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Private in-person training session for The Snyder Companies

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  • #1 Facebook #2 Google+ #3 YouTube #4 Twitter according to ForbesGoogle+ users are loyal60% of users logged in daily80% engage weekly
  • Provide a detailed introduction, employment details, educational background, and places.Be sure to fill out all subheadings and sidebars as well. The text beneath your name, for instance, will serve as a meta description in searches Use targeted keywords.Include a +1 button on every page of your website, and encourage visitors to click it. The number of +1’s you receive is displayed to Google searchers even if they’re not logged into Google+.
  • cover photo Is 2120px by 1192px.Profile pic 250 pixels x 250 pixels.Home = this is where the “stream” is. The stream of what people are saying (aka News feed)Profile = When you want to see what you’ve posted, click on this button. Think of your profile as your own blog or journalExplore = Fin out what’s new and interesting on Google+Events = Plan and invite people to your parties, meetings, and Google+ hangouts.Photos = your photo collections and those you have been tagged in.Circles = Organize and filter who you interact with. Circling on Google+ does not involve sending people a “friend” request. You circle people unilaterally without their permission, although they are notified when you circle them. Local = helps you find “recommended places” such as restaurants or hotels near you geographic locationGames = have control over when you see games, how you play them, and with whom you share your experiencesHangouts = enables you to have video chat sessions with up to ___ peopleThe three dots contain MORE buttons for Google+Pages, Local, Games, HangoutYou can DRAG N DROP any of these buttons to change their order.
  • Start by creating your Google+ Circles, such as “Family”, “Friends” then create niche circles such as “Social Media”, “SEO”, “Blogging”
  • 1. give it a name like "Bookmarks" or "To Read Later,”
  • Extended Circles are anyone you have in a circle plus the people they have in circles. For recommended posts, there is the added qualification that they must also have y0u in a circle (i.e., be following you). So there must be a two-way relationship for recommended posts to appear. Only selected posts you recommend are seen by your followers, and no two followers probably see exactly the same ones.
  • Authorship is an individuals content – “This is mine” Connects individuals to their content
  • Boost activity on social sites — Put some quality time into interacting on social media sites, especially Google+. Focus on your top three. For example, for me that would be my blog, Twitter, and Google+. For you that might mean Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.Connect with influencers — Get in a habit of re-sharing content from your friends and thought leaders. “+1″ their posts and make intelligent comments. Write interesting posts on Google+ and quote these influencers by name. Build upon the content they’ve already created — add to or challenge their work in a re-share.Continue to create and publish great content — This is what you will ultimately be judged upon, and is the core driver of the qualitative history of a writer that’s behind Author Rank. Keep writing and publishing those thoughtful, useful blog posts and building your authoritative bank of content.
  • Extensions run behind the Chrome browser and enhance the experience.
  • Unrecorded –
  • You should be creating videos for your business.
  • What is Google+ Local?
  • Google+ relies almost entirely on organic growthComplete Your ProfileThis may seem like a no-brainer, but many brand pages do not have a complete “About” section on the profile. Fill out this section completely. Include a link to your business or organization’s website (this is important to receive Verified Page status – more on that later). Add a link to your blog as well. Most importantly: include keyword hyperlinks in the Introduction section.Cover Photo image makes an impression. The profile photo serves as an avatar when using Google+ as your brand – commenting on and +1-ing posts. Updates in users’ newsfeeds will be accompanied by your profile photo, so make sure it’s indicative of your brand.Multiple ManagersClick “Settings” right below where your fans are listed on the right-hand side, and then click the “Managers” tab.Add Users to Your CirclesA brand page can add any other brand page to a circle, regardless of whether that brand page has already done the same. However, a brand page cannot add a human user to a circle unless that user has added the brand page to a circle first. If you’re starting from scratch, begin by having your employees, clients and vendors add your brand page to their circles. Add a Google+ Badge to Your WebsiteA Google+ badge on your website will allow visitors to add your page directly into a circle right from your website.Post (Relevant) Content RegularlyThe best way to keep your audience engaged is to regularly post high-quality content that matters to them. We post daily about SEO and inbound marketing. Informative blog posts and videos typically see high engagement. Find out what your audience is interested in and give them what they want.
  • Ensure Rich Snippets Are Rendering CorrectlyIt’s not enough to just post your content. You’ll want to make sure it looks as good as possible in users’ newsfeeds. The three biggest components that you’ll want optimized are the featured image, page title and meta description:Utilize #Hashtags in Your PostsDid you know that Google+ supports hashtags in the exact same fashion that Twitter does? It’s true! You can include hashtags to signify certain topics in your posts. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your content to users who may be interested in the topics you post about.Create EventsOne of my favorite features of Google+ is Events. Similarly to how Facebook events work, you can invite users to attend a meetup, conference or webinar. Users can search the database of scheduled public events, which represents an opportunity to get your brand in front of new users who haven’t yet added your brand page to their circles.HangoutsConsider also holding Hangouts, which are live video chats with other Google+ users. You can even record Hangouts right to YouTube for an easy piece of content that can be repurposed. Ideas to get started are: Customer service Hangouts which should be hosted at regular times so customers can ask questions and receive direct answers, product demos, live courses for training and even business seminars. Submit a Page Verification RequestHaving a verified page gives your brand more authority and instant credibility.About 1,000 should still do the trick. Other criteria include:Your Google+ page must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.Your Google+ page’s profile must contain a link to your organization’s website.Your organization’s website must connect to your Google+ page, by adding the Google+ badge or by adding a snippet of code.Read more at http://www.business2community.com/google-plus/best-practices-for-achieving-critical-mass-on-your-google-brand-page-0283000#RgBjw3YkhKCWhOlk.99
  • Survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FY-A7iQ7tAPneVjEUxawGkpD05BMZ4e62HWz2D3jcmk/viewform
  • Hands On Google+ Training

    1. 1. +Rebecca Wardlow www.RebeccaWardlow.com
    2. 2. +Rebecca Wardlow Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook (www.RebeccaWardlow.com) Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. +Rebecca Wardlow Why You Should Care About Google+ “Google+ is Google itself. We’re extending it across all that we do – search, ads, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube – so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who YOU are.” ~ Bradley Horowitz, VP products for Google+ Ranked #2 343M active users 70% of people start the search for your business on Google Google+ Is Indexed by Google Google+ users are loyal
    4. 4. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Is Business Google+ is Business. A referral from Google+ is worth an average of $10.78, compared to a Facebook referral at $2.35 and a Twitter referral at $1.62. Email shares were the most valuable at $17.93. http://bit.ly/11bDYav Source: AddShoppers.com
    5. 5. +Rebecca Wardlow Create Your Google+ Profile http://gplus.to/rwardlow7
    6. 6. +Rebecca Wardlow Complete Your Profile
    7. 7. +Rebecca Wardlow Personal Profile Tips Create personal profiles that reflect your brand identity Fill out every blank, let people know who you are. Potential business opportunity Google search results – “social search” Click “About” on Profile Privacy settings Profile is SEO sensitive
    8. 8. +Rebecca Wardlow Optimize Your Profile Add in hyperlinks in the “Story” Don’t limit yourself! Leave things as public as possible. Use circles to share updates with certain people View profile as “public” – personal email
    9. 9. +Rebecca Wardlow Circle Organization Find Interesting people and Organize them into Circles Use Circles in 2 ways Share posts with specific groups Read posts from specific groups
    10. 10. +Rebecca Wardlow “Circles” Circles are flexible You can completely delete circles or redo them. The people in your circle do not see the name of the circle you put them in Click the “X” in upper right corner of person’s photo to remove them NOTE: Circling is unilateral. You do not need to ask for or receive permission to circle someone. Circles enable YOU to control who can read your posts. Circles can be shared with others.
    11. 11. +Rebecca Wardlow Tip of the Day – Post to Read Later Use an Empty Circle to Bookmark Posts Step 1: Create Empty Circle Step 2: Share Post to your new circle Step 3: View post by selecting your new circle form G+ Stream
    12. 12. +Rebecca Wardlow Other Ways to Find People http://findpeopleonplus.com http://www.womenofgplus.com/ http://www.recommendedusers.com/
    13. 13. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Stream
    14. 14. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Stream Use Google+ Stream to share content *Word* = Bold _Word_ = Italics -Word- = cross thru Hashtags # (like twitter) Add videos, links and photos +1 Share Favorite Set sharing (Public, Circles, Communities)
    15. 15. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Stream Mention people with + or @ in front of name Also send email to XXX – only can send 100 emails at a time. Don’t be an offender Post 4-6 times a day At least 1-2 times a day Show Notifications
    16. 16. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Posting Title (keyword specific) You want to lead posts with your target keywords You need to interact to build authority & trust Post drop-down (top right) View Post Activity Link to post Mute Post Remove from circles Report Abuse
    17. 17. +Rebecca Wardlow +1 Changes (July 2013) +1’ing a Post on Google+ can result in it becoming a “recommended” post that might be shown to selected people who follow you on the network. Not everything you +1 necessarily becomes a recommended post.
    18. 18. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Authorship
    19. 19. +Rebecca Wardlow Why Establish Authorityon Google+? Your photo shows up in search Increase click-thru rates Immediate impact on SEO results Google Authorship lets Google know the content you write can be trusted to provide value to customer Yahoo scrapes public Google+ data Use Google Author Stats in Webmaster Tools New sites can rank quickly with G+ and retain rankings
    20. 20. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Authorship Implement the authorship mark-up https://plus.google.com/ authorship Boost activity on social media Connect with Influencers Continue to create and publish great content
    21. 21. +Rebecca Wardlow Photos Just like Pinterest, Photos are important in Google+ Photos gain lots of +1 Auto upload images via phone – only visible to you Edit photos in Google+ Show how to edit photo Auto Awesomeness
    22. 22. +Rebecca Wardlow Engage Followers In Real Time What’s Hot (Like trending on Twitter) Comment, share, +1 – Join the conversation View # hashtag – card flips over Great place to socialize about keywords (hashtags) Let people know who you are People don’t connect with companies they connect with people
    23. 23. +Rebecca Wardlow Website Traffic Increase traffic to your Web site with Google+ Google+ Website buttons, links, badges, snippets https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/share / Google+ Comments plug-in for Blogger and WordPress
    24. 24. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Communities
    25. 25. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Communities Like groups in Facebook Great place to find people with great opportunities Small circles of people (just like real life) Show Communities subscribed Show Recommended Communities Search for Communities People are sharing articles of interest not selling Share to community only When posting use H1 tag > use your keywords
    26. 26. +Rebecca Wardlow Four Types of Communities The four types of Google+ community groups you can create are: Public group that anyone can join and post. Public group where only moderators can post, but anyone can view or comment. Private group (members only) that can be discovered by search. Private group (members only) hidden from search.
    27. 27. +Rebecca Wardlow Automation You are not penalized for automation on G+ DoShare (Store - Chrome extension) You have to leave Chrome on for it to auto-post Buffer App (http://bufferapp.com) HootSuite can only share to G+ pages FriendsPlus.Me – automatically repost of publicly published Google+ activity to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
    28. 28. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Hangouts
    29. 29. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Hangout Replaced Google Talk Right-hand side Add person to chat Similar to iMessage Up to 11 people in text chat Instantly add video chat Screen Share ability Share YouTube videos Google Drive App in Hangout 5GB on free space Share document and all can work on it together Team collaboration Create Excel document inside Google Drive, then share inside G+ Hangout Changes saved instantly Remote Assistance (Google Remote Desktop) – only works in Chrome
    30. 30. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+ Hangouts on Air Hangouts on Air Create your own show online Video training Customer Service Lower-third New WordPress plug-in HangoutPlugIn.com Live Broadcast Stream your hangout publicly on Google+, your YouTube channel, and your website. Save instantly to YouTube Share to the World http://youtu.be/3pmSWh 2BQco
    31. 31. +Rebecca Wardlow Set Up A Business Page https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105898075238520877473/105898075238520877473/posts
    32. 32. +Rebecca Wardlow Google+BusinessPages Enhance Your Brand Start using Google+ to educate followers, handle customer service, build a community & share media.
    33. 33. +Rebecca Wardlow Pick A Category Select the ”local business/place" category so you can also get listed in Google+ Local
    34. 34. +Rebecca Wardlow Business Pages You should be communicating on Google+ as you! (Check out Scott Monty & Ford) You then affiliate yourself with your page. Google+ Pages integrates with Google Maps Brick ‘N Motor or Location-based you need to select Local when setting up a page. Customize & optimize page Business reviews are important!
    35. 35. +Rebecca Wardlow Google Local Helps users discover and share places Integrated with Zagat’s 30-point scoring system Get place recommendations based on your circles, your past reviews and your location Publish reviews and photos of your favorite place Read Zagat summaries of user reviews for a place
    36. 36. +Rebecca Wardlow Top 12 Ways To Grow 1. Complete Your Profile 2. Upload a Striking Cover Photo and Profile Photo 3. Assign Multiple Managers 4. Add Users to Your Circles 5. Add a Google+ Badge to Your Website 6. Post (Relevant) Content Regularly
    37. 37. +Rebecca Wardlow Top 12 Ways To Grow 7. Ensure Rich Snippets Are Rendering Correctly 8. Utilize #Hashtags in Your Posts 9. Create Events 10. Host a Hangout 11. Submit a Page Verification Request 12. Set a Vanity URL (http://gplus.to/rwardlow7)
    38. 38. +Rebecca Wardlow Vanity URL http://gplus.to Create a vanity URL for personal profile, business page and communities https://plus.google.com/u/0/113188089223727390684/posts becomes http://gplus.to/rwardlow7
    39. 39. +Rebecca Wardlow Be Active Without Wasting Time Get it all done in 60 minutes or less. 15 minutes – Look for information outside Google+ that your circles would enjoy. 15 minutes – Read posts by others and comment 10 minutes – Engage in conversation on a post 10 minutes – Comment on your own posts 5 minutes – Share a new post
    40. 40. +Rebecca Wardlow Survey Your feedback is valuable! Please help us improve our presentations and offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to take this brief survey. http://bit.ly/14epEGI
    41. 41. +Rebecca Wardlow Questions & Answers CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website www.RebeccaWardlow.com • Google+ http://gplus.to/rwar dlow7 • Twitter http://www.twitter.com/rwar dlow7 • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/G etSocialSolutions • Pinterest http://pinterest.co m/SocialSolutions rwardlow@rebeccawardlow.com