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Future hotel services


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Future hotel services

  1. 1. Hotel services that change guest service expectation IEMI – CMH MBA 2B - Online Business Taweechurn Duangnet, Nokky Kwan Chun Wai, Cliff
  2. 2. What factors are driving service changes ? • Changing consumer’s preference • The digital revolution • The impact of online aggregators (e.g. OTA, online travel magazine, social network) towards price and distribution • Economic crisis increases competition • Information accessible has changed and is more powerful
  3. 3. THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL IS MOBILE By 2014, Mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage.
  4. 4. THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL IS MOBILE (continued) The customers become more advanced on technology. It becomes one part of their routine life. It is obvious that they will expect more from hotels when they travel. A hotel’s technology offering has become one of the important driven factors when they choose a hotel.
  6. 6. Hotel services in future  As guests demand greater personalization, increased comfort and more innovative experiences, hotels in the future have to provide more tailor-made services for their guests. E.g. guests can choose their preference like room type, breakfast and so on via some hotel programmes on smart phones before arriving at the hotel.  Digital signage replacing traditional printed signs. Guests can check in by themselves using the electronic devices at the lobby instead of using the traditional method with a front desk receptionist.  More electronic devices used in hotels to provide more services on entertainment, comfort and guest autonomy. E.g. a large of collection of films and music is loaded for guests to select during their stay.
  7. 7. Hotel services in future (continued)  More luxury, high-tech devices will be installed e.g. television maybe built within the mirrors through the hotel room, curtains could be controlled by voice.  Hotels would invest more on employing social media as a marketing, communications and guest-service tool to ensure using the guest reviews to improve hotel services.  Hotels would provide more service automation to guests. Like the mobile application ‘Lounge up’, guests can interact with hotel staff through technology instead of talking in person.  Hotels will provide more free internet connection like Wi-Fi in order to attract more guests to stay as keeping connected will be important at that time.