The Workplace of the Future: Where does your Personal Brand Fit?


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The workplace of the future is being shaped by people of influence and social media technologies. One of the fundamental issues that every person has to deal with is identifying how they are wired and where their personal brand should exist. Is it within a corporate structure, as an entrepreneur, brand ambassador or somewhere in between?
Companies want to MINE the talent you have but don’t know to extract or attract it. Most people have talent but don’t know how to harness it. In this workshop you will learn . . .

* How to establish an internal culture for your personal brand
* How to make your personal brand portable and social
* How your personal brand is wired: corporate or entrepreneurial
* How to become a disruptive talent that companies and brands want to MINE

You will walk away with an understanding of how to manage and integrate your digital lifestyle so that you can build a career or business around your identity and who you are?

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The Workplace of the Future: Where does your Personal Brand Fit?

  1. The Workplace<br />of the Future:<br />Where does your<br />Personal Brand Fit?<br />By Hajj E. Flemings <br />Brand Camp ‘10<br />October 8, 2010<br />
  2. Where do <br />you Fit?<br />
  3. the<br />Types of <br />Personal <br />Brands<br />
  4. 3-Types of Personal Brands<br />
  5. Builder<br />Definition: Build someone else's company/dream as you build your resume. <br /><ul><li> Intrapreneur
  6. Corporate Ambassador
  7. Brand Ambassador</li></ul>(ex. David Armano – SVP Edelman Digital)<br />
  8. Leaper<br />Definition: Pure Entrepreneur that has made the leap to being self-employed.<br />(ex. Seth Godin)<br />
  9. Definition: A person with a grind (daily) + hustle (side business/idea)<br /><ul><li> Most strong personal brands develop from a ‘Grustle’
  10. Low risk way of developing a personal brand that will replace your job.</li></li></ul><li>In the <br />Old Factory.<br />Your personal Brand didn’t matter.<br />
  11. Since <br />World is <br />The <br />FLAT.<br />
  12. Location doesn’t matter.<br />Your personal brand has to compete in a global economy.<br />(Beijing International Airport)<br />
  13. . . . but how. <br />
  14. 1. Be Curious<br />You can’t develop a strong personal brand with your head down. Be aware of what is going on around you.<br />
  15. 2. Numbers are Commitment<br />Social Media is a scorecard. Your numbers followers, re-tweets, and size of your network should be reflection of your commitment strategy not your EGO.<br />
  16. 3. Expose your Genius<br />Everybody has a ‘Genius’ on the inside of them.It is up to you to unlock yours.<br />
  17. Stevie <br />Wonder<br />83,200 Hrs. = 40 Hits<br />Passion: Music (83,200 Hrs.)<br />Problem: Helps people escape<br />Process: Make Albums (40-Hits)<br />
  18. Mixed Strategy<br />Digital Real Estate (That you own)<br />Own your own<br />It is the hub of your online activity<br />You control the message.<br />Digital Real Estate (That you rent)<br />Integrate social networks like Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube.<br />Multi-Channel Approach should be use.<br />Why? Own your identity and <br />control your message.<br />
  19. How Portable is your <br />Personal Brand?<br />Portable Personal Brand: It is the ability to take your online personal brand assets with you when you move from company-to-company, change careers, change positions, or transition to being an entrepreneur.  Essentially the digital characteristics and assets of your personal brand move wherever you go.<br /><ul><li> Personal Branded Social URLs:
  20. Own Your Network:
  21. Set-up Linkedin Profiles Properly: Set up your
  22. Own Your Hub (Don’t just rent)</li></li></ul><li>Take Away Points<br />Be Curious – Identity the space you were wired to dominate.<br />Know your Numbers – Understand that social media is a scorecard and that the numbers (followers, re-tweets, and friends) are a reflection of your commitment strategy<br />Operate in your Genius – Identity what is inside of you that makes you special and commit yourself to doing it.<br />Develop your online Hub – Develop an online hub with mixed online strategy of using digital real estate that you own and rent.<br />Your Personal Brand Should be Portable – Every person will change careers so that social capital you create that you own should created to travel.<br />
  23.<br />Blog:<br />Twitter: @Hajjflemings<br />