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Change Using your Strengths: That's a change!


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Use the knowledge, experience and strength of people to improve continuously.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Change Using your Strengths: That's a change!

  1. 1. Solution Focused V1.1Change using your Strenghts: That’s a Change! Ben Linders 1
  2. 2. Solution Focused Approach What you currently imagine “perfect” to be . How did you get this far? Celebrate it! How can you use that to get a smidgy bit further?• Source: Delta Method, by Alistair Cockburn 2
  3. 3. How does Solution Focused work?• Assume that people are doing things the right way• Storytelling: Have people tell about what is working. Why is it working, under which circumstances?• Stimulate by giving sincere compliments, help him/her by recognizing results. Positive feedback!• How does the perfect solution look? How can you make a small step in the right direction? 3
  4. 4. The solution is no problem!• Strengths – Successes, what works? Why? – Start right away, here and now – Capabilities, Energy & Motivation – Rhinelands Thinking• Collaboration – The action is in the interaction – Possibilities, win-win 4
  5. 5. Apply Solution Focused in the IT Game
  6. 6. Solution Focused: Retrospective• How did you get this far?• What do you imagine perfect to be?• Small step! – What is going well? – What did you do? How? Why? – Which Strengths? Applied? 6
  7. 7. More information Solution Focused• Blogs (in Dutch) – Veranderen vanuit je sterktes: Da’s Anders! – Resources of professionals? – Motivatie in veranderprojecten• Boeken – The Solution Focus, the simple way to positive change – Oplossingsgericht Leidinggeven (Dutch)• Websites – Sharing and Building Solution Focused Practices 7
  8. 8. veranderproject.nlis an initiative by Ben Linders, André Heijstek and Michel Verweij 8