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Target audience profile


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Target audience profile

  1. 1. Target Audience Profile By Chloé Georgiades
  2. 2. Target Audience Research • For my target audience research I created a survey of 10 questions which are based on films and the genre and etc. I posted my survey on facebook as many of the people are the age we are targeting our film at. I managed to get up to 17 people to take my survey which mostly are all teenagers. The results from this survey are very useful as it will help us with the making of our opening thriller which we will be making sure that our thriller attracts our target audience. • Most of the people who took my survey were aged 14 -16 then there are a few aged 17-19 that took my survey as well. The majority of the teenagers that took my survey were female. From my survey I found out that most teenagers liked films and the film genre they preferred to watch the most is thriller (horror) and the second most film genre they preferred to watch is comedy and action. This shows that most teenagers prefer to watch thriller movies which is good for us as we now know that we are aiming our film at the right type of audience and we know that our film would attract/apply to most teenagers. I also found out from my target audience that a good story line and characters make a good film/film opening and keeping the audience engaged and grabbing their attention also makes a good film. • Most of the people who took my survey found that an opening sequence in a film is important and they said because it gives you the first impression and an opening draws you into a film and because it sets the scene. These results are very useful and will be considered when making our opening thriller because it will help us make sure that we include specific things to make sure that our opening is good and sets a first impression and sets the scene and engage the audience.
  3. 3. I also asked in the survey ‘what makes a good opening sequence?’ , lots of people replied suspense and tension and introduction to the characters and story and some said action. This shows that our target audience want a good opening sequence where it keeps them guessing and creates lots of suspense and tension and keeps them engaged and interested otherwise if the opening sequence is rubbish then the viewers will assume that the film is rubbish as a whole. Also most of the target audience that took my survey said that background music is important and many said because it adds effect and sets emotion and emphasises on the story line . With these results we are able to make our film opening knowing what we have to do to make it attract and appeal to our target audience
  4. 4. Demographics • Age: The age of my target audience that we are aiming at will be from 14-19 but is specifically aimed at teenagers. • Gender : Aimed at both males and females but may interest females more. • Class: The film will be aimed at Working/middle class people who like to socialise a lot with their peers and are part of medium sized working family. • Race: Our film is aimed at all races • Geographical Location: Our film will be aimed at mainly teenagers in South East London • Our film has four protagonists which are all young innocent teenagers aged 16-17. We feel that aiming our film at teenagers from 14-19 is reasonable as we feel that it will attract more teenagers than adults as the teenage audience can relate to the characters. We also feel that the film will appeal more to females as it has mainly female teenage characters that once again the female audience can relate to . I think that the film will still appeal to the male gender as it has a male antagonist and from my research males do mainly like psychological thrillers.
  5. 5. Psychographics • Interests: Teenagers often like to go out and socialise with their friends and a common way of socialising is by going to the cinema and most likely watch a thriller film. We feel that teenagers are the most likely audience for our film because we feel that they may be able to relate to the film as there are four teenage girls in the film itself . The background music must create suspense and tension where it will keep our target audience nervous and jumpy. Teenagers are interested in lots of action and characters . We want to make sure that our opening is engaging and interesting for target audience where it will make them want to carry on watching the film. • Beliefs: We want our target audience to believe that it is like a true story and believe as if they are in their shoes and situation when watching the film. We also want them to know/believe that it is a thriller which can cause our target audience to be frightened or feel unsure. • Values: Our thriller opening must have effective use of camera angles and positioning as well as engaging background music as we want our thriller to create suspense and tension and create an effective storyline/scene which will keep out target audience engaged and interested.
  6. 6. Example of Target Audience (Female) We are all aged 16- 17 We often go out and socialise All go to sixth form/college We all like to watch films most of us prefer the thriller/horror genre whilst some of us prefer the comedy and action thriller. Can relate to our thriller film as we are young female teenagers. We like to go partying a lot We are all close friends We are all interested in the same style/fashion We all like shopping and listen to a lot of music like R&B, Garage and Hip Hop Most of us spend a lot of time studying
  7. 7. Example of Target Audience (Male)They are 17-19 Some go to sixth form/college however some go to university They like to socialise and often go to parties They have similar dress sense and care about their appearance They like watching films and preferred genres are action, science fiction, thriller and comedy They like listening to music such as dub-step, indie, rock and R&B They are close friends who