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Online advocacy for CSOs


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Online advocacy for CSOs

  1. 1. www.altcity.meOnline Advocacy for CSOs
  2. 2. Understanding the concepts of advocacy and lobbying •Advocacy means any action gearedWhat is advocacy towards changing the policies, positions or programs of any type of institution. ? •Advocacy is about identifying a problem in a community, coming up with a solution to that problem, establishing strong support for that solution and providing an effective implementation plan.
  3. 3. Understanding the concepts of advocacy and lobbying •Lobbying means an attempt by citizens toWhat is lobbying influence public officials and public policy. It is used to put pressure on politicians and ? government officials to take up the interests of the people and to support their cause. •Lobbying influential people for support is part of the advocacy process.
  4. 4. Activity“Advocacy or Lobbying?”
  5. 5. Understanding online advocacy campaigning“ There is no secret recipe, there are key ingredients .”
  6. 6. Ingredients of running a campaign1- Defining the issue2- Defining the general goal3- Defining the specific objectives4- Identifying key players5- Strategic communication6- Channels of delivery
  7. 7. 1- Defining the issue Activity“What is your issue” ?
  8. 8. 2- Defining the general goal Activity“What is your general goal?”
  9. 9. 3- Defining the specific objectives Activity “What are the specific objectives?”
  10. 10. 4- Identifying key players Activity“Who are the key players?”? ? ? ? ? ?
  11. 11. 5- Strategic communication Activity“What are the elements of your communication strategy?”
  12. 12. Multichannel - Online/Offline doesn’t exist anymore, you should run a realmultichannel campaignSimple ideas can be best ideas Surf Viral SuccessInnovate Energize and Motivate YourSupporters
  13. 13. Tools for online Advocacy
  14. 14. StructureThemes & Plugins Concept Tips and tricks
  15. 15. Facebook apps How to create and install Facebook applicationFacebook inadvocacy
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Storify
  18. 18. #Twibbon
  19. 19. AggregateYahoo pipes
  20. 20. Visualize By % By location By time
  21. 21. E - Petition
  22. 22. Few Notes on the processActivate – Be proactive. Reach Listen – The first step involved inout, communicate and build relationships moving passive social media connectionswith your advocates. Don’t wait for them towards some level of engagement is toto come to you. understand their information needs. What type of content do they want to consume? What conversations do they want to have?Nurture – Offer essential/extrinsicincentives to help make advocates feelspecial and an extension of your brand or Publish & Participate –company. Designing a content strategy that make you relevant is very important. Part of this publishing plan should include activeEmpower – Help them help you participation on behalf of your organization.spread brand messages. Don’t just broadcast.
  23. 23. Thank you!