transform, fill and stroke.
  7. 7. IMAGE
  8. 8. IMAGE (ALT+I)  It allows you to make adjustments to your documents. Image and canvas size can also be adjusted in this menu.
  9. 9. LAYER
  10. 10. LAYER (ALT+L)  It controls how you use layers within your program. You can add, duplicate , arrange, fill, or make other changes to the layers you are working on.
  11. 11. SELECT MENU
  12. 12. SELECT (ALT+S)  It helps you select a portion or all of the image to work on. It also allows you deselect or inverse selection.
  13. 13. FILTER MENU
  14. 14. FILTER (ALT+T)  It is where your creativity comes in. It allows you to make a number of filter adjustments to your overall image. Images can instantly be transformed.
  15. 15. VIEW MENU
  16. 16. VIEW (ALT+V)  It allows viewing adjustments. You can zoom- in, zoom- out, or fit-in window choices in viewing your document. This is where you can also activate, deactivate the visibility of the ruler and grid.
  17. 17. WINDOW MENU
  18. 18. WINDOW (ALT+W)  It allows you to customize your workspace. It allows you to open palettes and menus on your screen.
  19. 19. HELP MENU
  20. 20. HELP (ALT+H)  It allows you to search the information about the specific functions and solutions in Photoshop. It can be easily access by pressing F1.