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Session8 listening


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Session8 listening

  1. 1. Listening & Talking to the Groundswell
  2. 2. “Brands belong to customers, not companies.”- Ricardo Guimaraes, Brand Theorist
  3. 3. Listening & Market Research• Market Data – Quantitative, “the numbers”• Market Information – Data with Analysis, gives “meaning”• Market Insight – Qualitative, Discovers “Why”Customer insight – what they are thinking andwhy
  4. 4. ListeningLimitations & Problems with Listening to theGroundswell1. We only hear from those who participate in talking2. The volume of insight is great and difficult to capture
  5. 5. ListeningTwo listening Strategies1. Conversation Monitoring2. Brand Monitoring
  6. 6. ListeningListening strategies help improveproducts, services and the brand in general byproviding decision makers the data, informationand insight to make better decisions and adaptto the market.
  7. 7. ListeningHow to start listening to the groundswell:1. Find out what your brand means2. Understand how buzz is always shifting3. Increase research responsiveness & effectiveness4. Find influencers5. Manage PR Crisis6. Generate new products & marketing ideas