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Evaluation Question 1


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Updated Evaluation

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Evaluation Question 1

  2. 2. My Style Model –The Evening Chronicle ■ Like I did with my cover I used the Evening Chronicle as my Style Model for my Page 2 Article. ■ I used the Evening Chronicle as a style model again because it is a well-respected newspaper in the North East and has a large following.The articles themselves attract a variety of different readers and the pages are well laid out. ■ I used similar page measurements toThe Evening Chronicle, to ensure that it looked like my style model.
  3. 3. Header ■ Both page headers are similar and include the same features. ■ Both pages included social media links, the page number, newspaper name and issue date. ■ It was really important that I included those features to exploit the general convention of local newspapers.To also attract a younger audience and to encourage synergy it was best that I included social media links. My Newspaper
  4. 4. Contents Bar ■ Like the evening chronicle I included a contents bar which included what was in the newspaper and general contact details for those different departments that form the newspaper for example the photography office. ■ I followed the same style by using two different shades of the same colour. I used the colour green as those were the colours that feature on the masthead of the cover bar, hence creating a house style. My Newspaper
  5. 5. The Article and Image ■ The article itself was similar to the chronicles, I had the same number of columns that the Chronicle did. I also placed the image in the same location, however there is a difference in size, this was so I could make the article fit to the page. ■ I believe that the image was suitable for the article and followed the same style the one in my style model did, by showing the ‘celebrity’ in their ‘prime’ rather than not. ■ The article itself is similar to those that do feature in the chronicle,The version that I was looking at spoke about the life of a NUFC football player before their death mine focuses on the life of a North East singer. My Newspaper