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Mobile first


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mobile first

Published in: Education
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Mobile first

  1. 1. MOBILE FIRST Cliff Kwan Verónica Valenzuela
  3. 3. PLANNING INFO ARCHITECTURE  Who is the audience?  Holiday planners  Potential clients  Loyal customers  Hotel competitors  What do we want them to do?  Find all useful information to provoke them to make a reservation, either at our official website –from any available device- or at OTA’s  Find the hotel attractive
  4. 4. PLANNING INFO ARCHITECTURE  Essential Elements for the mobile experience:  Hotel Image and Description  Photo Gallery  Contact Information  Social Media Sharing Platform  Videos
  6. 6. HOW IS THE PROPOSED SITE DIFFERENT?  Our proposed version is easier to read, and more attractive through a mobile device.  The original version is the same one used from a desktop without taking in consideration the limitations of mobiles such as the size of the screen.  More social media platforms are present in the new version for making it easier for users to share and get information from authentic guests.  The text was simplified, only essential information was included to prevent the client from getting bored reading.
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONS  It is interesting to be involved in the creation of a mobile website as during the process we needed to think what is essential to be included, what should be avoided and how to make it more user-friendly.  In our opinion, the proposed mobile site accomplishes the goal of creating a nice experience for the user and may generate an increase in sales through the mobile devices.