Horror film trailer survey report


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Horror film trailer survey report

  1. 1. Beth Melia Horror Film Trailer Survey The purpose of this survey was to collect information on my target audience. I created this survey to asked questions to find out what my target audience like and don’t like about horror movies. This will help me when creating my horror film trailer because I will have a better understanding of what is going to attract my target audience. Question 1- From my responses to this question, it shows that mainly females completed my survey. Out of the overall 28 responses 19 people were female and only 9 were male.
  2. 2. Beth Melia Question 2- The second question I asked was for the age range of the participants. This was to make sure that they were the right age for my target audience. The majority of the people were the 15-17 years old. Followed by the ages 18- 25. and some people over the age of the target audience. This isn’t a problem because it wasn’t the majority and it’s always helpful to get a mixed response.
  3. 3. Beth Melia Question 3- I asked the participants if they liked to watch horror movies. This was to see if using horror as the genre was a good idea. If everyone would have said no I would have thought about changing the genre as there would be no interest for my target audience. But as 60% said yes, this is the genre I will be doing.
  4. 4. Beth Melia Question 4- Then I asked what their favourite genre of horror was. This was to help me decided on the narrative of my trailer. To create the trailer, I must have an idea of story on what the trailer is for. So from these results my trailer will be based on a supernatural horror story.
  5. 5. Beth Melia Question 5- I think locations are one of the most important conventions to a horror film. In this question I asked what locations the participants liked to see in horror films. I listed the most typical locations that you see in horror films, plus a few of my own ideas.
  6. 6. Beth Melia Question 6- Another typical convention of horror films is weapons. Out of guns, knives, chainsaws, axes, bats, and ropes, chainsaws were voted the scariest weapon. I don’t think I’m possibly going to be able to use a chainsaw as a prop, therefor I will be replacing that with the weapon with the second most votes; knives.
  7. 7. Beth Melia Question 7- The final question I asked the participants was what kind of villain they like to see in horror films. A horror wouldn’t be a horror without some sort of villain.The villain with the most votes was the unknown (paranormal). In conclusion this survey will help me make important decisions with my film trailer because now I know what the majority of my target audience like to see in horror films and trailers.