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The road to agility - AgileEE conference 2016 - Ben Linders

Adopting agile often doesn’t go as smoothly as expected in an organization. The road to agility can be hard to travel: You can’t plan your journey up front and there will be surprises along the way. Becoming agile is a learning process which requires that you reflect regularly and adopt your way of working, finding better ways to travel.

Ben Linders will explore what teams, agile coaches, Scrum masters, and managers can do to be prepared for a journey to agility, what to pack and how to decide which road to follow along the way. This talk will help you to successfully deploy ideas and practices that you’ve learned at the conference.

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The road to agility - AgileEE conference 2016 - Ben Linders

  1. 1. @BenLinders - 1 Ben Linders Consulting The Road to Agility Agile Eastern Europe Conference Kiev, Ukraine, April 9, 2016 Ben Linders
  2. 2. @BenLinders - 2 Ben Linders Consulting Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous Improvement Retrospectives Facilitator Agile Coach/Mentor/Trainer CMMI & People-CMM Assessor Freelance Editor for Ben Linders Co-Author Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives English Dutch French Japanese Spanish Italian Chinese Russian Polish German Greek Turkish Author: What Drives Quality & Continuous Improvement eBook: Download from Amazon, InfoQ or Leanpub Print: Buy on Amazon or Lulu
  3. 3. @BenLinders - 3 Ben Linders Consulting Agile Manifesto “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it”
  4. 4. @BenLinders - 4 Ben Linders Consulting Agile Principle “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts  its behavior accordingly” Continuous Improvement is essential if you want to increase your agility!
  5. 5. @BenLinders - 5 Ben Linders Consulting Embedded Improvement Agile values, principles, practices, and methods support continuous improvement • Frequently Inspect and Adapt • Scrum master, focus on process • Stand-up, focus on impediments • Agile Retrospectives, learn and improve • Coaching to support your agile journey
  6. 6. @BenLinders - 6 Ben Linders Consulting Travelling for Agility • Understand needs • Prepare and pack • Start traveling
  7. 7. @BenLinders - 7 Ben Linders Consulting Why Agile Fails 10th annual State of Agile Survey – VersionOne 2016
  8. 8. @BenLinders - 8 Ben Linders Consulting Get Management Support Development flow & teams • Resistance • No believe in agile • Career system Lack of support for Agile Agile Processes Managers should support teams in improving their way of working – remove impediments
  9. 9. @BenLinders - 9 Ben Linders Consulting Why Agile? Know your business goals! What do you expect from Agile?  Deliver Right Product  Short Time to Market  Increased Productivity  Happy Employees  Higher Product Quality  Lower Costs Business Benefits Agile
  10. 10. @BenLinders - 10 Ben Linders Consulting How Agile are you? Self-assessments • Know where you are • Checklists / tools • Decide what to do next Self Assessing Agility Values and Mindset drive Practice
  11. 11. @BenLinders - 11 Ben Linders Consulting (Back)packing for Agile Prepare: • Things to take along • Stuff to leave at home Think about: • Risks • Opportunities
  12. 12. @BenLinders - 12 Ben Linders Consulting Skills Scrum master / Agile Coach • Tech leading (servant) • Coaching • Communication • Supporting change • System view Need to have “soft skills” to work with technical and business people
  13. 13. @BenLinders - 13 Ben Linders Consulting Developing skills • Try out new things • Training • Coach the coaches • Communities of practice • Safe environment
  14. 14. @BenLinders - 14 Ben Linders Consulting Start Travelling  Know Why  Prepared Deciding what to do • Value • Risk • Information • Learning
  15. 15. @BenLinders - 15 Ben Linders Consulting Kanban  Start where you are  Pull based change  Experiment Short Cycled Improvement Learning from Mistakes
  16. 16. @BenLinders - 16 Ben Linders Consulting Dealing with Blockers & Impediments  Make blockers visible  Raise issues early  Build shared understanding  Feelings matter  Why over How  Know the root causes  Safe-to-fail experiments
  17. 17. @BenLinders - 17 Ben Linders Consulting Agile Retrospectives Practice for teams to reflect on their way of working and to continuously become better in what they do. Focus upon • Teamworking • Self organizing What is an Agile Retrospectives
  18. 18. @BenLinders - 18 Ben Linders Consulting Vital few actions Small but significant steps Continuous improvement • Actions for the next iteration • Destroy actions • Enable teams to improve Vital Few Actions Focus to assure that vital few actions get done!
  19. 19. @BenLinders - 19 Ben Linders Consulting Golden Rules for Improvement • Dare to share, early and frequently • Result depends on team, not individuals • The one who checks out a task is not necessarily the one who has to finish it • The one’s working on a task are the right people • You may critique anything, but never criticize anyone
  20. 20. @BenLinders - 20 Ben Linders Consulting The looks of Agile • Working Software • Delivering Value • Embracing Change • Adress Risks Early • Fail Fast & Learn • Buit in Quality • Collaboration & Communication
  21. 21. @BenLinders - 21 Ben Linders Consulting Take a first step  Think about a problem that needs to be solved,  pick something you learned,  think of a practical way to do it,  start doing it! First Agile Step Every journey for agility and continuous improvement starts with a first step!
  22. 22. @BenLinders - 22 Ben Linders Consulting Continuous Improvement Become aware of importance of continuous improvement, Explore how it’s engrained in agile software development Suggestions that you can use in your daily work to improve continuously Increase your organization's agility! “Continuous Improvement is the act of continuously doing whatever helps to become better and thus more valuable”
  23. 23. @BenLinders - 23 Ben Linders Consulting Questions?Questions? Ben Linders Independent Consultant Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous Improvement @BenLinders
  24. 24. @BenLinders - 24 Ben Linders Consulting Background Information
  25. 25. @BenLinders - 25 Ben Linders Consulting Retrospectives Book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives By Luis Gonçalves & Ben Linders Download from InfoQ or Leanpub Buy on Amazon or Lulu Mailinglist:
  26. 26. @BenLinders - 26 Ben Linders Consulting Retrospectives Book Bundle Six successful retrospectives books • Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives • Fun Retrospectives • Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Retrospectives • The Retrospective Handbook • Retrospectives for Organizational Change • The Retrospectives Kickstarter These books will make your agile retrospectives rock! Teams will love to do them :-). Discounted price: $30,48 (excl. VAT)
  27. 27. @BenLinders - 27 Ben Linders Consulting Agile Retrospectives
  28. 28. @BenLinders - 28 Ben Linders Consulting Getting More out of Agile & Lean Practices for teams and stakeholders to develop the right products, deliver faster, increase quality, and create happy high performing teams. Full Day Workshop: Deploying practices effectively Improve Collaboration Tips & Trick for Agile & Lean Improve Continuously Increase your organization's agility!
  29. 29. @BenLinders - 29 Ben Linders Consulting Assessing your Agility Over 40 tools: • Self-Assessment checklists • Readyness checks • Maturity assessments • Agile health checks • Measurements • And much more! Agile Self-Assessments
  30. 30. @BenLinders - 30 Ben Linders Consulting Articles on Effective Agile • Self-assessing how Agile you are • Sustainable Improvement through Agile Retrospectives • Working in a Sustainable Pace • Becoming Agile and Lean • Succes Factors for Using Scrum and Getting Benefits • Process Improvement: The Agile Way • Golden Rules for Agile Process Improvement • How to deal with Resistance when Implementing Agile • Managing Projects with Agile Teams • Agile Project Management • Establishing and Maintaining Stable Teams • Getting Business Value out of Agile Retrospectives • Sharing Knowledge is Power • Are your Professionals Empowered?