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Evaluation Question 4


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A2 Media Studies

Published in: Education
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Evaluation Question 4

  2. 2. BLOGGER AND ONLINE SOFTWARE • Blogger is a web based technology that allows my work to be accessed by a variety of different audiences. it is a method that allows me to publish my work myself. My work can be presented in a variety of different ways, examples of these include the blog post themselves, Prezi presentations and podcasts. • Prezi is an example of online software that I used during my planning and analysis stage alongside other features including SlideShare and SoundCloud. This software allowed me to present my work to the audience in a variety of different ways. Prezi was useful in analysing covers of newspapers as it allowed me to create an interactive presentation rather than just the standard Microsoft PowerPoint. SoundCloud was useful throughout my project as it allowed me to great regular podcasts informing my audience of the stages I’m at and what else needs to be completed.
  3. 3. STILL CAMERAS, PHOTOSHOP AND INDESIGN • A still camera was paramount to my project as a whole, this is because still images were key to my project as not only did they feature on the main product they also did on one of my ancillary tasks – the poster. • I've used Photoshop and InDesign previously so I used this year to improve on my skills, I focussed more on using the quick selection tool more precisely in comparison to other years. I’ve only used InDesign once before which was on the AS element of the course, so in comparison to last year I felt a lot more confident using the software. InDesign allowed my product to look more like my style model when creating my Page 2. this is because unlike Photoshop it created columns that were suitable for the page, which is something that Photoshop wouldn’t do.
  4. 4. AUDACITY, GARAGEBAND AND USB MICS • I used the following features to create the Radio Advert for my ancillary tasks. These were all new features to me and I didn’t have knowledge on the features of each and how they worked. However, as a whole I believe that they created a high quality radio advert. • The USB microphone explains itself in what I was using it for, I used it to record those who were featuring on my Radio Advert. I would connect the microphone to a laptop computer and use the recording rooms in school to record the voice samples into audacity. Audacity was used as software to record the voice samples for my radio advert. Once I had all my voice samples I would use GarageBand to arrange the tracks into the format I wanted, I also altered the volume of each track to a suitable level so I would be able to hear the individual speaking as well as the backing track.