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Music video audience profile


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Music video audience profile

  1. 1. By Chloe Georgiades
  2. 2. Who is our target audience? Our target audience are aimed at boys and girls aged around 16- 25 who are interested in the music genre pop, our main audience are teenage girls. Our music video is based on themes of love, relationships, heartbreak and girl dominancy. Therefore I think our music video would be most suitable for teenage girls as they can relate the music video to situations in their life.
  3. 3. How we will attract out targetaudience? I think one way that will attract the target audience, is that us four in the group will all be in the music video. I think this will attract our target audience because we are of similar age and have ideas and knowledge of what our target audience would like to see in our video. Our music video is pop sub culture and so therefore both genders of our target audience will be attracted to our music video because pop is a well known and commonly listened to genre of music.
  4. 4. Demographics Age: The age of my target audience that we are aiming at will be from 16-25 but is specifically aimed at teenagers. Gender : Aimed at both males and females, however is most likely to attract more females due to the themes of the video. Class: The film will be aimed at all types of classes from lower class to upper class Race: Our film is aimed at all races Geographical Location: Our film will be aimed at mainly teenagers in South East London
  5. 5. Psychographics Interests:Both males and female teenagers and young adults often like to go out and socialise withtheir friends, and a common way of socialising is by going out to parties, clubbing andhaving fun with their friends. We feel that male and female teenagers and young adults,mainly being females are the most likely audience for our music video because we feel thatthey may be able to relate to the themes in the video and to relate to us, the four girlsplayingthe roles of four main lead singers in a girl band.We want to make sure that out audience will be engaged and interested in our music video so, we will make the music video as realistic as possible and make sure our video is not based in the same scene/environment and has a variety of camera shots and angles. Beliefs: We want our target audience to believe that it is like a true music video that would convince people that it is a real, professional music video when they see it for the first time. Values: Our music video must have effective use of camera angles and positioning as well as in time, excellent lip syncing to make the video a lot more realistic and professional. Our music video must have good types of lighting in the different scenes to make them effective.
  6. 6. Example Target Audience - GirlsEnjoy listening to Often socialise e.g. Pop, parting, shopping, goingR&B and dubstep. out for lunch.Go tosixthform Take care and pride in appearance Have part time jobs
  7. 7. Example target audience - Boys Enjoys socialising with friends andListen to e.g.Dubstep,garage, pop,hip-hop. Take care in appearance. Have part timeAll attend college or jobssixth form