Hotel Reputation Management


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How hotel reputation management can help increase hotel's sales and revenue? And why visual hotel reviews have become so important nowadays?

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Hotel Reputation Management

  1. 1. Hotel Reputation Management Hotel Reputation Management is managing the reputation of a hotel, meaning understanding or influencing the public’s views and opinions of a hotel. Hotel Reputation management is for small or large hotels, as well as well-established hotels wanting to promote themselves and for new hotels trying to build their brand. CMH - MBA 2B KWAN Chunwai, Cliff
  2. 2. The number of people viewing the review sites has increased drastically
  3. 3. The number of hotel reviews has increased over years
  4. 4. Why Hotel Reputation Management is important? Many people in the business see Reputation = Revenue • It is imperative to keep up with the available online mediums and changing trends, in turn better communicating with the hotel‟s customers, building hotel‟s customer base, and managing hotel‟s reputation to build a strong brand. • As a research shows, 93% of hotel guests are influenced by reviews, and the majority of them book a hotel replying on them. Therefore, if a hotel knows how to monitor, analyze, manage and improve the hotel‟s online reputation, it will show positive image of the hotel and then more guests will have confidence to choose this hotel and thus will increase the revenue of the hotel.
  5. 5. Services offered for managing hotel reputation (1) Below is a list of ways to get your name out there and build up your good reputation online: -Blogging – Maintaining a relevant blog that is updated every day
 -Directory listings – Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords
 -Solicit reviews – Encourage your customers to leave positive, online feedback whenever possible (we have a great system for this!)
 -Online publicity – Syndicated article writing, links, and banners
 -Social networking – Building pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. and keeping them updated -Global Review Index - The proprietary reputation index incorporates data from more than 100 review sites and OTAs worldwide, and is fast becoming the industry standard for hospitality reputation management.
  6. 6. Services offered for managing hotel reputation (2) • -Guest Survey Management - Import data from your existing guest survey provider or benefit from ReviewPro‟s next generation guest survey solution for hotels. • Sentiment Analysis - Our award-winning technology analyzes hundreds of millions of reviews to reveal customer sentiment and identify opportunities for improvement across more than 120 hospitality-specific categories and concepts. • Competitive Intelligence - Our proprietary system for tracking competitive intelligence allows you to compare trends by GRI ranking, department, review • Social Media Monitoring - from the most relevant social media platforms • The ReviewPro Quality Seal displays reviews from more than 100 sources, and shows overall guest satisfaction according to the GRI.
  7. 7. Are Visual Reviews important ? We all know that customer reviews are vitally important. They can make or break a hotel and its reputation. In 2012, one of YouTube„s executives told a conference that around 90% of all web traffic will soon be video. Therefore, videos are becoming more attractive for businesses and their marketing strategy. If the videos are managed well, it also drives trust and conversions. With online videos, hotels can generate traffic that can save them affiliate commission. In a travel report from 2012 provided by Google, the findings show that “travelers watch a mix of user generated videos and professionally made videos at all stages of travel planning”. Overall, 89% of leisure travelers said to watch online videos and 21% explicitly use online videos as a resource for planning their travel.
  8. 8. The travel report by Google further found out that 45% of leisure travelers and 72% of business travelers said they were prompted to book as a result from watching videos online while travel planning. This shows that online videos are becoming more and more significant and effective because they are increasingly influencing travel planning decisions.
  9. 9. • For the travel and hospitality industry, video reviews can quite effectively be integrated and used for their advantage. Hotels can (and already do) collect their own high quality reviews far more easily than standard eCommerce sites. The methods for taking reviews can be: • Via emails • Via a hotel’s mobile application • Via special purpose tablets placed in the lobbies or rooms • This allows the the hotel to collect genuine reviews by their guests and increase trustworthiness of the reviews. The videos can then be aggregated and posted to YouTube and the hotel website amongst other online portals.