Meeting in Italy


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Meeting in Italy

  1. 1. By Kathy Narvàez
  2. 2.  The first day, the family invited me to apizzeria. The restaurant was on themountain. In Italy the pizza was very big and delicious!!!!
  3. 3. On Monday I got up at 6:45 and went toMontebelluna. The classes began at 8:15.Then, we visited the second school. In thesecond school we presented our powerpoints,after visiting the school. It was a technicalschool where the students learnt how to takecare of the animals and work in the fields
  4. 4.  We went sightseeing to Montebelluna andvisited a bread factory, which gave us a bun
  5. 5.  We visited a pasta called PASTA ZARA, whoseproducts are sent to different parts ofEurope
  6. 6.  On Thursday we went to visit a wine cellar,and we were explained the history of Italianwine
  7. 7.  On Friday we went sightseeing to Trevisowith all the boys and girls of the Comeniusproject.
  8. 8.  We took the plane at 13:30 and arrived inSpain at 15:15.
  9. 9.  I have enjoyed my visit in Italy, because Icould see a different kind of school, atechnical one. I have met people from all Europe, mypartners. Staying with a family has helped me to knowabout the life in Italy. Working on healty food helps me to be awareof the importance of healthy habits,although I go on eating many sweets.