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  1. 1. Treatment<br />We have been set the task to create a thriller opening so we decided easily that we should make our opening of the thriller horror/psychological genre. We decided that from the results from our questionnaires that this would keep the audience interested and entice them to watch the rest of our film if we were to make one. To make sure our audience know it is of the thriller horror genre we will add scary music, effects and camera shots and make costumes and makeup scary by using various dark colours and different uses of lighting.<br />Our thriller opening will be based around a lonely man who has an obsession with a teenage girl and stalks her. The audience will see that this girl called Lauren is having a nightmare about this unknown man that they can hardly see. It then continues but the audience will soon see that it turns to reality and see the unknown man continuously stalking the girl which she is unaware of at the time.<br />The themes of our thriller opening will be obsession, fear, identity, danger and loneliness. The audience should be able to feel the fear of the teenage girl and the loneliness she feels surrounded by when she soon realises that she is being stalked.<br />The structure of our storyline will be in the real time, it is set in the present however as the audience will be able to see what is happening in her nightmares it will flash back from her tossing and turning to what she is dreaming about. There will not be any dialogue as we feel that this will ruin the opening and give away too much, we think that just the tensed and suspense music will be enough to create a thriller atmosphere for the audience.There will only be non-diegetic sound as we just want to create an atmosphere with mood music and this better for a thriller opening.<br />There are two main characters in the opening which are the victim who is a 17 year old girl and an unknown male stalker.The teenage girl Lauren is a typical teenage girl who likes to socialise a lot with her friends and go out, she attends Harris sixth form and is quite determined and motivated.The male stalker is an obsessed, lonely man who can be quite dangerous and hardly anybody knows of him. He has never been seen round the area before until his weird appearances.<br />We have decided to set the scene in Emily’s house, mainly in her bedroom and in Crystal Palace Park because these are the best locations for our storyline and the equipment and resources we need are in this location i.e. a bed for the victim to sleep in.<br />29051255270500<br />The mise-en-scene is a very important aspect to any opening of a film as it shows the audience the types of characters within the rest of the film and their personalities and the mood and overall visual look. Mise-en-scene involves costume design, makeup, lighting, colour and etc. We have decided that Emily will be put in charge of mise-en-scene as all the members of the group have noticed her artistic ability. As a group we will all give our ideas to Emily so that she can come up with the best designs. She has chosen that for the first part of our film will include the teenage victim (Lauren) wearing pyjamas as this will show the time of day and that she is sleeping. We have also decided that Lauren (victim) will wear normal casual clothes but stylish as this represents a normal teenage student. The stalker will wear a white hoodie, as this will make him quite mysterious and scary looking.<br />We have decided that for many parts of our opening we will need to use a lot of low key lighting so that we can get a spooky effect, however we will be taking into consideration how we will show places are dark as well as the fact that the scene must be well lit so the audience can see what is taking place within the scene. We have chosen different settings to film in so we get the opportunity to combine natural light with artificial light. We decided as a group that Lauren would be the main decider and leader in choosing lighting techniques and angles as she has the most experience in this than the rest of us. As a group we will all be contributing on how we think the lighting should be positioned etc but Lauren will be in charge of making sure that it looks suitable and fits in to our scenes<br />Camerawork is very important when filming as each camera angle/shot and movement has a meaning. We have decided to use a variety of camera angles and movement such as panning, high-angle shot, close up, mid-shot, over the shoulder shot and more as this will create effect and meaning for the audience and keep them engaged. The style we are aiming for is a thriller horror so this would include a lot of close ups and extreme close ups and low and high angles shots which are often used in thrillers to show reactions and expressions and dominance and power.<br />We have decided in a group that once we have filmed out thriller opening we will edit it as a continuous sequence as we want the audience to have some idea of the storyline and engage them to carry watching on. The continuous sequence will not give too much away but will have clues to what the storyline may be about. We will most probably use jump cuts, cross cutting and other editing techniques like that which will fit our opening together nicely.<br />We have recently created questionnaires for our target audience research in which I received a lot of feedback which is very helpful and useful. I put the survey link on the social networking site facebook as most of our target audience are on facebook. Our target audience are teenagers from 14 – 19. Also for our audience research we interviewed three girls from our target audience and asked them questions on thriller films. Our secondary audience are older teenagers - young adults as they may also be interested in the thriller genre.<br />