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Battle creek


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Battle creek

  1. 1. Integrate & Implement Your Social Media Strategy Demetrio P. Maguigad, Community Media Workshop
  2. 2. Have a Plan• Focus on your goals.• Have a communications plan that supports your goals.• Be clear and consistent with your message and brand.• Identify your audiences on the ground and online.• Identify the tools and resources you will need.• Measure your impact.
  3. 3. What doyou needto fix abrokensink?
  4. 4. Online goals for your website • Persuade • Inform • Educate • Entertain
  5. 5. Persuade Priority Goal which will lead to action or engagementEducate InformProvide them with Provide specificKnowledge to help Information orguide decisions data to lead to immediate action Appeal to Emotions Provide a positive Experience for users
  6. 6. Good websites have a priority goaland use the other three to support the main priority goalIts is directed by your organization’s missionand goals…
  7. 7. Your Organizations Goals• Programming: Increase attendance• Funding: Raise amount for project• Policy & Social Change: Voting & contacting local officials in government• Other Goals
  8. 8. Organizational GoalOnline GoalsProgram Goal: Increase number 1. Persuade youth and parentsof participants in our youth to register for programOutreach program. 2. Inform them how they can register, how much it costs,Facts: when and where it will takeYouth participants are place, etc.Ages 12 to 18 3. Educate them on the benefits of the programMust have parent or 4. Entertain them with storyGuardian consent to testimonies through video,register images and more or perhaps ask former participants to add comments on their experience.
  9. 9. Communicate to Your Audiences: Content & Image BrandingUnderstand who you are communicating to.Present your content and image basedon your target audience, their cultureand their needs.Use New Media to create, develop & nurturerelationships with your audience.Pull your audiences towards your priority goal.
  10. 10. Pitching your stories• Bloggers• Journalists• Individuals on networksKnow who you are pitching. Listen and know what they want. Bepersonable but be an authority. Work towards a relationship.
  11. 11. Types of Social Media• Social Networks• Broadcasting – Blogs, Micro-Blogs, Podcasts• Sharing Platforms – Documents, Photos, Videos, Tagging• Collaboration Tools – Wikis, CMS, Basecamp• Discussions – Forums, Chatrooms, VOIP• Live Broadcasting – Qik, Livecastr, Live Blogs
  12. 12. The Social Web is kind of like….
  13. 13. The High School Dance!
  14. 14. Listen in on your audiences• Loyal Fans & Supporters• Potential Supporters• What are the debates &conversations?• Identify the tools
  15. 15. RSS: Real Simple Syndication• Feed: Push Content Out• Reader: Pull Content In