LinkedIn Training for the Financial Industry


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You will learn how to boost your personal and business presence, attract new leads and build referral relationships. This session is ideal for professionals at every level who want to learn new strategies for marketing themselves and their company, finding prospects, shortening the sales cycle, and getting results.

Topics covered:
- How to target companies and connect with the right people
- How to craft and optimize your profile
- How to find competitor and industry information
- Crucial LinkedIn etiquette
- How to establish yourself as a industry expert
- The best ways to promote yourself and your organization in - LinkedIn groups

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  • Arrow next to edit profile > Manage public profile settings
  • Adding a profile photo makes your profile 7x more likely to be found In searches
  • Looks more professional when it’s customized
  • Use KeywordsLinkedIn indexes keywordsKeep your summary fresh. Updated content is importantInclude Contact details
  • Edward Jones has an approved template for SKILLSThink KEYWORDS
  • PortfoliosPresentationsPhotos & VideosCan be added to Summary, Experience and EducationAdding visual elements will drive traffic to source
  • Skills & Expertise allows you to showcase your experienceEndorsements allow your connections to quickly and easily certify or endorse yours skills
  • Endorsements should be freely given! Never requested
  • By giving someone a recommendation, they will feel inclined to recommend you.
  • Share articles that you’ve read recently, blog posts you’ve written, and updates on your professional projects, in an approximate 3-2-1 ratio.
  • There are millions of people on LinkedIn to connect and do business with, and the more efficient you can make the LinkedIn platform work, the more time you’ll have for growing your network and and profiting from it. Building relationships and closing business is what it’s all about, so the time to get organized is now before your number of connections gets too overwhelming. you can send bulk emails to everyone in a Tag category.Staying organized on LinkedIn will allow you to spend more time building relationships with your connections.
  • After you warm up first-degree connections, you can turn their second-degree connections into first-degree connections via introductions, or simply by emailing or phoning them and mentioning the first-degree connection.
  • Numbering these tags will keep the sales funnel stages together in order in your Tags list.
  • filter the newsfeed to show only news from new connections.First make sure you’re looking at the newsfeed by clicking on Home. Then look down until you see “All Updates” and choose “Connections” from the drop-down menu.
  • Imagine, being just an email away from that C-level executive that carries the company checkbook and can make buying decisions, or imagine connecting with the HR manager or recruiter for a company you’re interested in working for that’s looking to fill positions. That’s exactly what LinkedIn does.
  • Remember, we’re on a social networking site, so being social is imperative to your LinkedIn success, especially in groups.You can start a discussion in one of the LinkedIn Groups you’ve joined. Just be sure to be helpful, not salesy.Focus on how you can add to the conversation. Don’t focus on your own company and its offerings. Remember that your profile has all that information in it. You can mention your company’s specialty, but it’s better to make that 10-20% of the content you share. Make sure the other 80-90% is about helping the other person solve his or her problems.If your company hasn’t started its own LinkedIn Group, consider creating one.
  • Add images to your posts
  • When you start doing Advanced Searches, you’ll need to use your definition of what a high-quality lead is for you or your company:Who are the buyers in the companies you sell to?What’s their job title?What’s their seniority level?How big is their company?Are they in specific industries?
  • Find thought-provoking articles from LinkedIn Influencers to read and share with your network.Follow one new Influencer from the 'All Influencers' tab each day.Read 'Your News’ LinkedIn PulseAdd a new topic in Channels “LinkedIn Pulse”Like & Be Liked - Spending a few minutes every day going through your news feed and liking, commenting, or sharing any valuable articles your network has shared.Become a groupie - Be strategic about the groups you join. LinkedIn allows you to join 50 of groups, so choose wisely and leave any groups you have already joined that have not been very active or beneficial. 
  • LinkedIn Training for the Financial Industry

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Who Is Rebecca Wardlow? Social Media & Google+ Expert Google+ City Expert Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Social Media Instructor at Kishwaukee College & Rock Valley College, Joliet Junior College, Heartland College Web Design & Development since 1998 eCommerce Project Mgr. Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. What We Will Cover How to craft and optimize your profile How to target companies and connect with the right people How to find competitor and industry information Crucial LinkedIn etiquette How to establish yourself as a industry expert The best ways to promote yourself and your organization in LinkedIn groups
    4. 4. Why Should You Use LinkedIn There are approximately 225,000,000 users The average yearly salary for users is over $100,000 If you sold a product for $20 to 1% of the users on LinkedIn, you would make $45,000,000 !
    5. 5. Public Profile Settings
    6. 6. LinkedIn Profile
    7. 7. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Do Use a current photo Use a professional headshot Use a recognizable picture Dress in appropriate attire Do Not Use a graphically enhanced photo Wear inappropriate attire Use a logo as a profile picture Use an older picture – keep it current
    8. 8. Optimize Your Contact Information Do Do Not Connect your Twitter Use company Website or account Personal Website for your links Add titles to your website links to generate Use your twitter profile interest as one of your website links
    9. 9. Customize Your LinkedIn URL Customize your LinkedIn URL for email signatures, social sites and business cards How to edit your LinkedIn URL Edit Profile >click edit next to LinkedIn URL (under your photo) > Your Public profile URL (right column) – Click Customize your public profile URL
    10. 10. Your Contact Details
    11. 11. Optimize Your Summary
    12. 12. Specialties In Your Summary Add Specialties to your Summary (bulleted list)
    13. 13. Your Experience
    14. 14. Add Visual Elements to Your Profile
    15. 15. Projects
    16. 16. Skills & Expertise and Endorsements
    17. 17. Endorsements Endorsements quick and easy way for connections to endorse yours skills Endorsements should never be requested. Give endorsements to other people who you would like an endorsement from. Never give an endorsement to someone you don’t actually endorse.
    18. 18. Recommendations
    19. 19. How To Get Recommendations Write a recommendation for one of your contacts LinkedIn will suggest that they write one for you in return.
    20. 20. Grow Your Network Sending Requests to Connect Accepting a Request to Connect Adding New Connections Tools to Help Grow Your Network Outlook Social Connector LinkedIn Email Signature LinkedIn Mobile App LinkedIn Search Widget (Mac computers)
    21. 21. Build Relationships
    22. 22. Share With Your Audience How often should you post? a minimum of three times per week, and up to 3 times per day.
    23. 23. Sending Requests to Connect Always send a personalized connection invitation. Never use standard invite text.
    24. 24. Accepting a Request to Connect Always send a personalized message after accepting the connection request.
    25. 25. Adding New Connections People You May Know LinkedIn Search “Contacts” from the top navigation
    26. 26. First Degree Connections Message them whenever you can (but don’t waste their time) Ask them an expertise-request question via InMail Create a LinkedIn question and direct it to a number of the first-degree connections you want to develop relationships with Connect with them and interact with them on Twitter Meet up with them in person for lunch, coffee or drinks Get close enough to friend them on Facebook
    27. 27. Get Introduced
    28. 28. LinkedIn Relationships
    29. 29. Sales Funnel Create tags to match your sales funnel. Some examples: 1 – UNQUALIFIED LEADS 2 – QUALIFIED LEADS 3 – PROPOSAL PRESENTED 4 – NEGOTIATION 5 – CLIENT
    30. 30. Watch Your Newsfeed
    31. 31. Find New Customers Use Company Search to follow and visit their company page. View their employees & position on LinkedIn. You can connect directly with the decision makers. Check out your shared connections and look for a person to introduce you.
    32. 32. Target Who’s Viewed Your Profile How do you know who is interested in you? They viewed your LinkedIn profile This is a great time to connect with new people.
    33. 33. LinkedIn Groups Create or join a group Ask questions and answer questions. Build relationships, don’t sell your products or services. Focus on how you can add to the conversation.
    34. 34. Network from the outside Network your way through a company Look at company employees Get Introduced feature Send InMail
    35. 35. Alpine Bank Company Page
    36. 36. Find Prospects LinkedIn Search You can search: People Companies Updates Jobs Inbox Groups
    37. 37. LinkedIn Etiquette Don’t send a mass request for recommendations and endorsements. No personal updates, cat pictures, or “thoughts and prayers.” Funny’s OK; tasteless isn’t. Personalize connection requests and other points of contact. It might be time to update that photo. Be accurate with your work info. Avoid oversharing. Don’t vague-bash your company or co-workers. Avoid phantom connecting
    38. 38. Showcase Your Expertise Investing time in building your personal brand Allocate a slot on your calendar and make it recur every day of the workweek 15 minutes per day 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Find thought-provoking articles Follow one new Influencer each day Read 'Your News’ Add a new topic Like & Be Liked Become a Groupie
    39. 39. Upgrade
    40. 40. Connect With Rebecca • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions Email • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions