Audience Demographics


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Audience Demographics

  1. 2. Age Range for a typical Hip-Hop magazine The age range, is the ages which my magazine will be aimed at and therefore will hopefully appeal to them. As I am planning to do my music magazine based on the hip-hop genre , my age range will be the typical 16-24 year old, as it is the common age range for a hip –hop magazine to be aimed at . I have chosen to do a hip-hop magazine because the answers of my questionnaire said that many teenagers would choose to read hip-hop magazines rather then , indie or rock, simply because it tends to mostly be about them and their interests ,e.g. music which teenagers tend to usually listen to and celebrity and designer clothes endorsements. The typical person to buy and read my hip-hop magazine would be between the age range of 16-24 years old , probably still in full time education and be into designer clothes such as Adidas and Nike ,they also might have the top of the range phone such as a Blackberry or a newer version of the IPhone, I think this because teenagers are still dependant and live with their parents and due to families becoming more child centred it is easier to get want you want, also they and may or may not have a part time job. Therefore anything they want their parents give them , to relieve them from the constant showers of homework and peer pressure they get given, in school or in their home life.
  2. 3. Gender <ul><li>Through, research and investigation I have found out that for my target audience of 16 – 24yr olds, there would be 57% male and 43% female. I want to keep my hip-hop magazine simple and something that can relate to both genders not just one as it can limit the range of different topics and articles which will be mentioned in my magazine and I will lose half my audience if I just based the magazine on one gender. </li></ul><ul><li>Hopefully I will show that my magazine is not biased in many ways such as… </li></ul><ul><li>Any advertisements created would appeal to both genders. </li></ul><ul><li>There will be a mixture of artists and bands from different genders. </li></ul><ul><li>The freebies will be practical and something everyone can benefit from. </li></ul><ul><li>The images will be of a mix of different age groups and genders , so they is something that relate to everyone. </li></ul>
  3. 4. Social Group I believe that the particular social group that will be represented in my media product are people such as the “typical 16-24 year old” range .My hip-hop music magazine will represent a mixture of multi – ethnical backgrounds , thus widening my target audience as it would reflect the readers own identity or cultural background. 16-24 year olds are usually “heavy spenders” e.g. buy the latest gadgets such as iPods, concert tickets and designer clothes. They use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and My Space, and are more interactive and use their spare time surfing the web, and are normally involved in hip-hop and “Rnb” music in any type of shape or form e.g. listen to hip hop music or dance to it etc. In general terms they speak,talk,walk and breathe hip-hop, also money to make a fashion statement is never the issue, as they always get what they want. Social Class I think the social class that will best suit my magazine will be, D ,C1 & C2 social class, because they are unskilled manual workers or are unemployed and in full time education. Also they may not have a lot of self earned money and probably live of benefits or are living in a council house , and since they yet do not earn money they do not know the value of it , so money is spent faster then it comes in.
  4. 5. Psychodynamics My target audience is in the aspirers psychodynamics profile, this is when people who desire status and success also the esteem of the people. As well as ambitious and status symbols such as designer labels, and expensive and impressive cars ,these people aspire to be wealthy and influential and are stereotyped as people who care more about the brand name then the actual product itself. I think my target audience can not be ,succeeders because those are people who have got the status and control and are high earners also they are high social class and lead a life of luxury. Also Reformers can not be in my audience because they are people who are less selfishly motivated and care less about status , but more on they caring professions, and Mainstreamers which are 40% of the population and follow the dominant ideology e.g. like the leisure and sense of belonging.
  5. 6. Employment The typical person who would buy my magazine would be in full time education and live with their parents who financially support them for every need, however some parents might make their children start work early at a younger age because they can experience how to earn money and to learn the true value of it and what you have to go through to earn it .I don’t think people from a higher background or social class would read my magazine ,even though they have a better living because of their disposable income , the magazine would not represent them , as they come from a better and higher scale in the psychographic ladder and my magazine is about people who grew up in the hard times and have still succeeded and made their dreams come true.
  6. 7. Ethnicity My hip – hop magazine should appeal to all people from different ethnicities, who enjoy music from the hip hop genre and potentially there should be a mixture of Black ,White and Asian readers. I will try to attract aspirers from all ethnicities, by having the artists and bands from different backgrounds and ethnicities . Also the music will be hip hop but in different sub genres , and different artist such as Jay Sean and Chris Brown will be mentioned ,their song genre is the same but their ethnicity & race is not. Also the images will be of different people from different social backgrounds as a result I hope to combine different cultures and bring together all aspirers of the hip hop genre.
  7. 8. Typical Boy who would buy my magazine - Aspirers New Era NY Cap - £24.99 The cap resembles status and so people will not only wear it to protect themselves from the sun but a symbol of wealth Nike Small Items Bag -£17.99 A small little bag that you can fit your personal belongings in such as a phone, mp3 player and your money , with the Nike logo clearly on top Adidas Originals Flock Hoody -£49.99 A jacket with is cleverly branded with the three scarlet stripes on each of the sleeves showing that it is an adidas jacket also the logo is shown on the left hand side of the jacket. Bench Humber Flap Jeans - Reg - £49.99 These men's jeans from Bench are a twisted fit so they are designed to fit more comfortably and around your body's natural lines, showing the masculine figure and therefore attracting the ladies . Adidas Originals Training P.T. 70s - £59.99 Adidas Originals produce yet another striking colour way of JD's best ever selling trainer , the Training P.T, these trainer s are a big status symbol and you can see by the price and ,every teenager is wearing them lately. Bench Freedom Scarf - £19.99 This chunky ribbed knitted scarf from Bench features a large contrast embroidered logo plus a woven Bench label.  BlackBerry Curve 8520- £149.99 Smartphone and find your perfect work/life balance. This stylish, affordable BlackBerry device will keep you entertained and connected with push email, Wi-Fi and instant Face book™ access.
  8. 9. Typical Girl who would buy my magazine - Aspirers Animal Celest Beanie Hat -£14.99 This women's beanie style hat from Animal is made from wool and features an all over knitted design with a black flower and Animal logo embroidered onto the front.  Adidas Originals Cap T-Shirt -£19.99 This women's t-shirt from adidas Originals has a unique adjustable crew neckline with drawstrings and features capped sleeves, a stretchy lightweight construction, an elasticated hem and adidas Originals branding printed onto the front . Perfect for the slim figure or small framed teenager Bench Brace Jeans - £49.99 These women's jeans from Bench have a zip fly fastening and feature fashionable elasticated leg cuffs, designed to be worn without socks with flats or pumps, slim design to attract males Nike Sweet Classic Hi - £54.99 Sweet Classic Hi style from Nike features a stealth jersey upper with tonal stitch detailing, contrast Swoosh branding on the sides, a woven branded tab on the tongue, a contrast woven panel on the heel and a rubberised Nike logo on the midsole plus a contrasting sole. Stylish and functional. Adidas Originals Adicolor Bowling Bag - £29.99 features two carry handles, classic retro styling with contrast piping, contrast embossed adidas trefoil branding on the front plus branded adidas Originals zip pulls and rivets. The main compartment features a zipped fastening which includes a zip through pocket and multi-purpose pouches IPod Nano 6th Gen 8GB -£129.00 The Apple iPod nano 6th gen is a great product for rich people who use the gym. For everyone else, the iPod shuffle and iPod touch offer better value for money.