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Presentation comenius meeting from Portugal


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Presentation comenius meeting from Portugal

  3. 3. WHO AM I? My name is Carlos, I´m 14 years old. I live in Hospitalet, near Barcelona. I was born on 27th May of 1999 in Barcelona.
  4. 4. MY HOBBIES My hobbies are sports, I really like sports I especially like swimming and rugby. I practise Rugby in a team and I go swimming on Wednesday. But I also like playing computer games with my brother. I haven´t got a favourite game, but I like war games.
  5. 5. MY FAMILY I live with my parents and with my brother, my brother is 12 years old. His name is Erik. We haven´t got any pets, but we like dogs very much.
  6. 6. MY PARENTS • My dad´s name is Carlos too. He is 48 years old and he is a doctor. • My mum´s name is Jenny, she is 45. And She works in law and Justice. • They like travelling and watching films
  7. 7. FUTURE I´m not an excellent student but in the future, I want to be a policeman and I´m studying hard for this. I want to play rugby with the best players in Ireland or France .
  9. 9. LIVE IN… Barcelon a SPAIN CATALONIA
  10. 10. ME Hi, I am Katy, I’m 14 years old. I have one brother and one sister. My hobbies are dancing and sport, for example football or basketball. I haven’t any pets but I like dogs. My favourite colours are red and purple.
  11. 11. MY BROTHER AND MY SISTER My brother’s name is Riyer , he is 20 years old. He is a cook. He likes football. My sister’s name is Ludy. She is 22 years old. She works in Barcelona but she has to go to Madrid every night because she delivers things.
  12. 12. MY PARENTS  My father’s name is Luis. He is 43 years old. He has the same job as my sister.  My mother’s name is Maritza. She is 42 years old. She works in a hotel.
  13. 13. MY FAVOURITE SINGER My favourite singers are Pablo Alboran and Melendi and other international ones as Rihanna and Beyoncé.
  15. 15. WHY DO I LIKE PARTICIPATING IN THE COMENIUS PROJECT? Because I would like to do something new. I will have the opportunity of meeting people of different cultures. I love travelling!!.
  17. 17. I LOVE ROCK MUSIC, PLAYING THE GUITAR WRITING STORIES, WRITING SONGS AND SINGING Hi my name is Ruth Cisuelo and this is me: I love animals especially dogs whenever I can, I am volunteer in a kennel. I love music and if it´s rock, it´s better. I also love playing, singing and writing songs. Sometimes I have time and the opportunity to give concerts at my high school with my friend David who I affectionately call Ruso. I love mountains and autumn is my favorite season, my favourite colour is green.
  18. 18. my friends say I'm a little crazy.I tell them; life is TOO bOring wiThOuT a TOuch Of madness This is me...
  19. 19. MY FAVOURITE BANDS ARE SKILLET, NIRVANA AND TAKO I really like these 3 groups Skillet, Tako and Nirvana, these are some of my favorite songs from each group; Comatose-Skillet Hero-Skillet Monster-Skillet La mitad de mis espejos-Tako La tienda-Tako Sal y sangre-Tako Smells like teen spirit-Nirvana In bloom-Nirvana The man who sould the world-Nirvana
  20. 20. THESE ARE MY BEST FRIENDS ARANZTA AND DAVID Arantza and David are my best friends I have known them since we were young and we had fun together. Now I live far away from them because I live in Barcelona and they live in Zaragoza, but when I go to Zaragoza, we meet. It is very strange, although we are far they always know if I have a bad day or if I'm sad. It is incredible and I feel the same. We can nearly read the other’s minds. They are always with me and we always support one another in making decisions. My best friends are great and I love them a lot.
  21. 21. AND THIS IS MY OTHER BEST FRIEND MADALINA I have known Madalina since we were 6 and we always do crazy and silly things together. We share many things but we are very different.
  22. 22. MY MUM AND MY BROTHER This is my mother Teresa and my brother Aitor. I am five years older than him, he is now nine years old. He is always bothering me and gossiping but basically we get on well. My mother is the best mother in the world, she understands me very well and I know I can trust and love her. I will also say that my parents are separated.
  23. 23. MY DEAR AND LOVELY DOG My dog was given to me when I was eight years old, his name is Nuka. The furry little thing is the most beautiful and adorable in the world, I love her and she is always with me in my good and bad times. To me she is a family member, my little sister with a lot of hair and a big heart.
  24. 24. ME
  25. 25. Hi,my name is Lidia Hinojosa and I’m 14 years old.My birthay is on 3rd of May.I live in Hospitalet, Barcelona.
  26. 26. MY HOBBIES My hobby is to dance,but I don’t practise it. My favourite music is rap,but I like all kind of music. I love music.I like going out with friends.
  27. 27. MY MUM My mum is Cristina. She’s 46 years old.She’s from Barcelona.She has one sister and one brother.She likes making pastries and jewellery. She always supports me. I love her
  28. 28. MY DAD My dad is Francisco but we call him Paco. He’s 48 years old.He has one brother.He’s from Brasil,but he came to Spain when he was 12. His hobbies are sports,music,sleeping…My dad always supports me and gives me the best advice. I love him.
  29. 29. MY BEST FRIEND My best friend is Alba,she is here with me in this photo .She’s 14 years old.Her birthday is on 7th of November.She loves music, rap music. Music is her life. She is a crazy person, but I like her. She is the sister I’ve never had.
  30. 30. My other best friend is Soraya.She’s 14 years old.We go to different schools but we see each other almost every weekend because her parents and mine get on very well.
  31. 31. Hello! My name is Alba. I was born in Barcelona on 7th of November 1999, I’m 14 years old.
  32. 32. MY HOBBIES My main hobby is listening to music. I love listening to music, especially rap. My favorite rapper is Victor Rutty.
  33. 33. MY FAMILY My mother's name is Montse and she is 44 years old. My dad’s name is Juan Carlos and he is 44 years old too. My sister’s name is Lucia, she’s 10 years old and is very cute!
  34. 34. MY BEST FRIEND My best friend is Lidia, she is an incredible person. She always helps me with everything. I have spent the best moments of my life with her. We always laugh together, she is like a sister to me. She´s the best!
  35. 35. MY COUSIN This is my cousin but he is like a brother to me. We're always together. It’s a little crazy but I love him. He is a person who is very important in my life. He is very, very, very, very handsome.
  37. 37. Hello my name is Ana and I’m 13 years old. I live in Hospitalet,Barcelona . I was born on12th of November
  38. 38. MY HOBBIES I like playing football but I do not practise it. My favorite music is pop, I love music, I also like going out with my friends
  39. 39. MY BEST FRIEND My best friend is called Veronica Delgado Garcia, she is the sister I’ve never had. She always helps me. She was born on 4th of April.
  40. 40. MY FAMILY My mum is Maribel, she is 48 years old. She has one brother. My dad is Ramon, he is 54 years old . He has three brothers. My brother is called Oscar, he is 20 years old