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Marek allyson presentation

  1. 1. The Impact of Mobile & Tablet Use in Web DesignFor: Chris Michael’s Steakhouse & Lounge By: Allyson Marek
  2. 2. IntroductionTechnology is changingWe need to stay up with the current advancementsSpeaker’s Notes: Aside from our delicious food and luxurious atmosphere, technology is a crucial part of thesuccess of our restaurant and lounge. We already have our website and fully utilize Facebook and Twitter to keepour guests in the loop. Now it’s time to take it one step further and incorporate mobile & tablet use into our designto optimize our success.
  3. 3. Research has shown..Mobile internet adoption is outpacing the astounding growth of desktop internetadoptionSmartphones are expected to out-ship the global PC market in 2012Heavy mobile data users will triple to one billion by 2013.84% of people will use their smartphone at home; 80% during miscellaneous timesduring the day; 74% waiting in lines, and 64% at work.Speaker’s Notes: Research has clearly proven that mobile usage is on the rise and will surpass desktop usage. Aperfect example of this is Facebook.’s mobile site has a whopping 100 million active users using it.The site is designed perfectly for user experience; some say it’s better than the actual website! When weincorporate a mobile site, users can book reservations, see pictures and videos, view our menu, and upcomingevents!
  4. 4. How Mobile & Tablet Usage Has Impacted Web Design Prioritized Content Less Hypertext Vertical Navigation Very focused content Faster load time Speaker’s Notes: Most designers today are designing sites with mobile compatibility in mind which allows businesses to take advantage of monumental growth. The web content added is geared for a mobile-compatible site. Ex: Prioritized and focused content, media, faster load time. This all leads to a wonderful user experience. A wonderful user experience translates into a potential dining experience for our site’s visitors!
  5. 5. What current technologies can be used to make websites accessible on all devices? Precise location information from GPS/cell towers/Wi-Fi User orientation from a digital compass Device positioning from an accelerometer Integrated audio, video and photo input Speaker’s notes: Current technology allows websites to be accessible on all devices. We can benefit from these features tremendously - people who are interested in visiting our establishment will be able to access a precise map to our location, see exactly how far they are from us, and will get to see what the restaurant and lounge looks like before they even enter!
  6. 6. Bad ExampleUnitedAirlines.comSpeaker’s Notes: United Airlines mobile site may look clean and straight forward, but there is limited mobileusage and ultimately, a not-so memorable user experience. All in all, they trimmed their website down way toomuch.
  7. 7. Good ExampleYelp.comSpeaker’s Notes:’s mobile site is absolutely wonderful. It weeds out the unnecessary information anddelivers the valuable, straight to the point information; the restaurant name, distance, address, price, type ofcuisine, ratings, and a link to reviews. This makes for a great and memorable user experience.
  8. 8. How Can We Do This?Redesign the website!Rethink Site NavigationPrioritize ContentResize ImagesMake sure the links workProvide a clear path to our full siteSpeaker’s Notes: Naturally, due to screen size, we will lose 80% of our content. Therefore, we need to keep it tothe most important features. Reservations, information & media. We’ll simply scale down the information on ourcurrent website by resizing images and making sure our links are fully functional.
  9. 9. BenefitsDinner Reservations via Phone or TabletMenuMedia/VideosCheckins linked to FacebookSpeaker’s Notes:-Being a high-volumed restaurant, it is imperative to make a reservation in advance. Therefore, future patrons canaccess our online reservations via their phone or tablet - on the go or at home. Overall, we will gain more business.-For future patrons of the nightclub, accessing photos and videos of our upscale yet fun atmosphere will convinceanyone to check out New Jersey’s hot spot!-With the single click of “Check-In”, the “Check-In” will automatically connect to the user’s Facebook accountthus, generating more recognition and patrons to the restaurant and lounge.
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