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People-CMM for Agile People


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Presented at the Agile People Event organised by the Agile Consortium Netherlands.

Published in: Business, Technology
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People-CMM for Agile People

  1. 1. PS Id r e People CMM for Agile People April 26, 2011 Ben Linders/Cecile Davis © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011
  2. 2. PS Id r Migrating to Agile eOrganizations migrating to Agile often experience difficulties interfacing and supporting Agile teams. They need new ways of managing and steering teams.• Communication with surrounding organization• Work environment demands• Supporting team culture• Competencies & Skills• Share knowledge across teams• Conflicting management styles• Rewarding teams © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 2
  3. 3. P S I People CMM?? d r e• Roadmap for implementing workforce practices that continuously improve the capability of an organization’s workforce.• Focus on peopleIt enables organizations to:• Attract, develop, organize, motivate, and retain required workforce• Align workforce development with strategic business goals• Characterize maturity of workforce practices• Set priorities for improving workforce capability © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 3
  4. 4. PS Id r P-CMM: Primary Objective e CMM CMMi P-CMM improve capability improve capability of an improve capability of an of an organization organization’s processes organization’s workforce • The P-CMM, defines capability as the level of knowledge, skills, and process abilities available within each workforce competency of the organization to build its products or deliver its services. P-CMM CMMI-DEV, ACQ, SVS, TSPWorkforce Process enable predict Performancecapability capability s © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 s 4
  5. 5. PS I P-CMM levelsd r e Level Level Focus Focus Process Area Competency 5 Continuous Workforce Innovation Productivity Continuous Improvement Organizational Performance AlignmentOptimizing Continuous Capability Improvement Mentoring 4 Organizational Capability Management Predicting Quantitative Performance ManagementPredictable Capability & Performance Competency-Based Assets Empowered Workgroups Competency Integration Participatory Culture Workgroup Development 3 Organizational Competency-Based Practices Competency Career Development Defined framework Competency Development Workforce Planning Competency Analysis Compensation 2 Basic Training and Development Managed Management Performance Management Practices Work Environment Communication and Coordination Staffing Risk 1 Turnover Initial Dutch SPIder PCMM Overview 5 3 Gian Wemyss 3 June 2009
  6. 6. PS Id r Agile assumes … e • “Mature” workforce • different management style • Flexibility, adoption to team needs • Timely solutions, continuously improved People CMM • increase ability to meet Agile demands. • roll-out and deployment of agile processes and methods • addition to agile processes and methods. © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 6
  7. 7. PS Id r Agile P-CMM Roadmap e Roadmap: P-CMM process areas that an organization can implement as a start, to (using Agile principles) reap quick business benefits © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 7
  8. 8. PS Id r Competency Development e To constantly enhance the capability of the workforce to perform their assigned tasks and responsibilities • Developing knowledge, skills and process capability • Skill development by coaching, pair programming, etc. • Give and receive feedback • Learn as a team: Retrospectives • Learning in the organization: Communities, knowledge management, recognized experts, etc. © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 8
  9. 9. PS I Conclusiond r e People-CMM can help organizations to improve their agile workforce capability in a structured way and to migrate to agile Roadmap addresses critical workforce issues – Staffing – Participatory Culture – Communication and Coordination – Compensation – Work Environment – Competency Development © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 9
  10. 10. P S I d r More information e LindersSenior Consultant Cecile DavisEmail: Test ConsultantTwitter: @BenLindersTwitter Email: cecile.davis@sogeti.nlWebsite:www.benlinders.comWebsite: Twitter: @cecileAdavis © SPIder P-CMM Workgroup 2011 10