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Introducing C7 Teaching and Learning


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This presentation introduces a Blended Teaching and Learning System for Teachers and Learners in situations with poor or no internet connection and enables Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning to areas of the world where lack of conventional internet access has hindered the use of technology.

Published in: Education
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Introducing C7 Teaching and Learning

  1. 1. C7 Teaching and Learning Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning for the Rest of Us …the World!
  2. 2. Institutional WiFi Problematic for iPad to iPad Collaboration • Issues with subnets • “Frisbee” work around • Setup a new network we called “padagogy” • iPads could collaborate • C7 System could be used this way
  3. 3. C7 Teaching Hardware The Critical Links C3 The C3 teaching box with rechargeable Energizer XP1800A Battery Pack: Teaching and Learning to GO!
  4. 4. C7 Teaching and Learning • Christ-Centred (values based) • Challenge • Choices • Consequences - delivered from a • Classroom • Content • Cloud The Critical Links C3
  5. 5. Contextual Interaction is King • The concept “Content is King” is so last century • Immediately saw the potential of the Moodle LMS • Plus other functionalities that could be added. • Building knowledge about how to best use Moodle in the classroom. • LMS becomes lesson planner framework
  6. 6. Functionality of C7 T&L … So Far • My Content: File server • Moodle: Fully functional LMS • Wikipedia: Searchable for Schools • Student Response: Teach by questioning • Back Channel: Engage learners and mine knowledge build Do you want your learning with or without the Internet?
  7. 7. My Content - File Server Web: LAN: mycontent/ • Even just a wifi hotspot file sharing server is “game changing” in some countries • Load them as packages from computer via USB stick • Sync with C3 Cloud • Digital assets like video files. PDFs etc. • Also ILM’s (Articulate Storyline) etc - interactive content
  8. 8. Moodle LMS Web: LAN: moodle/ • Teachers can add plugins to the moodle. • Keep in mind that resources should be in Moodle to work without Internet • 60, 120 & 240 Gb at moment but 1 Tb+ models are coming • Looks and feels like a WordPress site • Can port forward on modem/router and C3 talks to Internet • Multiple languages are possible • Will develop tutorials to teach teachers how to use Moodle this way • Responsive theme for mobile devices
  9. 9. Developed Moodle Plugin A B Smart script recognises if user is from internet or the C3 LAN. A. Local LAN users get video served from the C3 B. Internet users get video from YouTube Benefit: Rich media HD video without drain on bandwidth.
  10. 10. Engaging with Video Mini-clips VIDEO: Welcome to the course VIDEO: The Holy Spirit in Learning VIDEO: Your Moodle Profile VIDEO:Whats does transformation look like? VIDEO: Dan Pink - Motivation Clip • Use introduction and informational web cam videos • One minute long max • Inspirational as well as informational • Thumbnail images to link to Youtube or from C3 server
  11. 11. Wikipedia for Schools Web: only available from the C3 via LAN LAN: wikipedia/ • Searchable wikipedia • Wikipedia for Schools (5gb) proofed by a team of teachers • If you have the HD space you can load a full copy of Wikipedia - about 45 gb • Updates released regularly and synced from the C3 Cloud.
  12. 12. Learner Back Channel Web: LAN: • Internal “twitter-like” text chat software • Even though Moodle has live text chat .. can’t be used without login. • Build knowledge and capture all questions and comments. • Particularly useful engaging audiences at conference presentations, lectures and even church meetings
  13. 13. Learner Response System Web: LAN: • Survey monkey to GO! • Empowers teachers to teach by questioning. • The power of “clickers” without the cost of devices. • Different types of surveys for mining learner understanding and learning event evaluation
  14. 14. More Users & More Control 1 2 3 4 1. C3 Device 2. Energizer Battery Pack 3. LAN Blocker Switch 4. ASUS RT-N66U N900 Gb Router
  15. 15. Just One More Thing Coming Soon … I hope LAMS - Learning Activity Management System Web: • An excellent tool for helping teachers build interactive, pedagogically strong, learning sequences • Can be integrated with the Moodle, so moodle activities and resources can be part of LAMS lessons • Teachers can monitor and coach students in real time as they do lessons
  16. 16. First World Possibilities “I see the C7 teaching system relieve the classroom teacher of two major stress factors. The first is by providing a reliable delivery system for digital content. The second is by enabling the teacher to orchestrate when and how the students will access the internet. This will help build a community of learners that are engaged on the task at hand with few distractions." Bryan Prosser Math/Science Teacher University Prep High School Visalia CA USA
  17. 17. Strengths and Weaknesses Please suggest ways this “third world” educational strategy might help your educational world … often with stakeholders with “first world problems”