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Session4 client engagement


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Session4 client engagement

  1. 1. Client Engagement
  2. 2. Introduction• This week in social media• Review: 5 Step Planning and Key Objectives & Strategies, Social Technographics Profile, Client Relationship: approach your client as an expert• Start your Midterm Research
  3. 3. 5 Steps for developing your social media plan1. People: Who are you engaging? What are they ready for based on what they are already doing?2. Objectives and Goals: What do you want to accomplish by using social media?3. Establish Strategy: What is it that you want to change if you are successful achieving your objectives and goals?4. Establish Tools and Tactics: Based on people, objectives and strategies, what will you build and use? How will you use them?5. Measure Results and Adapt: What are the indicators or metrics that will help you understand that you have succeeded or need to correct?
  4. 4. The Audience Technographics Profile Most Influential { 1. Creators 2. Conversationalists Organizers { 3. Critics 4. Collectors Requires more time and knowledge of tools The Majority { 5. Joiners 6. Spectators 7. Inactives
  5. 5. Key Strategies Nurturing A Community: Building authority Sustainability strategy: Allowing supporters to help each other Energizing Supporters strategy: Rallying key supporters towards an action or cause tools Conversing & Buzz strategy: Building relationships by creating and participating in conversations--direct engagementListening & Monitoring strategy:Collecting info and insights through conversations time
  6. 6. Client Engagement
  7. 7. Things to inquire, research + access• Client needs and problem• Current relationships and audience• Client industry• Client operations and governance• Overall business goals• Current business performance• Audit of communications channels
  8. 8. Client Needs• identifying the problem• analyze the proposed objectives of the client• understand their limitations
  9. 9. Client Business Goals• identifying the general business goals of the client• how does this relate to your social media plan and its objectives?• what will change internally and externally if successful?
  10. 10. Client Audience & Relationships• identifying who they are currently engaging with• Identify who they need to engage with based on defined objectives• Identify technographics and general demographics
  11. 11. Client Industry• familiarize yourself about the client industry• Identify you client’s competition, how do they compare?• what makes your client unique? How are they positioned?
  12. 12. Client Operations & Governance• identifying how the business operates• who makes the decisions?• who will perform the required work to initiate your plan?• Do they have a policy in place?
  13. 13. Client Performance• How well are they doing?• Where is there room for improvement or growth?
  14. 14. Client Communications Channels• What are they currently using on the web?• How are they using it?• How well are they doing in relation to their goals?
  15. 15. Identify the business goals &objectives then formulate the social media strategy
  16. 16. Midterm Project
  17. 17. Midterm Project: Create a Client Brief and RecommendationsGoals:1. To understand your client’s business, communications and marketing goals and provide research, analysis and recommendations for a social media plan proposal in a structured written narrative.2. To present your proposal ideas in a critical and creative way.Delivery:1. 6 page minimum narrative plus coversheet—12pt font, Times, double-spaced, narrow margins. Must be a printed document submitted before the delivery of your presentation.2. 5-10 minute in class powerpoint presentation
  18. 18. Client Audit: Atomix Café
  19. 19. Assignment due next week1. Objective: Deepen your understanding of your client and their industry. Assignment: Audit and chart your client’s online and social media communications channels, identify and define audiences, identify competitors in the market and narrow your client’s social media objective. Format should be an outline. This will help prepare you with your midterm project. Due in two weeks as a printed document. 20 points2. Objective: Understand more about Social Media and company culture. Assignment: Read chapter 11 of Groundswell, provide a brief response on your blog. Due next week. 10 points3. Objective: Deepen your understanding of of objective strategies. Assignment: Read chapter 4 of Groundswell, provide a brief response on your blog. Due next week, 25th & 26