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Drive traffic to your business with blogging


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Part of a webinar I presented on behalf of Signalhq for the Women's Business Development Center.

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Drive traffic to your business with blogging

  1. 1. DrivingtraffictoyourbusinesswithbloggingHow creating and maintaining a blogcan help you get new customers andkeep the ones you haveKatherine RazCommunity Manager,
  2. 2. So,why blog?
  3. 3. Thebenefitsofbloggingforbusiness● Improves your business organic search results and generatestraffic to your website● Creates opportunity for inbound links which increase searchrankings● Creates content that can be distributed via social channels,broadening your business reach online● Establishes your business expertise and credibility● Helps with PR efforts as your business has more visibility● Creates community, giving customers a reason to engage withyou online (and helps your mom keep up with your doings!)
  4. 4. Strategicbloggingdrivestraffictoyoursite● Determine keywords which bring traffic to your website● Create a content calendar with post titles that contain thosekeywords● Publish regularly and share your blog posts across socialchannels (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+)● Share your blog posts in your email newsletter● Add share tools to your blog so your blog readers can easilyshare posts across their networks● Make sure your blog links back -- in several places! -- to yourmain business website or otherwise "captures" traffic
  5. 5. Keywordsforcontent
  6. 6. Usinganalytics todetermineblog content● Search traffic is the mostpowerful tool you have indetermining blog content● What keywords are peoplesearching for that driverelevant traffic to yourbusiness?● Create blog post titles thatmimic search terms yourewinning on and those youdlike to start gaining traffic on
  7. 7. Blogposttitles thatgoformaximumSEO● Find out what your currentsearch terms are● Identify valuable keywordsusing Google Keywords Tool● Think like a customer: whatsearch terms are they usingto find my business or beinformed● Dont get creative with posttitles: keyword it out!
  8. 8. Badblog post titlesClear Mistakes: StormInstallation Gone Wrong!No-wheat Treats You CanMakeLove the Ombre Look? So dothese celebs!Howtotitleyourblogpostsformaximum SEOGoodblogposttitles vs.5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installingor Replacing Your Storm WindowsGluten-free Dog Treat BiscuitRecipes You Can Bake at HomeCelebrity Ombre Hairstyles YouShould Copy This Fallwith keywords highlighted
  9. 9. Whatdoyouwriteabout?
  10. 10. What goesonthe blog?● Even "boring" or extremelytechnical businesses cancreate interesting blogcontent by looking at theirbusiness from the outside in● Combine content informedby relevant keyword searcheswith content thats useful toyour customers -- whatanswers their questions?● What everyday occurrence atyour business has viralpotential?
  11. 11. Givingawaythesecrets● Successful blogging meanssometimes sharingproprietary content● Ideally, youre givingcustomers enoughinformation so theydetermine theyd rather haveyou do it for them● Think like a magician: showpeople how to do a fewsimple card tricks that arentactually included in yourshow
  12. 12. Staying organized with acontentcalendar● Determine key dates and events● Write 80% of your blog content with keyword searches in mind● Think like a magazine: establish sections and themes for easyreading: customer profiles, how to, etc.● Use a spreadsheet to organize information week by week● Determine blog authors and make sure they are responsible forcontent● Work in advance to ensure you can get all needed contenttogether in time to publish
  13. 13. Selfpromotionratio● Your blog isnt a press releasefeed● Create content that engagesyour audience. Whats in itfor them?● Stick to the 80/20 rule of selfpromotion: 80% user-friendlycontent, 20% promotion ofbusiness services, productsand events● Good content can be promoin disguise
  14. 14. B2BversusB2C content
  15. 15. B2B blogcontent● B2B blogs may have a smalleraudience, but the overall goalis the same: win on searchtraffic and establish yourselfas an expert● Create content that helpsyour B2B customers dobetter business (save money,generate leads, etc.)● Proprietary data, studies, andinformation can be a goldenopportunity for content
  16. 16. B2C blogcontent● Make your posts shareable,both technically and content-wise● Tell the story of yourbusiness, customers andsuppliers● How can your blog engagethe superfan and providethem with more content?● What back stories add valueto your product?
  17. 17. Gettingmaximum impact
  18. 18. Getmoremileagewithsocial sharing and RSS● Make it easy for people to share your posts to social channels byinstalling a social sharing widget● Promote your RSS feed so its easy for readers to subscribe in afeed reader or via email● Share your own posts across social channels, like Pinterest,Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter● You can share the same post multiple times● Recycle old blog content in "best of" posts and in emailnewsletters
  19. 19. Convertreaders intopayingcustomers● Make your page "sticky" withclear explanations of yourbusiness and plenty of placesto click for more information● Ask them to subscribe to theblog or an email newsletter --and give them a reason to doso● Get them into the funnel!
  20. 20. Choosingabloggingplatform● Familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each platform (forinstance, you cant comment on Tumblr posts, but theyre highlyvisual and easily shareable)● Find a platform thats easy for you to use● Adding a blog to your existing website is as easy as or● No matter what, youll want to make sure:○ You can monitor analytics and traffic to your blog○ You can manage the flow of traffic from your blog to yoursite○ You can easily link to and share posts across social channels
  21. 21. Whichplatformshouldyou use?a fewsuggestions:WordpressBloggerTypepadSquarespaceMovable TypeTumblrItallseemssotechnical.How doyousetitup?Find a blogging platform thathosts your content, then pointyour blog page to your hostedcontent.OR:Use a flexible bloggingplatform to host your entirewebsite. (Your blog doesnthave to be your front page.)
  22. 22. A few bloggingtoolsthatll makeyourlifeeasierResources
  23. 23. Thanks.Questions? Feedback?Want to share your own bloggingstories?Contact me anytime.Katherine