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Google+: Why Is It Important?


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Google+ presentation for Social Media Breakfast Maine #SMBME 12/16/11.

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Google+: Why Is It Important?

  1. 1. Is Google+ Really That Important? Monica WrightDir. of Search Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing (Also Community Editor, Search Engine Land)
  2. 2. Day 1 Traffic: Same as Facebook
  3. 3. Now what?
  4. 4. It’s like FaceBook,only it’s not.
  5. 5. “While Facebook relies on users to TELL it what they like,Google will determine it based on social circle and search history.” Janet Miller Driscoll, Search Mojo
  6. 6. Social Circle + Search History+ Mobile + Location + Websites Janet Miller Driscoll, Search Mojo
  7. 7. +1 Buttons in Content
  8. 8. +1 Buttons in SearchResults
  9. 9. Google+ Profiles inSearch Results
  10. 10. G+ Statuses SearchResults Shared content.
  11. 11. Author Profiles inSearch Results
  12. 12. Integration of
  13. 13. Integration of
  14. 14. Add to Circles in SearchResults
  15. 15. Circles in Gmail
  16. 16. +1 Buttons inImage Search Results
  17. 17. YouTube Integration
  18. 18. YouTube Integration
  19. 19. +1 Buttons in AdWords
  20. 20. +1 Buttons in Display• Only for ads on theAdWords displaynetwork.• Can currently “optout” of +1s.• Set in Campaignsettings.
  21. 21. AdWords Social ExtensionsTo activate:– Have a Google Business Profile– Add Google badge to website– Activate in AdWords
  22. 22. Look sort of familiar?
  23. 23. Diverging on ads for a sec…
  24. 24. (Lauren Kelley, Social Media Lead for Google+, Mediapost Search Insider Summit, 12/10/11)
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Rumored functionalitybased on source code(as of 10/1/11)• Google Voice integration• Google “Meeting”• Document sharing• Whiteboard functions• Calendar integration• Ability to record meetings (this happened 12/14) Sources: Search Engine Land• Google+ “Wall” Florian Rohrweck, Stilbruch
  27. 27. What you should know• No Google+ Brand Page can follow you unless you follow them first• Google+ Brand Pages can’t mention you unless you follow them• If you remove a Google+ page from your circles, you are removed from the Page circles
  28. 28. Last minute FAQ Thanks to Tae Kim, Carter Gibson & Mark Traphgen1) In 6 months Google+ will integrate with other Google products.2) Multiple administrators for brand pages coming in Q1 2012.3) Viewing some circles and not others is probably coming as morecircle management tools are integrated.4) To be a “verified” brand you need to put the G+ badge on yourwebsite and a lot of followers. Google will do the rest.
  29. 29. Last minute FAQ Thanks to Tae Kim, Carter Gibson & Mark Traphgen5) Google isnt going to wait for a product to be fully baked beforereleasing because if they did it would stifle innovation (that’s whyits the Google+ project not product).6) AdWords is coming to Google+ but monetizing is not a prioritynow, will use Ripples.7) 100% functionality is a main goal for mobile.8) Mobile iPhone app doesnt have all Android functionality, butGoogle will update iPhone after Android.
  30. 30. Last minute FAQ Thanks to Tae Kim, Carter Gibson & Mark Traphgen9) Social media was diluted in Google Reader to integrate with G+.10) Search with a "+" Google to find pages or people.11) Analytics are coming in 2012. But you can see +1 activity inGoogle Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.12) Still don’t know what to tell your boss about getting a companyG+ page? Everyone uses Google. It makes sense.
  31. 31. Thank You! @hall_web @monicawright “Circle” us on Hall Internet on G+ Monica Wright (a.k.a. Google+ id# 108584546441745128640)