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This class was designed for Dixon Public Library to help beginning users understand Facebook for personal and business use.

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  • Customize URL
  • Create a group or join groupsDon't add all your fiendsThink about the purposePosts are very visibleControl who sees your group
  • Value Matters
  • Good News: Your audience is on FacebookBad News: They’re not on Facebook to do business with you.To foster real relationships and move your fans to action you must first meet them where they are and on their terms.
  • When you know your fan base and the topics they gravitate towards, your share-ability skyrockets!
  • People are on Facebook to be socialCreate timely and relevant postsFrequency depends on your individual business & your audienceDon’t post too frequently
  • Your Timeline cover photo cannot include a call to action, however you can use your custom app to collect names and emails.Keep it simple and don’t ask for too much info. The less you ask for, the more you get.Visually align your Timeline cover photo and custom app to create a connection.
  • To grow your email list on Facebook, you must first decide on your “Signature Promotional Giveaway”Something you will create and offer in exchange for name and email of your Facebook fanThe content in your giveaway will help you build your authority, set you up as the go-to source in your industry and will grow your email list.The offer should be highly valuable, free and easy to access
  • Introduction to facebook

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Who Is Rebecca Wardlow? Local Google+ Ambassador Google+ City Expert Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Social Media Instruction at Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development since 1998 eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook ( Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. What Is Facebook? Facebook is a web-based platform that allows users to connect with friends, relatives, co- workers, customers and people with common interests #1 social media networking site.
    4. 4. Facebook Facts
    5. 5. Why Is Facebook #1? Status Updates Share/Re-share Content Messages Chat Share Documents Questions Events Notes Photos Video Places Groups
    6. 6. Facebook Personal FB Page Business FB Page
    7. 7. Create Your Personal Profile
    8. 8. Step 1 – Find Your Friends
    9. 9. Step 2 – Add Details
    10. 10. Step 3 – Choose Interests
    11. 11. Step 4 – Add Profile Pic
    12. 12. You Are On Facebook!
    13. 13. Let’s Review Facebook Graph Search Find Friends Messages Notifications Home Profile Privacy Shortcuts Settings Icon Use Facebook As Ads Apps Settings News Feed Events Photos Ads Manager Groups Pages Friends Developer Apps Interest
    14. 14. Set-Up A Facebook Business Page
    15. 15. Local Business or Place
    16. 16. Step 1 - About
    17. 17. Step 2 – Profile Picture
    18. 18. Step 3 – Add To Favorites
    19. 19. Admin Panel
    20. 20. Cover Photo - Ideas to Spark Creativity
    21. 21. Cover Photo - Ideas to Spark Creativity
    22. 22. Cover Photo - Ideas to Spark Creativity
    23. 23. What Next? Craft your first Facebook wall post Invite your friends to LIKE your new page Add a link on your website Email your customers and ask them to LIKE your page Facebook Ads to reach your target audience
    24. 24. Facebook Groups
    25. 25. Facebook Events
    26. 26. Facebook Offers In Store Only 1. Describe your offer and add image 2. Redemption details • Offer expires • Terms & Conditions • Advanced Options 3. Reach More People • Targeting • Scheduling • Payment Options In Store & Online 1. Enter website where people can use offer 2. Describe your offer and add image 3. Redemption details • Offer expires • Terms & Conditions • Advanced Options 4. Reach More People • Targeting • Scheduling • Payment Options
    27. 27. Facebook Offers - Examples
    28. 28. Facebook Value 10% off = Marketing 50% off = Value 100% off = Loyal Customer for Life! A restaurant could offer a chance to win a dinner for 4. Offering 10 dinners in today. These people will share their experience on Facebook! 40 people X 120 avg FB friends = 4,800 potential reach & this doesn’t include friends of friends
    29. 29. Create a Facebook Strategy What is the purpose of your Facebook page? What you want to get out of it (your objective)? How will you talk to people? What tone and style will you use? What will you post? (images, videos, text, content) How often will you post?
    30. 30. Your Fans & Competitors What are their Challenges? What are they Passionate about? What Questions are they asking? What are their Needs? What is your Competition doing? How can you Solve their issues?
    31. 31. Build Fan Loyalty Post topics that allow your fans to get to know you better Business stuff, What is happening, Decisions you make, Blog or podcast post, Photos Content with images allows your post to go viral with the audience that really matters to your brand.
    32. 32. How To Get More Fans Build your number of fans Contest Advertising Newsletter Increase the interaction on your page Ask questions Post regularly Include call to action Respond to everything Photos Encourage Fans to get involved Ask for engagement “Click like if you agree!”
    33. 33. What Should You Post? Ask Questions!!! Add humor Stay relevant Add personality Post at least once per day Show the individual behind the scenes When you share, your community shares Give people a reason to share Deals/Competitions
    34. 34. Facebook App (Tabs)
    35. 35. Use Apps To Build Your List Depending on your niche, audience, and resources, consider the following platforms: eBook Video Series Live Webinar Recorded Webinar Teleclass Report or White Paper Audio Only: Interviews, Trainings, etc. Discounts, Coupons and Giveaways
    36. 36. Reward Your Fans What do they want? Poll Experiment Contests (3-4 per year) Coupons Freebies Featuring them Fan of the Week
    37. 37. Create Buzz on Facebook Host frequent photo contests "Facebook Friday" with discount coupon Encourage fans to like posts to see a sneak peak Status updates offering chance to win getaways Ads featuring live chat with travel experts Use interactive apps - photo contest, hidden coupon code, sweepstakes, seasonal promotions and posts "Like us and get a deal" Sponsored stories (page likes)
    38. 38. Facebook Ads Source:
    39. 39. Survey Your feedback is valuable! Please help us improve our presentations and offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to take this brief survey.
    40. 40. Connect With Rebecca • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions Email