Linkedin for Real Estate Professionals


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Linkedin is the network full of people ready to network! Using this site is one of the most efficient ways to leverage your personal and professional contacts. Learn the best tips for writing the perfect profile description, how to get shown in more searches, and develop a personal brand so people can get to know, like and trust you.

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Linkedin for Real Estate Professionals

  1. 1. LinkedIn   for  Real  Estate  Professionals  
  2. 2.       Today’s  Class   THE  POWER  OF  LINKEDIN  WITH  REPRESENTATIVES       TAKE-­‐AWAYS      
  3. 3. WHY  SHOULD  I   BE  USING   LINKEDIN?    
  4. 4. Linkedin is a social media platform that allows users to build networks, share information and learn about news that affect their business. Recently, Linkedin started encouraging users to follow influential people and businesses making the website more content-driven. Based on Six Degrees of Separation Building  networks   Sharing  business  information   Interacting  with  potential  clients    
  5. 5.     200  Million  users  in  over  200  countries   Average  HHI  of  $109,000   87%  trust  the  information  on  Linkedin   49%  of  users  find  Linkedin  to  be  a  good  source  for  word  of   mouth  referrals   69%  of  journalists  used  Linkedin  for  research   The  12th  Most  Visited  Website  in  the  World     KEY  STATS  
  6. 6.     WITH  LINKEDIN,  YOU’LL  HAVE  MORE  CONTROL  OVER   WHAT  APPEARS  FIRST  IN  GOOGLE  RESULTS         If  you  Google  your  name,   your  LinkedIn  profile  will  typically  appear  first  before  any   other  reference  to  you     KEY  STATS  
  7. 7. How  do  I  start   using  linkedin?  
  8. 8. Anatomy  of  Linkedin  
  9. 9. Anatomy  of  Linkedin  
  10. 10. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Nav   News   Sharing   Search   People   Ads  
  11. 11. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   News   Feed   Views   Your     Network   Jobs  
  12. 12. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Profile  Page   •  Name   •  Title  and  Headline   •  Profile     Updates       Summary         Work  Experience   Recommendations  
  13. 13. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Profile  Page   Endorsements  
  14. 14. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Edit  Profile  
  15. 15. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Add  Position  
  16. 16. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Settings  Menu  
  17. 17. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   Profile             Activity  Settings   Twitter  Settings   Privacy  Settings    
  18. 18. Anatomy  of  Linkedin   App: Web:
  19. 19. How  can  I  start   using  linkedin  on   a  daily  basis?  
  20. 20. Linkedin  News  Feed   Hybrid:  Twitter/Facebook     Heavily  integrated  with  Twitter   •   Shortened  Links   •  Hashtags   •  @replies  through  twitter   Newsfeed  will  also  show  updates   from  your  network   •  New  Connections   •  Comments   •  Profile  Updates   •  Status  Updates  
  21. 21. Linkedin  Sharing   Works  very  much  like  Facebook  or  Twitter   •  Add  Files   •  Add  Links   •  Hashtags  and  tagging    
  22. 22. How  do  I  build  my   network?  
  23. 23. Add  Connections   Adding  Connections  
  24. 24. Add  Connections   Multiple  Options   •  Webmail  contacts   •  Outlook  Contacts   Any  Email   •  Upload  a  file   •  Invite  people  
  25. 25. People  You  May  know   On  Most  Linkedin   pages     Based  on:   •  Previous  work   experience   •  People  in  your   network   •  People  similar  to   others  in  your   network        
  26. 26. People  You  May  know   Show  More     Lists  all  people  you   may  know        
  27. 27. Requesting  a  Connection   Colleagues   •  People  you  have   worked  with   Classmates   We’ve  Done  Business   •  Will  ask  company   Friend   Other   •  Will  ask  for  Email   I  Don’t  know   •  Limited   Personalize  the   message  if  you  have   to  explain   Linkedin  monitors  your  activity.  Do  not  over  connect,  or  they  will  require  email   verification  for  all  requests.  Also  make  sure  to  Thank  people  when  you  connect  
  28. 28. Groups  
  29. 29. Joining  Groups   Search  For  Relevant  Groups   •  Real  Estate   •  Condominiums   •  Wine   •  Networking   •  Luxury   •  Etc          
  30. 30. Joining  the  Conversation   Interact  with  groups   •  Gain  knowledge   •  Comment  on  discussions   •  Share  others  ideas          
  31. 31. Best  Practices  
  32. 32. Choose  a  Tagline.       Your  niche  plus  your  location  should  be  up  there,  e.g.  Residential   Real  Estate  Expert   If  a  potential  client  searches  for  “housing  +  New  York  City”  for   example,  you  want  your  name  to  appear  at  the  top       Job  description:     Generated  new  deals  for  a  real  estate  development  company  that   focuses  on  multi-­‐family  residential  projects,  including  real-­‐estate   market  analysis.       Best  Practices  
  33. 33. CUSTOMIZE  YOUR  LINKEDIN  URL     LinkedIn  URLs  are  generated  automatically  with   numbers/letters  after  your  name     You  want  to  have  a  professional  looking  LinkedIn  URL  in   your  email  signature     To  customize  your  URL,  sign  in,  click  on  the  Edit  button   and  then  click  on  the  blue  link  (right  top  hand  side)   that  says:  Customize  your  public  profile  URL     and  remove  the  numbers  &  letters     Best  Practices  
  34. 34. FOCUS  ON  CLIENT  BENEFIT  THROUGHOUT  YOUR   PROFILE:     You’re  going  to  sell  to  people  in  your  summary  so  you   want  to  lead  with  what  are  you  really  good  at  and   what  differentiates  you       Throughout  your  entire  career  path,  highlight  any   achievements/results  which  are  most  relevant  to  your   current  role     Consider  putting  in  a  slideshow   of  the  homes  you  have  sold  and  the  homes  you  are   selling     Best  Practices  
  35. 35. •  Build  a  quality  network   •     Start  with  friends,  family  and  co-­‐workers   •     Connect  with  old  associates   •     Reach  out  to  people  you  know   •  Connect  with  clients  you  are  working  with   •     They  will  respect  you   •  Post  relevant  updates  (1-­‐2x  per  week)   •     Market  trends   •     Exclusives   •     Open  Houses     •     Other  professional  information   •  Share  other’s  posts   •  Join  Groups   Best  Practices  
  36. 36. ASK  FOR  TESTIMONIALS:       Aim  for  a  small  number  of  quality  recommendations   from  clients  &  people  in  your  field,     e.g.  “Working  with  John  was  a  real  pleasure.  Not  only  did   he  listen  to  my  business  needs   but  he  closed  the  deal  on  the  house  in  record  time.”     The  more  specific  about  the  business  results  you  deliver   and  your  working  style,  the  better     To  ask  for  testimonial:   “Are  you  on  LinkedIn?  I’d  love  if  you  could  do  a   testimonial  for  me.  It  takes  2  minutes.”     Best  Practices  
  37. 37. •  Do  not  send  mass  messages  to  your  entire  network   •  Don’t  randomly  connect  with  everyone  that  is   suggested       Things  to  Avoid  
  38. 38.     Rosemary  Abdelshahid   212.355.9090  x  224