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Healthy food vs


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Healthy food vs

  1. 1. Definition of Healthy Food• It’s food that is good for your health• Healthy food consists of natural food, organic food, whole food, and sometimes dietary supplements• It’s important for your health.
  2. 2. Examples of healthy food • Healthy food contains: fruits, vegetables, meat, whole grains, dairy...
  3. 3. Definition of FAST FOOD• It’s usually food sold in a restaurant that sells preheated or precooked ingredients• Fast food is not important for the human diet.• Fast food is usually readily available, but it isn´t usually healthy.• It usually contains a lot of calories.
  4. 4. REASONS AGAINST FAST FOOD• It is unhealthy for 3 reasons:• 1. Calories: It has a lot of calories• 2 Fat: it is high in saturated fats and trans fats that can cause heart disease• 3.Nutrients: It is nutrient-poor in spite of having a lot of calories
  5. 5. Examples of fast food • Hamburgers • Soda • Hot dog • Pizza • Fried food
  6. 6. A normal diet should be...
  7. 7. Bus of healthy foodIn our neighborhood there was a healthy foodbus called “ Alicia”organizedbylaCaixa( topics were:What kind of food do you eat?How do you prepare it?Do you practice sports?How do you eat?
  8. 8. Theytaught usthat ahealthy dietwas veryimportantand gaveexamplesof how toeathealthilyand have ahealthy life
  9. 9. Healthy events in our school Our school has organized different events to make students aware of healthy eating habits 1. A nutritionist of Khreppa, a psychological institution which deals with eating disease problems, came and gave us a lecture and prepared a workshop