Evaluation question four


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Evaluation question four

  1. 1. EVALUATIONQUESTION FOURWho would be the audience for your media product?
  2. 2. What Were The Ages Of The Actors?◦ In the opening two minutes there are only 2 characters seen one was played by me…◦ I am 17 years old and people may say I’m the “weird” one◦ And the other played by Harriet…◦ Harriet is 17 years old and she would be described as the sensible one
  3. 3. Who was the film filmed for?◦ The audience for my piece would be teenage to young adults, this is because the filmwas intended to appeal more to that age.◦ This is supported with my target audience research. It showed the main age group was16-30
  4. 4. What about the older people?◦ The older age of people may also enjoy my film as if they are into that genre of filmand have grown up when some iconic vampire films have been made. This mayencourage them to watch mine as they want to see the new take onto vampirefilms, and to see if it lives up to there expectations.
  5. 5. Does it matter about gender?◦ Within the cast there was a female and male. And from my target audience researchthis was pretty much a 50/50 split. Because 50% were male and 50% were female Idecided to have a male protagonist but also have an equal split of female to males.
  6. 6. Going back to the original question◦ From everything I have said before the audience for my product would be mainlyteenagers with an equal split of males to females. And also I feel the majority would bepeople who love vampire films but also through word of mouth and trailers people whodislike the other vampire films would see there is a new take on the classics, so this mayinterest them.