What is Application Management?


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What is Application Management by Siemens IT Solutions and Services?

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  • I enjoyed reading this. I would like to add, the application management function must highlight the simplicity rather being complex in nature. They must be more feasible and compatible with today’s system. In this digital world application performance measurement also needs a due attention. You can visit below website for better insight: http://bit.ly/29Uz3tg
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What is Application Management?

  1. 1. What is Application Management? Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 1 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  2. 2. Applications Applications act as the interface between a customer’s business processes and their IT infrastructure. Over time application become more and more complex; for example, because of mergers, acquisitions or global expansion. Different applications must be inter- connected to enable information sharing across organizational boundaries. Routine and exceptional maintenance is needed to keep systems operational. And, in a dynamic business always undergoing change, software enhancements must be implemented to ensure that software continues to support new business needs. Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 2 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  3. 3. Application Management needed! B2B application ERP (e.g. SAP) Lab Batch Production WIP management scheduling tracking Packaging line I think I could use some help Product warehousing & shipping Raw materials handling Main process Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 3 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  4. 4. Why Application Management? Complexity Over time, application portfolios tend to get architecturally more complex under the pressure of change combined with constraints on funding. Connectivity As applications mature and new applications are introduced, the need for them to interact and interface increases many fold. Maintenance Software providers continually develop the products on which applications are based, leading to the need to upgrade regularly. Change Businesses need to change constantly which requires applications to be amended, tested and supported continually. Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 4 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  5. 5. Application Management by definition Application Management is a combination of the provision of services for application and support for application systems throughout their entire lifecycle. User support is offered and the supported software is enhanced. Application Management is one part of IT-Outsourcings: The customer gives away his application infrastructure, maintenance and application support, as well as first & second level support to an external provider. Hi, I’m Mister AppMan. Always there for you when you need me! Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 5 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  6. 6. Main challenges for Application Management in global Inhalt businesses Cost reduction Increase agility Reduction of expenses for Focus on Applications and secondary activities; containment Services which are flexible for of costs and focus on core commercial changes business Increase quality Maximize benefit Increase of service quality Broad benefit of the Application through standardized processes investment for the achievement of and accreditation dynamic commercial goals Global supply Simplify business Global supply of services Increase business performance though wherever they are active: consolidation and coordination of Utilization of economies of scale Applications and Processes Secure Compliance Use Innovations Indemnification (24x7) of the Utilization of technological innovations for an information flow and adherence of increase of business performance and judicial regulations achieving benefit for the company Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 6 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  7. 7. Our Application Management service offerings are tailored to your application landscape scenario Application Management designed for Managed Application Portfolio Custom software, line-of-business and enterprise applications A service provider with unique business know-how across multiple sectors and deep technology competence, unlocking value from heterogeneous application landscapes. Application Management designed for SAP® Software Solutions BI, CRM, ERP, SCM and SRM solutions A leading and trusted provider of SAP services with a broad and demonstrable track record – supporting the largest user-base worldwide – and an acknowledged innovator of SAP solutions. Underpinned by consistent service delivery, transformation and innovation Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 7 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  8. 8. Application Management is an enabler of continual performance improvement and profitable growth Agenda IT Investment Applications automate and enable your organization’s core business processes. As a key part of the application lifecycle, Application Management is the effective support, maintenance, change and enhancement of those applications. But you need more than this; you need Application Management that realizes the benefits of your IT investment to make your business more efficient and more profitable. Benefits Realization Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 8 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  9. 9. You want to know more? Just contact: Andreas Degenhardt Head of Global Application Management Siemens AG Siemens IT Solutions and Services Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 81739 Munich Germany Phone: +49 (89) 636-46500 andreas.degenhardt@siemens.com www.twitter.com/applicationmngt Copyright © Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. Page 9 Feb-10 Siemens IT Solutions and Services