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Photos of Tilly


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A2 Media Studies
Planning and Prep

Published in: Education
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Photos of Tilly

  2. 2. PHOTO ONE Positives: The Image is of high quality. The lighting is bright and there are no smudges on the camera. The image is focussed. Negatives: Tilly is looking away from the camera. Why I Didn’t Use The Photo: I didn’t use the photo as Tilly is looking away from the camera. Even though the image is of good quality I wanted an image where Tilly is looking towards the camera to draw in the audience.
  3. 3. PHOTO TWO Positives: It is one of the poses I wanted from Tilly. Tilly is looking into the camera, which I wanted as I wanted to attract the audience. Negatives: The image is blurred. Tilly isn’t ready for the image (her hands aren’t ready) Why I Didn’t Use The Photo: I didn’t use the photo as the image was blurred, but also Tilly wasn’t ready for the image. I was after an image like this when Tilly is looking directly into the camera to attract the audience, but she isn’t ready.
  4. 4. PHOTO THREE Positives: The image shows what Tilly became ‘famous’ for. The image is of good quality. Negatives: Tilly could’ve looked at the camera. Why I Used The Photo: Even though on the previous two slides I wanted an image where Tilly was looking directly at the camera I decided to use this image. The image reflects what Tilly became famous for which is winning the X Factor. The image portrays that as the red background will represent the X Factor logo and holding the microphone reflects her signing.