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Learn how to build authoritative links through advanced content marketing that Google will applaud. Google Panda has drastically reduced the value of content syndication, such as article and press release distribution. Google Penguin has picked up on the anchors used in those activities and penalized websites all over the web for explicit anchor text and on-page over-optimization.

In this presentation you'll learn 8 power link building techniques and 4 creative link baiting strategies to keep your team busy and wearing white hats at the office. The presentation ends with a content strategy that is sure to get your authoritative and extremely high quality links that even Matt Cutts himself would approve.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this Steve, this was an excellent workshop as always.
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Link Building Workshop - SEO After Penguin & Panda

  1. 1. Link Building Workshop(Post Google Panda & Penguin) Steve Wiideman
  2. 2. SEO in a Nutshell1. On-Page Relevancy (Keyword-Themed Content)2. Off-Page Popularity3. User Behavior (What People Do in Google)
  3. 3. Link What?Why is building links important to achieving higher ranking in the search results? Relevancy + Popularity + User Choice = Higher Ranking
  4. 4. Google Panda Panda Updates – Began in Februrary 2011Removing Duplicate Content from Search Results Reduced Ranking on Similar Content Pages Goodbye PR & Article Distribution Goodbye Blog & Ping
  5. 5. Google Penguin Penguin Update - April 24, 2012 Too Many Links with Explicit Anchor Text Over-Optimization of WebpagesWebpages without Authoritative Links to Them Goodbye Web 2.0 “Micro-Sites” Goodbye Profile Links
  6. 6. Three Types of Link Building Free Links Paid or Sponsored Links Featured Links (links with costs associated) Time Required = 5 min to 1 hour Time Required = 10 min to 2 days Time Required = 2 days to 3 months PageRank 0-3 PageRank 1-5 PageRank 5-10 (No Cost, Except Labor) Typically $500 - $2,500/mo. Typically $2,500 - $30,000/mo. (some require recurring fees)DMOZ (good luck) Industry bloggers Bribe a editorFree web directories Paid directories Bribe a news publisherBusiness directories o Yahoo! Directory Bribe an news editorPopular forum profiles o Best of the Web Pay for premium PRPopular forum signatures o Industry destination featureGoogle "list your site" Regional directories Pay for a TV show for a mentionSocial network profiles Sponsored reviews News ( comments Sponsored Tweets Pay for premium sponsorshipA friends homepage Associations Donate (a lot) to a big charityA partner website o Chamber of Commerce Donate (a lot) to a big org.A vendor website o Brokers ( websites o Industry association Pay to be an event sponsorFree classifieds o Community organization Pay to be a sports sponsorThemed micro-sites Student discount pages National magazine feature o Weebly Pay for a booth at an event Purchase a popular website o Text links ( Purchase a competitor website o Blog links ( Pay a Ninja $20k o Quote an expert in an article ( o Release a thorough study Trade your home to{industry} directories Blog controversially Lose your dignity for a reality show{industry} forums Release rare photos or media Sell your soul to GoogleFree article submissionsFree press releases
  7. 7. 8 Powerful Link Building Strategies1. Be Found Where Competitors Are2. Joint Content Contribution3. Advanced Tutorials & How To’s4. Create a Controversy5. Conduct Research & Discuss the Results6. Establish Yourself as an Authority (Author Rank)7. Create a Free Tool, Product, Plugin or Extension8. Recognition & Interviews Off-Page Link Building
  8. 8. #1: Level the Playing FieldBe Found Where Competitors Are:Tools to Use: Majestic SEOVideo: How to Get Links Where Competitors Have Them:
  9. 9. #2: Joint Content ContributionContributors Often Link to Their AttributionsExample: 5,663David Mihm’s Inbound LinksLocal SearchRankingFactors
  10. 10. #3: Advanced Tutorials & How To’sGood Content Easily Picks Up LinksExample: 245 Inbound LinksBruce Clay’sTech Tips
  11. 11. #4: Create a ControversyGood Content Easily Picks Up LinksExample:Jason Calacanis 72 Inbound LinksVs.Danny Sullivan
  12. 12. #5: Conduct Research & Discuss ResultsGood Content Picks Up Links FASTExample:Ian Lurie & 20 Inbound LinksSteve Wiideman (In 3 Weeks)Analyze GoogleBreadcrumbs
  13. 13. #6: Establish Yourself as an AuthorityNews Draws LinksExample: Does 183 Inbound Links Interviews with Industry Experts
  14. 14. #7: Create a Free Tool or PluginPeople Like Free StuffExample:Xenu Link SleuthBroken Link Software 20,575 Inbound Links20,575 Inbound Links
  15. 15. #8: Recognition and InterviewsPeople Like to Be Recognized
  16. 16. Building vs. BaitingWhat is the difference between link building and link baiting, and which one is better?
  17. 17. 4 Powerful Link Baiting Strategies1. Offer Quiz and Certification Badges2. Widgets and Embeddable Objects3. Frequently Updated Survey Results4. Be a Source for Industry Data Off-Page Link Building
  18. 18. #1: Offer Quiz and Certification BadgesSample Use Cases (3/15/11): 1,205,644 links to the root domain, 44,270,380 links to subpages 48,392 links to the root domain, 86,655 links to subpages 869 links to the root domain, 5,495 links to subpages
  19. 19. #2: Widgets and EmbedsUse Cases for Widgets & Embeds Sentence Link Goes Here Sentence Link Goes Here
  20. 20. #3: Frequently Updated Survey ResultsUse Cases for Survey Results: – (597,232 root, 2,407,657 total) – (4,410 links to ‘Ranking Factors’) – (New Site)
  21. 21. #4: Be THE Source for Industry NewsAuthoritative Content• (150,811 root, 326,108 total)• (1,231,513 root, 1,782,454 total)• (76,405 root, 80,651 total)• (400 root, 573 total)Anyone can become an authority on what they specialize in or what people they know specialize in.
  22. 22. New Layout IdeaPre-2013 Linking Building – Fo’get ah-bout itIn 2013 – Research hot topics, resources, and authors – Engage for opinion, quotes, survey, poll & feedback – Publish WITHOUT mentioning your service – Perform outreach to authors of content in your vertical • Try this Google operator: site:*.edu “your topic here” • Set the date to the last 30 days – Have your content used as “Additional Reading” – Perform outreach to those mentioned or featured
  23. 23. New Layout Idea – In ActionThe Bait: Link: Authors:• Pete Cunningham, London-based analyst at technology research firm Canalys• Farhad Manjoo, Slate’s Technology ColumnistAdditional Resources & Survey Results:
  24. 24. Connect with Steve WiidemanWiideman has been working with Search Engine Optimization Since 2003 and authored several eBooks on the topic while working with Fortune 100 & 500 organizations.He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Response Magazine, National Journal, Visibility Magazine and many industry blogs, including the Marketing Sherpa Blog.He is currently a consultant to several corporate brands. In 2011, Wiideman is working with his team on That Training Guide, an Internet Marketing private membership site.Sign up free for 14 days at Steve Wiideman P. (562) 732-4417 @seosteve E.