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Cover Your Ass with a Social Media Policy


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If your organization hasn't written one of these, it's time. In this webinar we'll talk about what a Social Media Policy is, who owns it, and why it's important. This webinar is an intro to our full-day training, Social Media Policy Development at LimeRed Studio

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Cover Your Ass with a Social Media Policy

  2. 2. C.Y.A. with a Social Media Policy A Practical Introduction to Social Media Policy Development for Nonprofits Presented by: Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad
  3. 3. Share the conversation @limeredstudio #socialmediapolicy #socialpolicy #communication #design #socialmedia #nonprofit
  4. 4. Introduction Who’s in the room?
  5. 5. What is a Social Media Policy?
  6. 6. People, Rules & Guidelines
  7. 7. Culture, Voice & Values
  8. 8. Anticipate Engagements
  9. 9. Sets Guidelines
  10. 10. Prevents & Responds to Crisis
  11. 11. Adapts Through Time
  12. 12. Where do we Start?
  13. 13. Focus on Control
  14. 14. Control Somewhat Control No Control
  15. 15. Control Somewhat Control No Control Our own website and blog Our mission Our messages Our Policies … Things we have the power to create and make absolute decisions on… Employees or staff Social Media profiles and accounts Other people’s comments on our blog or social pages Search … Things we can influence but may not have the final say on… Other people’s websites and blogs Comments and reviews on other people’s websites and blogs Reactions or responses to services, products or brand … Things we can not influence or make decisions on…
  16. 16. Focus on drafting rules and guidelines around the things you have somewhat control over. If you don’t, things can move more out of your control.
  17. 17. Establish Roles within the Organization Develop Scenarios Establish the Rules (Do’s and Don’ts) Prepare Guidelines Provide Examples for Staff Be Clear and Concise
  18. 18. practical-tips-implementing-a-social-media-policy-at- your-organization
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