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Growth Hacking or Creative Marketing for Startups


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Vortrag von Oliver Weimann, CEO der 360 Online Performance Group, zum Thema Growth Hacking beim UpBusinessbrunch in Essen im März 2016

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Growth Hacking or Creative Marketing for Startups

  1. 1. Incubator & Accelerator GROWTH HACKING or CREATIVE MARKETING FOR STARTUPS March 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • Clarification of „Growth Hacking“ • Components of “Growth Hacking” • Steps of Growth Hacking • How to become a Growth Hacker!?! • Questions to ask!?! • Integration in Marketing • Practical advices
  3. 3. Clarification Growth Hacking is a Marketing-Technique, developed by Startups to grow their customer base and create brand recognition by: - creativity, - analytic thinking and - usage of alternative channels The single goal is: GROWTH!!!
  4. 4. Components • Redefining Product / Service -> product features can be responsible for growth! • Redefining Distribution -> understand the movement of the people!
  5. 5. First Growth Hack
  6. 6. ps. I love you.
  7. 7. Second Growth Hack
  8. 8. Affiliates
  9. 9. Steps of Growth Hacking I Define actionable goals -> the magic number effect II Implement analytics to track your goals -> track in detail not in cohorts III Leverage existing strengths -> be sure what you are good at
  10. 10. Steps of Growth Hacking IV Execute the experiment -> write down your hypothesis and track V Optimize the experiment -> have a control group and do A/B testing VI Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat… -> try the next one there because is always much more worth to try
  11. 11. Third Growth Hack?
  12. 12. How to become a Growth Hacker!?! Be strong in analytics! Define and look at events & key metrics • to shift focus to growth • to make success repeatable • to predict the future
  13. 13. How to become a Growth Hacker!?! Be creative! You need to find find ways never trapped before • think outside the box • combine strange attitudes • look at different branches
  14. 14. Fourth Growth Hack
  15. 15. @Graigslist I Thinking outside the box II Growth Hack was part of product III Selecting perfect aggregator IV Taking risks with no guarantee V Taking temporary advantage (not for ever)
  16. 16. Questions to ask!?! • What if I make my product invite only? • What if I would deactivate my users by inactivity of a week or month? • What if they could pick their price? • What if we we ask users at every time at customer support and we give free usage when the like / dislike the product?
  17. 17. Fifth Growth Hack
  18. 18. @ebay I Defining main feature of product II Selecting perfect fit (even on long term) III Scaling right method IV Targeting right aiming group V Taking temporary advantage (not for ever)
  19. 19. Integration in Marketing • The „Growth Hacker“ is not better or worse than a Marketing expert. He just targets a different goal! • Growth Hacking is often used before traditional Marketing channels • Growth Hacking should deliver a quick „Proof-of- Concept“ or „Need-for-Product“
  20. 20. Practical advices I • Blogging or guest blogging • Podcasting or guest podcasting • Ebooks, guides & whitepapers • Infographics • Webinars • Conference presentations • SEO • Social Media • Contests • App marketplaces • Deal sites • LOPA (leverage other people’s audience)
  21. 21. Practical advices II • Promo swap • Affiliates • Network invitations • Social sharing • API integrations • Backlinks • Incentives • Organic
  22. 22. Thank you! Thanks for your attention. If you need more information we are more than happy to help… 360 Online Performance Group Meisenburgstr. 39 45133 Essen Web. Fax. 0201 / 879 193 80 Oliver Weimann Mail. Fon. 0201 / 879 193 90 Twitter @oweimann