Using Social Media To Find Your Dream Job


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  • They may seem difficult to navigate, but they are really important when it comes to your public image. I'm all for openness personally, but for many, you'll want to make sure photos and videos for friends aren't visible to your next employer.
  • As a guide for sharing jokes, thoughts, and everything else, if your mom wouldn’t approve, don’t tweet it.. Consider making it a link to your LinkedIn profile or your online resume
  • Follow the CEO's, marketers and other industry leaders. Follow the Head of Human Resources. It won't work to bombard them on a Friday night with a tweet about how you want a job, but Twitter does give you the unique opportunity to engage in conversation with someone you don't know. Show them you're interested in them - and they just might be interested in you.
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  • Using Social Media To Find Your Dream Job

    1. 1. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow
    2. 2. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook (www.RebeccaWardlow) Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Beef Up Your Profiles Make your profiles full of USEFUL content. Future employers don’t want to see status updates that complain, whine or show scandalous photos. Find good content and start posting it to your page. Share links and content about the industry you are job searching in.
    4. 4. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Use Vanity Profile Use a vanity profile to make all your social profiles accessible. lets you create a profile to house links to your entire social profiles. Put link to your page in your email signatures
    5. 5. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Your Online Resume Make your resume visually appealing and social friendly. takes information from your LinkedIn profile and creates an infographic.
    6. 6. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Tips for Success! Be sure to use your full name on your social profiles, not a nickname or alias. Use a professional photo on all your social profiles. Delete any dormant profiles or set them to private.
    7. 7. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Go Above & Beyond Create a customized website Matthew Epstein made his own site so Google would hire him. He made the site, created YouTube videos and started a blog all dedicated ot land him a job at Google. His site shows creativity, innovation and the desire to go the extra mile. He did not get the job at Google, however he got a job with a innovative startup that he choose to work with.
    8. 8. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow
    9. 9. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Prove You Can Do The Work
    10. 10. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Decision Makers Find out who the decision makers are and contact them. Send a message to them on LinkedIn or Twitter.
    11. 11. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Follow Them Follow the company you want to work for on all of their social profiles as well. You can gain much greater insight into their company culture, not to mention being able to stalk research them much more quickly and efficiently.
    12. 12. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow The Industry Be knowledgeable about the industry you are interviewing for. Just because you know how to use social media platforms to your advantage does not mean you’re the right person for the job.
    13. 13. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For Arts & Media: Pinterest
    14. 14. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For Arts & Media: Pinterest Use as a visual resume TIP: Follow career experts in your chosen field of employment. These experts will not only provide visual advice, through clever cartoons or motivational quotes, but could also connect you to potential job opportunities. For those still in education, consider following career advisors.
    15. 15. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For B2B: LinkedIn
    16. 16. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For B2B: LinkedIn LinkedIn: Extend your resume Do you have a picture? If not, make sure you have one that represents yourself in a professional manner! Reach out to relevant connections for recommendations. Don’t just ask your supervisors at previous jobs, but ask your peers and reports. Have you listed all of your accomplishments and skills? Sometimes better than finding the right job is being found for the right job! LinkedIn Recruiter allows companies to look for specific skills and past positions. Make sure you list them so you can be indexed! Endorsements are a great way to easily gain credibility. You should give them as well as ask for them.
    17. 17. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For Local Jobs: Facebook & Twitter These sites have the largest numbers of users, and sites such as Guardian Jobs will have dedicated pages which you can join and follow – alerting you to new opportunities immediately.
    18. 18. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For Local Jobs: Facebook & Twitter Facebook: Clean it up! What do your profile picture and cover photo say about you? Check your privacy settings and make sure you understand them.
    19. 19. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow For Local Jobs: Facebook & Twitter Twitter: Show your expertise! What is your picture? Make sure it represents you as you want the world to see you. What are you sharing? Your tweets should reflect your personality and expertise. Share articles and quotes from thought leaders in your industry. What does your Twitter bio say about you? Make sure you include a link where people can find you
    20. 20. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Networking The opportunity is there for you to find and engage with literally millions of people. The tough part is going for it, setting boundaries and making sure you don’t come across negatively.
    21. 21. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Networking: LinkedIn Search your 1st degree connections to find interesting 2nd degree connections. Connect with people, but make sure to be upfront about why you are connecting. Don’t ever send the default message! Instead, give them a reason to connect with you. If you really want an in, tell them you’d love to learn more about their company and the position they have. People love to talk about themselves and it’s an ideal way to learn more about a company while subtly showcasing yourself.
    22. 22. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Networking: Twitter Follow the people that interest you at companies you'd like to work at. Watch what they are doing and find the right time to engage with them. When they talk about the Lakers game, or their kids, or their trip to Costa Rica - just reply with interest, if you have something to say.
    23. 23. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Networking: Facebook Most people keep Facebook for their existing network of friends, and some don't even connect with professional colleagues on Facebook. However, you can like the companies you are interested in and engage with their content. You can also find company and industry leaders to subscribe to, (one way communication, similar to Twitter) which can give you insight into their lives! You never know when a common interest might help.
    24. 24. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow The Interview Do your RESEARCH in order to be prepared to talk about the company. WEB SITE and SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS provide great insight into the organization, their leaders, the department's personalities, and the company's culture and values. In addition to the big LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, research whether the organization you'd like to work for is on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or Tumblr. Read their blogs. The more you can learn in advance, the better you'll be able to show how well you'd fit in and provide value at your dream job.
    25. 25. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow The Interview Dress professionally, be prepared, and show that you are excited and want the job. Interview the company you want to work for. Come up with good questions that have them know you did your homework. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear.
    26. 26. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Conclusion Remember, in finding the perfect job, it's always been about who you know. The only difference today is, thanks to social media, who you know - and who knows you - can quickly change for the better.
    27. 27. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Survey Please take this short survey A7iQ7tAPneVjEUxawGkpD05BMZ4e62HWz2D3jcm k/viewform
    28. 28. #atMW +Rebecca Wardlow Questions & Answers CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions