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Personal Branding & Web Reputation
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Personal Branding & Web Reputation


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How to build a personal branding and set up a web reputation. Why, how, which tools?

How to build a personal branding and set up a web reputation. Why, how, which tools?

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Personal Branding & Web Reputation Vanina Delobelle, PhD May 2008
  • 2. Definition Personal Branding Web Presence Web Reputation
  • 3. Why is it today mandatory ?
  • 4. Those who succeed are those who exist ?
    • Your Marketing !
    • Recruiters Google names before hiring
    • Partners look for information before engaging
    • People read experts content
  • 5. You are your best product
    • The best product you have to sell is you !
    • To get a job
    • To close a deal
    • To find partners
    • To develop your company
    • To present your expertise
    • … to prepare your next career move
  • 6. How to build a Web Reputation ?
  • 7. Web Presence vs Web Reputation ?
    • What is your objectif ?
    • If you only want to be found, focus on web presence
    • If you want to differenciate, focus on web reputation
  • 8. Web Presence
    • Start already there !
    • Be present and start to exist on the internet
    • Create profiles on social networks
    • Create online resumes
    • … start to Google your name then and you will see that you start existing !
  • 9. When should you start building your personal branding ?
    • Start now !
    • You need to be ready for the time you will need it
    • It is not when you will start looking for a job that you will think about it
    • A personal branding might take years to be efficient
  • 10. What will differenciate you ?
    • Do your own marketing !
    • Be consistent with the elements you will build
    • Always use the same elements across the tools
    • Build your brand
    • Bring an added-value
  • 11. Personal Branding is composed by…
    • Avatar / Picture !
    • Whatever the one you choose, keep the same everywhere
    • Do not change your picture every week
  • 12. Personal Branding is composed by…
    • Colors !
    • Define what are your colors and set them across all the tools it will be easier to recognize you
  • 13. All about Content !
    • Create good quality Content !
    • Web reputation is about content
    • The content you will create is the key of the success
    • It is not about quantity but quality
    • What you will create will differenciate you from a simple web presence
  • 14. Which tools ?
  • 15. Blogs and microblogging
    • Create good Content !
    • Have a blog if you really want it
    • Share intersting information via Twitter and not only your mood
    • Leave comments on other blogs that really bring an added-value to the article
    • Participate to a collaborative blog
    • Post some articles on a friend’s blog
  • 16. Social Networks
    • Be present !
    • Have your profile on LinkedIn and Facebook
    • Be present on other social networks in order to expand your presence and let people find you easily
    • Keep your profiles consistent and updated
    • Share content with your networks
  • 17. Create Content
    • … in different supports !
    • Write articles on blogs
    • Share presentations on shlideshare
    • Post videos on YouTube
  • 18. Why not start a Web Reputation strategy ?
  • 19. Do think before starting !
    • Be aware of what you want to do !
    • Once you start with a web reputation strategy, you should care about what you post
    • Stay always professional
    • Do not mix personal and professional
    • Avoid stupid pictures, stupid comments, online arguments…
    • Be patient as it will not come in one day
    • … if you are not ready for all of this, forget it !
  • 20. For more conversations…