Google+ For College Students


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Presentation for Northern Kentucky University MKT 370 class.

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  • Google+ is Google …. period!  Not only is Google Plus a social network, it’s a social layer that is part of Google’s plan to integrate their services together.  Does Facebook index your posts into a search engine? Absolutely not!  If you want to be found in Google Search, you need to stop spending so much time focused on the pay-to-be-seen Facebook platform.  Google Plus public posts can viewed by anyone and are indexed into Google Search for free.  Ranked #2 350M active users70% of people start the search for your business on GoogleGoogle+ Is Indexed by Google Google+ users are loyal
  • “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” ~ Eric Schmidt, Google ChairmanVerified Online Profiles, aka as Google Authorship will have a direct impact on the search results you see on Google+. Your content can be ranked higher than content posted on other mediums, as long as your post in Google+ is formatted correctly. Why? Each public post on Google+ contains a unique URL allowing the post to be indexed like a normal webpage. Simply powerful!
  • Showcase Your Expertise With Google+ Hangouts On AirGoogle+ Hangouts on Air is where Google+ knocks it out of the ballpark.  Facebook simply has nothing close to it!  Hangouts on Air are live video broadcasts that are automatically recorded to your Google+ profile and YouTube channel.  Up to 9 people can join you live in the Hangout On Air where you can easily interact with each other, share documents, share screens and more!  The best part ~ the whole world is your audience!  An unlimited amount of users can watch your  broadcast live via the post on your Google+ profile page or via the YouTube link. These viewers can ask questions and interact with you via your Google+ profile page, YouTube channel or Google+ Event page.  After the broadcast ends, the replay is available via your followers. Think outside the box and create your brand online with Google+ Hangouts on Air!You can also host Google+ Private Hangouts with you to 9 friends. Great for hosting virtual meetings and brainstorming/study sessions
  • Facebook is for fostering personal connections with Family and friends. Google+ is where you can find intellectual matches that fuel common interestsFacebook has 665 M daily active usersGoogle+ is great for delivering information, sparking discovery and fostering communicationsGoogle+ has 350 M daily active usersTo generate this data, SearchMetrics looked at comparison of average monthly growth of Facebook “shares” vs. Google “+1s” from the previous 6 months. The study saw that the number of Facebook shares grew roughly 10% per month while Google+’s +1 growth was growing at 19% per month. 
  • Get in a habit of re-sharing content from your friends and thought leaders. “+1″ their posts and make intelligent comments. Write interesting posts on Google+ and quote these influencers by name. Build upon the content they’ve already created — add to or challenge their work in a re-share.
  • Google Authorship allows your photo and a link back to your Google+ profile to display next to the content you created.  You must have a Google+ profile in order to set-up your Google Authorship.Why establish Authority on Google+?Immediate impact on SEO resultsGoogle Authorship lets Google know the content you write can be trusted to provide value to customerYahoo scrapes public Google+ dataUse Google Author Stats in Webmaster ToolsNew sites can rank quickly with G+ and retain rankings
  • This is what you will ultimately be judged upon, and is the core driver of the qualitative history of a writer that’s behind Author Rank (Google Authorship). Keep writing and publishing those thoughtful, useful blog posts and building your authoritative bank of content.
  • On Facebook, you connect with people you know.  On  Google+ the world is waiting for you to connect with like-minded people who share the same passions you do.   Listen to the conversations, join the conversations and make new connections with ease using Google+ Communities based on your interests.The four types of Google+ community groups you can create are:- Public group that anyone can join and post.- Public group where only moderators can post, but anyone can view or comment.- Private group (members only) that can be discovered by search.- Private group (members only) hidden from search
  • Relevant comments appear firstThanks to this update (and the nature of Google Plus Your World), the most relevant comments to users will appear first. That means comments made by people in their circles will show up at the top of the heap, rather than the most recent post.Users can join discussions privately or publicallyThe private/public nature of Google Plus is also making the jump to YouTube. Users will be able to choose whether to make their comments public to YouTube and Google Plus as a whole, or visible to only certain individuals. This is beneficial for a couple reasons. First, it makes it easier for brands and users to interact directly with each other without having to make the back-and-forth public to everyone. Second, it encourages even self-conscious users to share their thoughts, even if it’s only with the brand or their best friend.Comment ModerationPerhaps the biggest advantage is the selection of moderation tools available to content creators. Comments can be reviewed before they are posted, certain words can be blocked and comments from certain users can even be auto-approved. If you’re concerned with keeping your content (and comments) family friendly, these moderation tools will be a huge help. They’ll also be a huge help to brands with dedicated brand ambassadors, as brands will be able to auto-approve their comments and speed up the moderation process.Comment moderation
  • Google+ For College Students

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    9. 9. 9) Share Your Story Become an industry expert in your field or niche Optimize Your Personal Profile “About” page Add hyperlinks in the “Story” section Don’t limit yourself! Leave settings as “public” Use circles to share updates with specific groups of people +Rebecca Wardlow
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    11. 11. 11) Google+ Fuels YouTube YouTube commenting system powered by G+ Relevant comments appear first Users can join discussions privately or publically Comment moderation G+ Hangouts On Air +Rebecca Wardlow
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